California "B" County Routes

A uniform numbering system has been adopted to uniquely identify county routes across the state of California. Within this system, each route designation has a letter and number combination. The first digit is a letter, and the second and third digits are numbers. The lower letters are generally to the north of the state, and the higher numbers are generally located in the southern part of the state. The lowest route is Lassen County Route A-1, and the highest route is Imperial County Route S-80.

This page profiles the "B" series of county routes, only one of which exists (B-2 in Butte County). Counties eligible for a "B" series number are Butte, Glenn, Lassen, Modoc, Plumas, Shasta, Siskiyou, Tehama, and Trinity. Most of these counties have signed routes in the "A" series. Only Butte County Route B-2 has been defined to date among the "B" series county routes, and B-2 is a short, looping route through the city of Oroville and provides access to Oroville Dam. Few if any signs for this county route remain in place, making it poorly signed.

Butte County Route B-2/Canyon Drive north
Butte County Route B-2/Oroville Dam Boulevard west
Butte County Route B-2 begins at the intersection of California 162 and Canyon Drive, but the route is largely unsigned along Canyon Drive. At Oroville Dam Boulevard, B-2 turns west to parallel the Feather River toward downtown Oroville. Due to the grade between the dam and downtown, B-2 will wend its way downhill. Photo taken 05/24/08.
Oroville Dam comes into view as Butte County Route B-2 curves downhill. The dam and its ancillary facilities (spillways and tunnels) were constructed between 1961 and 1970, with the official completion of the dam on October 6, 1967. Oroville Dam is 770 feet tall, which makes it the tallest dam in the United States. Photo taken 05/24/08.
As B-2 continues downhill through some switchbacks and curves, Oroville Dam dominates the view to the north. Photo taken 05/24/08.
A more complete view of Oroville Dam is visible from Oroville Dam Boulevard before the county route continues its descent. Photo taken 05/24/08.
A pair of power lines carry electricity generated by hydroelectric turbines at Oroville Dam to the power grid. Photo taken 05/24/08.
B-2/Oroville Dam Boulevard proceeds downhill .... Photo taken 05/24/08.
... As we are treated to a final view of Oroville Dam. Photo taken 05/24/08.

A C monument (also called a C block), which marks the separation of the road rights of way from private property, is located along B-2/Oroville Dam Boulevard. Photo taken 05/24/08.
A Feather trailblazer is posted soon thereafter along Oroville Dam Boulevard. The next right turn will connect B-2 to Oro Powerhouse Road, which travels east to the hydroelectric power generating station that is part of the Oroville Dam complex (Edward Hyatt Power Plant). Photo taken 05/24/08.
A bit further downhill and west, B-2/Oroville Dam Boulevard approaches a concrete arch bridge that carries Canyon Highlands Drive over Oroville Dam Boulevard. This bridge was built in 1930. Photos taken 05/24/08.
A small white guide sign points the way to the continuation of B-2 west via Oroville Dam Boulevard (straight ahead) or the connection to California 162 via Oroville Dam Boulevard (left turn). Photo taken 05/24/08.
Butte County Route B-2/Orange Avenue west
Within the city of Oroville, B-2/Orange Avenue sees several residential areas on either side of the highway. Photo taken 05/24/08.
More power lines pass overhead. Photo taken 05/24/08.
Butte County Route B-2/Montgomery Street west
After splitting from Orange Avenue, B-2/Montgomery Street next crosses over the railroad on this 1939 bridge. White concrete bridge railing, along with a Works Progress Administration date stamp, help us to identify the age of this bridge. Photos taken 05/24/08.
This view shows the 1939 bridge as seen from below grade, with the railroad passing under the bridge. The concrete bridge railing can be seen lining the roadway overhead. Photo taken 05/24/08.
Westbound Butte County Route B-2/Orange Avenue meets Junction Business California 70/Table Mountain Boulevard north and Washington Avenue south. Business California 70 south will merge with Montgomery Street west for the journey into downtown Oroville. The two routes will divide at the Myers Street intersection in downtown Oroville. Photo taken 05/24/08.
Butte County Route B-2/Montgomery Street west and Business California 70 south
Butte County Route B-2/Montgomery Street west

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