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San Francisco

and now, a brief interruption. some photos from this previous weekend.

The Bay Bridge has had lights attached to it. It’s tough to tell from here, but they actually move in patterns. Well worth seeing in person. The lights will stay for the next two years, and can only be seen from the San Francisco side.

That other bridge that San Francisco is famous for. This is the view from Marin County. Not too much traffic on the bridge around midnight.

No bridge to be seen here; this is the view north from the Marin Headlands viewpoint. Angel Island is on the right, and Tiburon and Richmond are in the background.

2 thoughts on “San Francisco

  1. Patricia

    Does anybody know what the grade is for Hwy 126 in southern California. We are towing from Orange County to Oxnard and would like to avoid the steep grade of the 101.

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