we continue on our Sonora trip, heading south into the mountains to the towns of Nazocari and Hermosillo.

Highway 14 across the mountains in the evening.

What is going on in this photo? Read on to find out!


A weekend trip to Chihuahua, Sonora, and Baja California, Mexico – concentrating primarily on some mountain drives in Sonora. Here is the first part: a quick nighttime dash from San Diego to Columbus, NM, then crossing over to Palomas, Chih., then heading west and south to Hermosillo, Sonora.

Not actually in Mexico. here is an Arizona sunrise, somewhere around Benson.

Some clouds over a Sonora mountain landscape.


The second day of our Baja trip. We leave San Felipe and head back to the United States, making stops in San Luis Rio Colorado, and Tecate.

Highway 5, between the 3 turnoff and the desert just south of Mexicali, features this spectacular red-rock canyon.

North of that canyon is another one, in the middle of a salt flat. The entire view is very similar to Death Valley.

The fault. Mike stands astride an old alignment of highway 2 that was torn in half by the April, 2010 Mexicali earthquake.