Interstate 505

Interstate 505 links Interstate 80 in Vacaville with Interstate 5 near Dunnigan via Winters. This route was originally part of proposed Interstate 5W but today is part of the most direct route from Interstate 5 in Northern California to Interstate 80 west to the San Francisco Bay Area. This reassurance shield is located after Exit 29 in rural Yolo County. Photo taken 03/31/05.

Interstate 505 connects Interstate 5 near Dunnigan with Interstate 80 near Vacaville via Winters. Originally conceived as part of Interstate 5W in 1964, Interstate 505 is a fast route from the San Francisco Bay Area to the Pacific Northwest.


Most of Interstate 505 in Solano County was built in 1974, with the Interstate 80-505 interchange built in 1968. Interstate 505 in Yolo County was mostly constructed as a two-lane highway in 1959, and it was expanded to four lanes in 1980. The northernmost section was constructed in 1977, with the Interstate 5-505 interchange built in 1968.

Interstate 505 Highway Guides

Interstate 505 scenes
Interstate 505 signage as seen near the Vacaville Outlets. Note the control cities of Redding and Winters for northbound Interstate 505. Photos taken 10/24/00.
This Interstate 505 shield is located in Vacaville near the southern terminus adjacent to the outlet mall. Photo taken 09/22/00.
This shield on eastbound Road 12A in Yolo County points the way to Interstate 505 north. Note that the "505" is written in Highway Gothic Series E font, which is fairly uncommon in California for stand alone shields. Photo taken 12/29/04.
At the same interchange (Road 12A) is this freeway entrance shield assembly for Interstate 505 south. Photo taken 12/29/04.

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