Appalachian Regional Commission Development Corridors

Appalachian Regional Commission Development Corridors Map

Below is a table of each of the Appalachian Regional Commission's (ARC's) developmental highway corridors, lettered A through Z. The ISTEA (1991), NHS (1995), and TEA-21 (1998) legislation packages have placed strong emphasis on the development of ARC Corridors. For example, parts of NHS/ISTEA/TEA-21 High Priority Corridors 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 21 are ARC Corridors. This includes such proposals as the TransAmerica Corridor, Interstate 73/74, Interstate 99, and others.

The official route listing is provided at the Appalachian Regional Commission web page. This site includes Approved Corridors and Termini as well as a map of the Appalachian Development System Highway System Corridors. The following list is AARoads' interpretation of the corridors.




Southern Terminus: Junction Interstate 285/Atlanta Beltway

Georgia Routing: U.S. 19/Georgia 400, Georgia 20, Interstate 575, Georgia 515, Georgia 5, U.S. 76

North Carolina Routing: North Carolina 69, U.S. 64, U.S. 23, U.S. 19-23

Northern Terminus: Interstate 40 near Clyde, North Carolina


Southern Terminus: Junction Georgia 20 (Corridor A) near Cumming, Georgia

Georgia Routing: U.S. 19/Georgia 400

Northern Terminus: Junction Georgia 53 just north of Dawson-Forsyth County Line


Southern Terminus: Junction Interstate 26 and Interstate 40 in Asheville, North Carolina

North Carolina Routing: U.S. 23 (Future Interstate 26), U.S. 19, Future Interstate 26

Tennessee Routing: U.S. 23 (Future Interstate 26), U.S. 19, Interstate 181 (via Johnson City)

Virginia Routing: U.S. 23

Kentucky Routing: U.S. 23, U.S. 119

Ohio Routing: Ohio 253, U.S. 52, U.S. 23, and Ohio 73

Northern Terminus: Corridor B transitions into Corridor C just north of Portsmouth, Ohio; Corridor C continues north along U.S. 23 to Columbus, Ohio

Future Aspirations: Corridor B between Asheville and Junction Interstate 81 is Future Interstate 26. Corridor B between Ohio 253 and Portsmouth is part of the Mid-Atlantic High Priority Corridor and is legislatively defined as Future Interstate 73 and Future Interstate 74.




Southern Terminus: Junction Kentucky 10/Ohio 253 near Greenup Dam, Kentucky

Kentucky Routing: U.S. 23

Ohio Routing: U.S. 23 via Rosemount

Northern Terminus: Junction U.S. 52 (Corridor B) north of Portsmouth, Ohio


Southern Terminus: Corridor C transitions into Corridors B and B-1 just north of Portsmouth, Ohio

Ohio Routing: U.S. 23 from Portsmouth north to Columbus via Lucasville and Chillicothe

Northern Terminus: Interstate 270 south of Columbus, Ohio

Future Aspirations: All of Corridor C is part of the Mid-Atlantic High Priority Corridor and is legislatively defined as Future Interstate 73.


Southern Terminus: Junction Ohio 32-124 (Corridor D) in Jackson, Ohio

Ohio Routing: U.S. 35 from Jackson north to Chillicothe

Northern Terminus: Junction U.S. 23 (Corridor C) near Chillicothe, Ohio


Western Terminus: Interstate 275 east of Cincinnati, Ohio

Ohio Routing: Ohio 32, Ohio 32-124, Ohio 32, and U.S. 50 from Cincinnati east to the Ohio-West Virginia State Line

West Virginia Routing: U.S. 50 from the West Virginia-Ohio State Line east to Parkersburg and Clarksburg

Eastern Terminus: Junction Interstate 79, Bridgeport, West Virginia

Notes: Michael Miller wrote in 2002, "a southern bypass of Parkersburg is currently under construction to link the Ohio terminus of Corridor D and the WV terminus of Corridor D at Interstate 77. I'm not sure if the funding is part of the ARC, but it is definitely being constructed. The highway will cross the Ohio River across Blenerhassett Island." For more information, go to the West Virginia Dept of Transportation: Corridor D web page.

Future Aspirations: Corridor D between Cincinnati and Junction Ohio 73 is part of the Mid-Atlantic High Priority Corridor and is legislatively defined as Future Interstate 74. The remainder of Corridor D has not yet been considered for eventual inclusion in the Interstate Highway System.


Western Terminus: Junction interstate 79 in Morgantown, West Virginia

West Virginia Routing: Interstate 68 from Morgantown east to the Maryland/West Virginia State Line via former U.S. 48

Maryland Routing: Interstate 68 and overlaps of U.S. 40, 219, and 220 from the West Virginia/Maryland State Line east to Hancock via former U.S. 48

Eastern Terminus: Junction Interstate 70/U.S. 522 in Hancock, Maryland

Future Aspirations: Interstate 68 is currently proposed to be extended from its current western terminus at Interstate 79 in Morgantown to meet Interstate 70 near Wheeling via U.S. 250 and West Virginia 2; however, this routing is not currently an ARC Corridor.


Southern Terminus: Interstate 75 near Caryville, Tennessee

Tennessee Routing: U.S. 25W from Caryville to Junction Tennessee 63 at La Follette; Tennessee 63 from La Follette northeast to Junction U.S. 25E near Cumberland Gap; U.S. 25E through the Cumberland Tunnel

Kentucky Routing: U.S. 25E north from the tunnel to Junction U.S. 119 near Pikeville; U.S. 119 northeast from Pikeville to Jenkins

Northern Terminus: Junction U.S. 23/Corridor B in Jenkins, Kentucky

Note: Corridor F connects with Corridor G in Jenkins.


Southern Terminus: U.S. 23 (Corridor B) at Jenkins, Kentucky

Kentucky Routing: U.S. 119 from Jenkins to the Kentucky-West Virginia State Line

West Virginia Routing: U.S. 119 from the West Virginia-Kentucky State Line to Charleston

Northern Terminus: Interstate 64 in Charleston, West Virginia

Note: Corridor G connects with Corridor F in Jenkins.


Western Terminus: Junction Interstate 79 near Weston, West Virginia

West Virginia Routing: U.S. 33 from Weston to Elkins, U.S. 219 from Elkins to Thomas, West Virginia 93 from Thomas to Scherr, West Virginia 42 from Scherr to Petersburg, and West Virginia 55 from Petersburg to the West Virginia-Virginia State Line

Virginia Routing: Virginia 55 from the state line east to Strasburg, Virginia

Eastern Terminus: Junction Interstate 81 at Strasburg, Virginia

Future Status: Corridor H is future U.S. 48; the highway is under construction in West Virginia. See West Virginia's Corridor H (official site) and TransAmerica Corridor page for more.


Western Terminus: Junction Interstate 64 in Winchester, Kentucky

Kentucky Routing: Bert T. Combs Mountain Parkway from Winchester to Campton, then Kentucky 15 south to Whitesburg

Eastern Terminus: Junction U.S. 119/Corridor F in Whitesburg, Kentucky.


Southern Terminus: Junction Interstate 24 in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Tennessee Routing: Interstate 124 through Chattanooga, U.S. 27 from Chattanooga to Junction Tennessee 56 near Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee 56 northwest to Junction Tennessee 111, Tennessee 111 north to Livingston via Cookeville, and Tennessee 53 from Livingston north to the Tennessee-Kentucky State Line

Kentucky Routing: Kentucky 61 from Kentucky-Tennessee State Line north to Burkesville, Kentucky 90 east to Burnside via Monticello, U.S. 27 from Burnside north to Somerset, and Kentucky 80 from Somerset to London

Northern Terminus: Interstate 75 in London, Kentucky

Future Aspirations: This corridor is under consideration as part of a potential Future Interstate 175 between Chattanooga and Lexington. In addition, the portion along Kentucky 80 is part of the Interstate 66 corridor (part of the TransAmerica Corridor (HPC 3)).


Western Terminus: Interstate 75 in Cleveland, Tennessee

Tennessee Routing: U.S. 64-74/Tennessee 40

North Carolina Routing: U.S. 64-74 to Murphy, then U.S. 19-74 to Sylva

Eastern Terminus: Junction U.S. 23 in Sylva, North Carolina


Southern Terminus: Junction Interstate 77 near Beckley, West Virginia

West Virginia Routing: U.S. 19 from Interstate 77 near Beckley to Interstate 79 near Sutton

Northern Terminus: Junction Interstate 79 near Sutton, West Virginia


Western Terminus: Interstate 70/76 in New Stanton, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Routing: U.S. 22 from New Staton to Harrisburg via Greensburg

Eastern Terminus: Interstate 81 near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


Southern Terminus: Junction Interstate 68/Corridor E near Grantsville, Maryland

Maryland Routing: U.S. 219 north into Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Routing: U.S. 219 from the state line north to Ebensburg

Northern Terminus: Junction U.S. 22/Corridor M in Ebensburg, Pennsylvania

Notes: The bypass around Meyersdale PA opened a little more than a year ago (U.S. 219) and plans are in the works to connect that portion with/ Interstate 68 to the south and with the finished portion of U.S. 219 to the north at Somerset. See the Continental One Corridor (HPC 21) for more.


Southern Terminus: Interstate 68/Corridor E near Cumberland, Maryland

Maryland Routing: U.S. 220

Pennsylvania Routing: U.S. 220 (from Interstate 68 in Cumberland to Interstate 80; part of Corridor O is NHS Corridor 9 and existing Interstate 99).

Northern Terminus: Interstate 80 near Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

Notes: According to Section 1117(d) of TEA-21, "There is hereby designated as an addition to Corridor O in Pennsylvania on the Appalachian development highway system a segment from Port Matilda to Interstate Route 80 along United States Route 322, and the segment of Corridor O from the Pennsylvania State line to the improved segment in Bedford, Pennsylvania, shall be subtracted from Corridor O. Such designated addition shall not affect estimates of the cost to complete such system and such subtracted segment may be included on a map of such system for purposes of continuity only." Also, in Section 1212(u), TEA-21 offers this "clarification" about Corridor O. "Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is authorized to proceed with engineering, final design, and construction of Corridor O of the Appalachian development highway system between Bald Eagle and Interstate Route 80. All records of decision relating to Corridor O issued prior to the date of enactment of this Act shall remain in effect." This clause helps to ensure that Interstate 99 is completed between Interstate 70/76 and Interstate 80. And finally, Section 1212(z), directs the Secretary of Transportation to "designate 31 miles of Pennsylvania State Route 26 between Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, and State College, Pennsylvania, as the Nittany Parkway." Maryland built its portion of U.S. 220 and opened it in October 2000 from Interstate 68 north to the Pennsylvania State Line. The Pennsylvania section south of the Turnpike is currently unplanned.


Southern Terminus: Junction Interstate 99/U.S. 220/Corridor O at Port Matilda

Pennsylvania Routing: U.S. 322; part of High Priority Corridor 9

Northern Terminus: Interstate 80 near Clearfield, Pennsylvania


Western Terminus: Interstate 80 near Mackeyville, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Routing: U.S. 220 (which is part of High Priority Corridor 9) and Interstate 180 via Lock Haven and Williamsport

Eastern Terminus: Interstate 80 near Milton, Pennsylvania

Future Aspirations: the portion of U.S. 220 between Interstate 80 and Interstate 180 is proposed to become Interstate 99


Western Terminus: Junction U.S. 23/Corridor B near Shelbiana, Kentucky

Kentucky Routing: U.S. 460

West Virginia Routing: U.S. 460 and U.S. 19 via Bluefield

Virginia Routing: U.S. 19-460 and U.S. 460 via Tazewell and Blacksburg

Eastern Terminus: Interstate 81 near Christianburg, Virginia

Future Aspirations: the portion of U.S. 460 in Virginia is planned as part of Interstate 73, including the Smart Road near Blacksburg.


Western Terminus: Mountain Parkway/Kentucky 15/Corridor I at Campton, Kentucky

Kentucky Routing: Mountain Parkway from Campton to Salyersville, then Kentucky 114 to Prestonsburg

Eastern Terminus: U.S. 23/Corridor B at Prestonburg, Kentucky


Southern Terminus: Interstate 81 north of White Pine, Tennessee

Tennessee Routing: U.S. 25E

Northern Terminus: Junction Tennessee 63/Corridor F near Harrogate, Tennessee


Western Terminus: Interstate 90 east of Erie, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Routing: Interstate 86

New York Routing: Interstate 86 and New York 17 via High Priority Corridor 36

Eastern Terminus: Interstate 81 near Binghamton, New York


Southern Terminus: Junction Interstate 180/U.S. 220/Corridor P near Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Routing: U.S. 15 and Pennsylvania 328

New York: New York 328 north to Elmira

Northern Terminus: Interstate 86/Corridor T in Elmira, New York

Future Aspirations: U.S. 15 between Interstate 180/U.S. 220 and Pennsylvania 328 is part of Future Interstate 99.


Southern Terminus: Junction Pennsylvania 328

Pennsylvania Routing: U.S. 15

New York: U.S. 15

Northern Terminus: Interstate 86/New York 17/Corridor T in Painted Post, New York

Future Aspirations: this section of U.S. 15 is part of Future Interstate 99.


Western Terminus: Interstate 55 near Batesville, Mississippi

Mississippi Routing: U.S. 278/Mississippi 6, U.S. 78, and Mississippi 76

Alabama Routing: Alabama 24, Interstate 565, Alabama 2, and U.S. 72

Tennessee Routing: Tennessee 27

Eastern Terminus: Interstate 24 west of Chattanooga, Tennessee

Future Aspirations: A portion of Corridor V is designated under ISTEA as a future segment of the Interstate Highway System. Designated as High Priority Corridor 42, the future Interstate segment is legislatively defined as, "The portion of Corridor V of the Appalachian development highway system from Interstate Route 55 near Batesville, Mississippi, to the intersection with Corridor X of the Appalachian development highway system near Fulton, Mississippi, and the portion of Corridor X of the Appalachian development highway system from near Fulton, Mississippi, to the intersection with Interstate Route 65 near Birmingham, Alabama."


Southern Terminus: Interstate 85 near Greenville, South Carolina

South Carolina Routing: U.S. 25 north of Greenville

North Carolina Routing: U.S. 25 to Hendersonville

Northern Terminus: Interstate 26 at Hendersonville, North Carolina


Western Terminus: Mississippi 25/Corridor V near Fulton, Mississippi

Mississippi Routing: U.S. 78 and Future Interstate 22

Alabama Routing: U.S. 78/Alabama 4/Future Interstate 22

Future Aspirations: see the discussion on High Priority Corridor 42 under the Corridor V discussion. Although not finalized, it is anticipated that all of U.S. 78 between Memphis and Birmingham will be commissioned as Interstate 22 once the freeway is complete.

Eastern Terminus: Interstate 65 north of Birmingham


Western Terminus: Interstate 20/59, in the vicinity of Interstate 459 southwest of Birmingham

Alabama Routing: Birmingham North Beltline

Eastern Terminus: Interstate 20 to the east of Birmingham

Note: Added as part of the Consolidated Appropriations Bill for FY 2004: "SEC. 123. (b) There is hereby designated as Corridor X­1 in Alabama an addition to the Appalachian development highway system. Corridor X­1 shall extend approximately 65 miles along the alignment of the Birmingham Northern Beltline from Interstate 20/59, in the vicinity of Interstate 459 southwest of Birmingham, and extending northward crossing State Route 269 and Corridor X and continuing eastward crossing Interstate 65, United States Route 31, State Route 79, State Route 75, Interstate 59, United States Route 11, United States Route 411, and connecting to Interstate 20 to the east of Birmingham. Corridor X­1 shall be developed as a multi-lane freeway, with interchanges at appropriate crossroad locations."


Not designated as of 02/22/03


Western Terminus: U.S. 27 in Columbus, Georgia

Georgia Routing: Georgia 520 (Southern Georgia Parkway), U.S. 27, U.S. 280, and U.S. 82, serving Columbus, Albany, Tifton, Waycross, and Jekyll Island

Eastern Terminus: Jekyll Island, Georgia

In Section 1117(a) of TEA-21 (1998), the Appalachian Development Highway System is given another five years of appropriation. "APPORTIONMENT- The Secretary shall apportion funds made available by section 102 of this Act for fiscal years 1998 through 2003 among the States based on the latest available cost to complete estimate for the Appalachian development highway system under section 201 of the Appalachian Regional Development Act of 1965 prepared by the Appalachian Regional Commission. Such funds shall be available to construct highways and access roads under section 201 of the Appalachian Regional Development Act of 1965."

Thanks to Mark Greenwald for additional information and clarification on Corridors E, H, N, and O. Thanks to Michael P. Hamilton for additional information and clarification on Corridors D and H in West Virginia.

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