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California 3


California 3 is a north-south route in extreme Northern California, passing through the Shasta-Trinity National Forest between California 36 near Peanut and Interstate 5 just south of Yreka. California 3 continues due east of Interstate 5 to terminate at the eastern city limits of Montague in Siskiyou County. Most of the highway is a designated scenic route. A major attraction along California 3 is the Whiskeytown-Shasta-Trinity National Recreation Area, which features the Trinity River and Clair Engle Lake. California 3 is also a gateway to the Trinity Alps Wilderness to the west of the national recreation area.

Highway Guide

California 3 north
This picture shows northbound California 3 at the Montague eastern town limits. The sign clearly shows the end of the route, even though the locally maintained pavement continues beyond this point. The auxiliary sign beneath the End State Route 3 assembly says, "Ball Mountain-Little Shasta Road." This is the name of the county road that continues along the alignment of California 3 from this point eastward. Note the milepost equations in both directions. California 246 ends in a fashion similar to this, as it terminates at the western city limits of Lompoc, but a county route continues on its alignment all the way to the coast. Photos taken 3/99 by Jerry Mullady.
California 3 south
California 3 starts its southerly journey at the eastern town limits of Montague. This picture shows southbound California 3 at the beginning of the route. Photos taken 3/99 by Jerry Mullady.
This photo was taken along California 3 and Business Loop I-5 in Yreka. Yreka is the last major city along Interstate 5 before it passes into Oregon, so it features all major services. South of Yreka, California 3 begins its journey into the scenic Scott Mountains and Trinity Mountains. Yreka is a good place to stay when visiting this region. Photo taken 3/99 by Jerry Mullady.

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