California 114

California 114 is the western approach (via Willow Road) to the Dumbarton Bridge (California 84) in Menlo Park. The route is unsigned (except as To California 84 east) and is rather short.

California 114/Willow Road east (north)
After transitioning from U.S. 101 north onto Willow Road northeast, the state highway enters the city of Menlo Park.The city of Menlo Park incorporated in November 1927 and is home to 30,648 people as of the 2000 Census. California 114 also serves as the western boundary of the city of East Palo Alto. Home to 29,506 people as of the 2000 Census, East Palo Alto was incorporated rather recently (in June 1983) and was previously an unincorporated area within San Mateo County. Photo taken 03/18/06.
California 114 is signed as to California 84/Dumbarton Bridge. No standalone reassurance shields or trailblazer shields for California 114 exist. Photo taken 03/18/06.

Eastbound California 114/Willow Road meets Newbridge Street at this signalized intersection. Use Newbridge Street east into the city of East Palo Alto and west into the city of Menlo Park. Photo taken 03/18/06.
Use Alberni Street east into northern East Palo Alto. Between U.S. 101 and Alberni Street, California 114 serves as the boundary between Menlo Park on the west and East Palo Alto on the east. Photo taken 03/18/06.
Parts of Willow Road have a landscaped median. Three northbound (eastbound) lanes reduce to two lanes after the state highway fully enters Menlo Park. Photo taken 03/18/06.
Northbound California 114/Willow Road approaches Hamilton Avenue. Photo taken 03/18/06.
After the Hamilton Avenue intersection, northbound California 114/Willow Road approaches California 84. Turn left onto California 84/Bayfront Expressway west to Redwood City or right onto California 84/Bayfront Expressway east to the Dumbarton Bridge. Photo taken 03/18/06.
California 114 ends as the right lanes transition onto California 84 east to the Dumbarton Bridge. Photo taken 03/18/06.
California 114/Willow Road west (south)
No photos of this direction of California 114/Willow Road are currently available.

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