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The Craziness Spreads

Plano, a suburb of Dallas, opened Texas’ first “Michigan Left” today.

The newspaper was replete with graphic and map, while the local news had stories from confused locals – who were unable to ascertain how to use the newfangled contraption. Plano is also getting the state’s first SPUI, now under construction.

4 thoughts on “The Craziness Spreads

  1. Chris Lawrence

    At first I thought “first SPUI? that can’t possibly be right.” But then I remembered the ubiquitous frontage roads…

    Must be an interim measure before they find the money (or local will to toll the probably-needed overpasses) to freeway-ize Preston, much like the upcoming Superstreet project in San Antonio on US 281 North.

  2. Justin

    I work for/in Collin County, and thought the same thing about it being the first SPUI. I looked and looked and was finally satisfied that it was indeed the first one.

    They would never freeway-ize Preston. In many places the ROW abuts multi-million dollar homes and the terrible tollway is just parallel to the west. Its not on the 2050 plan, anyway.

  3. Frank

    Every State needs MY MICHIGAN LEFT,think about mataining the speed limit on a divided highways and no tie-ups or crossing the divided hwy where only the right lane is used to make turns onto the divided hwy,it not a hard thing to learn its just keeps traffic flowing at intersections

  4. Matthew

    Texas has a SPUI already. Look at the intersection of Lancaster Avenue and Beach Street. It is a old intersection but I consider it a SPUI.

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