California 83

Leaving the California 71 (Chino Valley Freeway) interchange, California 83 proceeds north along Euclid Avenue toward Upland. The San Gabriel Mountains are clearly visible on this cool, winter day. Photo taken 01/30/05.

California 83 is Euclid Avenue, originating at California 71 (Chino Valley Freeway) in southern San Bernardino County and extending north through Ontario to end at the point where Euclid Avenue crosses over California 210/Foothill Freeway in Upland. The state route was extended north a bit with the completion of California 210 (the former northern terminus was at Former California 30/19th Street), but there is no direct connection between California 83 and California 210.

California 83 (Euclid Avenue) north
The state route begins its northbound journey at the Shady View Drive traffic signal, just south of the California 71 interchange. Ahead, California 83 will interchange with California 71, then proceed almost due north toward Ontario. Photo taken 01/30/05.
The next two rights connect California 83 with California 71 south (first right) and California 71 north (second right). Photo taken 01/30/05.
A California 71 south freeway entrance shield assembly is posted at the onramp from California 83 north to California 71 south. Photo taken 01/30/05.
After the California 71 interchange, California 83 begins its northbound journey toward Ontario and Upland. The highway starts as a two-lane rural highway, but it will gain additional lanes as it approaches urban areas to the north. Photo taken 01/30/05.
Northbound California 83 (Euclid Avenue) meets Pomona-Rincon Road south of Chino. A mileage sign here provides the distance to Chino (eight miles), Ontario (nine miles), and Upland (12 miles). Photo taken 01/30/05.
North of Holt Boulevard (Business Loop I-10), northbound California 83 approaches G Street. East-west streets are lettered between Holt Boulevard and J Street; thereafter, east-west streets are numbered, starting with 4th Street. Photo taken 03/25/05.
Northbound California 83 (Euclid Avenue) meets 5th Street at this intersection. Photo taken 03/25/05.
After passing through downtown Ontario, northbound California 83 follows Euclid Avenue on an expanded right of way. A greenbelt serves as the median for the state highway as it approaches Interstate 10, the San Bernardino Freeway. Photo taken 03/25/05.
A reassurance shield for California 83 is posted near 6th Street. California 83 is not terribly well-signed through Ontario or Upland. Photo taken 03/25/05.
At the southern approach to the bridge over Interstate 10, northbound California 83 enters the city of Upland. Photo taken 03/25/05.

California 83 (Euclid Avenue) south
Through Ontario, southbound California 83 follows Euclid Avenue. The right of way expands to include a wide median doubling as park space. Photo taken 05/01/02.
Southbound California 83 meets Business Loop I-10 (Holt Boulevard) in Ontario. Photo taken 05/01/02.
South of Ontario and Chino, southbound California 83 (Euclid Avenue) approaches its junction with California 71 after the intersection with Pomona-Rincon Road. Photo taken 01/30/05.
Southbound California 83 (Euclid Avenue) ends after crossing over the California 71 freeway and meeting the onramp to California 71 south to California 91/Riverside Freeway. Photo taken 01/30/05.
California 83 scenes
Eastbound Pomona Rincon Road approaches California 83 (Euclid Avenue) south of Chino. Turn right here to the interchange with California 71 (Chino Valley Freeway). Notably, this trailblazer shield is neutered and ignores any reference to California 83, which is the intersecting state highway here. Photo taken 01/30/05.

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