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AARoads Acknowledgements & Affiliates

Thanks goes to the webmasters below for their support, help, photographs, information, etc. to

  • Mapguy's Home Page (Dale Sanderson)
    Mapguy's Home Page by Dale Sanderson shows the termini of many U.S. routes in a list comparable to the Interstate Terminus Page. In addition, Dale contributed the historical maps for the Wyoming Highways.

    Composed of Adam Prince, Brian LeBlanc, and Doug Kerr, focuses on the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states. Included are the Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and soon to be South Carolina state end sign pages. Additionally, photographs and writeups covering New York, Southwest Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and road enthusiast meetings are also hosted.

  • TWC Classics (Matt Marron)
    OK, so this is not a highway site, but there are a lot of us road enthusiasts who are also weather fanatics. Matt's site contains detailed playlists of Weather Channel music artists in addition to information on programming, formats, history, and on camera meteorologists (OCM's). Matt hosted the original Road Sign Gallery on for Alex back in 1999...

  • (Marc Welby)
    For the most in depth license plate photo gallery on the web, see Marc Welby's License Plate Shack.

Thanks goes to the following people who have contributed information in the preparation of several of the highway pages on AARoads.

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