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An Interstate 10 and California 1 trailblazer shield assembly is posted along Colorado Avenue between Sixth Street and Seventh Street in Santa Monica. Turn right on Seventh Street to California 1 north; turn right on Old U.S. 66/Lincoln Boulevard (one block after Seventh Street) to Interstate 10 east and California 1 south. Photo taken 10/30/05.

Transcontinental Interstate 10 begins its journey at the shore of the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica, at its junction with California 1 (Pacific Coast Highway). In California, Interstate 10 is a vital east-west link across the Los Angeles Basin, then spills into the desert after passing through Redlands and Banning. The freeway then connects to the area around Palm Springs, then continues due east toward Blythe and Phoenix, Arizona. It replaced U.S. 60-70 through California. Crossing the southern tier of states (Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida), Interstate 10 ends at Interstate 95 in Jacksonville, Florida.

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Interstate 10 scenes
In Santa Monica, eastbound Colorado Avenue meets U.S. 66 and California 2/Lincoln Boulevard at this intersection. Turn right (south) on Lincoln Boulevard to California 1 south to Venice and Interstate 10 east to Los Angeles. Neither California 2 nor U.S. 66 are mentioned on any approach signs to Lincoln Boulevard. Photo taken 10/30/05.
This view looks east along Interstate 10/Santa Monica Freeway in the city of Santa Monica from the Lincoln Boulevard (California 1 and California 2) overpass. Photo taken 10/30/05.
This Interstate 10 trailblazer shield is posted along eastbound Colorado Avenue just prior to the intersection with Fourth Street in Santa Monica. Photo taken 10/30/05.
Another Interstate 10 trailblazer shield is posted along eastbound Colorado Avenue at the intersection with Sixth Street in Santa Monica. Photo taken 10/30/05.
Southbound Fourth Street approaches Olympic Drive in Santa Monica near the civic center. Turn left on Olympic to Interstate 10 east to Los Angeles. Photos taken 10/30/05.
In the city of Alhambra, northbound Fremont Avenue approaches Interstate 10 (San Bernardino Freeway). The connection to westbound Interstate 10 to Los Angeles is made via two right turns - from Fremont Avenue north to Hellman Avenue east to the onramp south. Photo taken 11/08/08.
Northbound Fremont Avenue approaches Hellman Avenue. Turn right to connect to Interstate 10 west. Photo taken 11/08/08.
Northbound Fremont Avenue meets Hellman Avenue at this traffic signal. Turn right to connect to Interstate 10 west. Photo taken 11/08/08.
Now on Hellman Avenue east, turn right at the stop sign ahead (Elm Street) to connect to Interstate 10 west. Photo taken 11/08/08.
A sharp turn from Hellman Avenue eastbound to Interstate 10 westbound is required at this freeway entrance near Fremont Avenue in Alhambra. Photo taken 11/08/08.
Interstate 10 California shield on Via Verde in San Dimas. Photo taken 05/02/02.
Northbound Fairplex Drive approaches Interstate 10 (San Bernardino Freeway) in Pomona. Turn east (right) to San Bernardino and west (left) to Los Angeles. Photos taken 07/15/07.
In Colton, signage for Interstate 10 east and west is posted on southbound Mount Vernon Avenue after the intersection with Valley Boulevard (Business Loop I-10). Photo taken 07/15/07.
The first dual roundabout interchange in San Bernardino-Riverside County along Interstate 10 was constructed and opened to traffic in 2008. This detailed sign (found along the northern frontage road along Interstate 10 in Cabazon - eastbound Seminole Drive) depicts the various roads that emanate from the northern roundabout. Photo taken 04/24/14.
These freeway entrance shield assemblies are located along Seminole Drive at the Morongo Trail and Apache Trail roundabout interchange on the north side of Interstate 10 in Cabazon near Morongo casino. Photo taken 04/24/14.
Near Whitewater, the control points for eastbound Interstate 10 are Palm Springs and Indio, while the control city for westbound Interstate 10 is Banning. Photo taken 02/26/06.
A three-digit Interstate 10 shield is posted here, with the foothills of Mt. San Jacinto making a compelling backdrop. Photo taken 02/26/06.
Adjacent to the three-digit shield is this Interstate 10 shield. Photo taken 02/26/06.
This three-digit shield is posted on the other end of the same ramp. Photo taken 02/26/06.
These Interstate 10 trailblazer shields are posted on northbound Summit Road between U.S. 60-70/Pinto Road and Chiriaco Road in Chiriaco Summit. Photo taken 03/14/09.
This view looks east on Interstate 10 from Summit Road at Chiriaco Summit. Photo taken 03/14/09.
Seen during a glorious winter sunrise, this freeway entrance shield assembly for Interstate 10 east is posted at Chiriaco Summit. Photo taken by Levente Jakab, 01/20/12.
Now in the Chuckwalla Valley, this view looks north along Corn Springs Road toward the Interstate 10 interchange. Note the control cities on the approach sign is for Indio (west) and Blythe (east) rather than Los Angeles and Phoenix. Photos taken 03/14/09.
This freeway entrance shield assembly is posted from Corn Springs Road to Interstate 10 east. Photo taken 03/14/09.
A second freeway entrance sign is posted at the same interchange but does not include the Interstate 10 shield assembly. This view looks east toward the onramp to Interstate 10. Photo taken 03/14/09.
This view looks north on the Corn Springs Road overpass over Interstate 10. In the distance is Palen Dry Lake, which appears dusty at the time these pictures were taken. Photos taken 03/14/09.
From the top of the Corn Springs Road overpass is this stellar view of the Chuckwalla Valley looking east along Interstate 10. Photo taken 03/14/09.
Westbound Interstate 10 freeway entrance shield in the city of Blythe. Photo taken 11/10/00.
Looking north on Riviera Drive in Blythe, this view shows the Interstate 10 Colorado River bridge. Originally, this bridge also carried U.S. 60-70 when it was built in 1960, but the bridge was widened to become Interstate standard in 1974. Photos taken 11/10/06.

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