California "J" County Routes

A uniform numbering system has been adopted to uniquely identify county routes across the state of California. Within this system, each route designation has a letter and number combination. The first digit is a letter, and the second and third digits are numbers. The lower letters are generally to the north of the state, and the higher numbers are generally located in the southern part of the state. The lowest route is Lassen County A-1, and the highest route is Imperial County S-80.

This page profiles the "J" series of county routes, located in Alameda, Sacramento, Tulare, Kern, Fresno, Kings, Madera, San Joaquin, Tulare, Stanislaus, Tuolumne, Mariposa, San Benito, and Merced Counties. And there are a lot of them!

San Benito/Fresno County J-1 - Panoche Road/Shields Avenue/Belmont Avenue
This Fresno County J-1 route marker is posted on eastbound Shields Avenue as it passes over Interstate 5. Photo taken 01/02/05.
Eastbound Fresno County J-1/Shields Avenue meets the onramp to Interstate 5 north to Tracy and Sacramento. Ahead, J-1 proceeds toward Mendota. Photo taken 01/02/05.
East of Interstate 5 and the California Aqueduct, Fresno County J-1/Shields Avenue meets Russell Avenue, which travels north to Dos Palos and south to Interstate 5 Exit 372. J-1 continues east toward Mendota and Fresno (via California 180). Photo taken 01/02/05.
Eastbound Fresno County J-1/Shields Avenue meets Fairfax Avenue, which travels north to Firebaugh. Turn right for the continuation of J-1 east to Mendota and Fresno. The final distance to Mendota via J-1 is served via Belmont Avenue. Photo taken 01/02/05.
Alameda/San Joaquin County J-2 - Livermore Avenue/Tesla Road/Corral Hollow Road/Tracy Boulevard
Stanislaus/San Joaquin County J-3 - Kasson Way/Airport Way/West Lane
Three images of various San Joquin County Route J-3 shields. Photos taken by Joel Windmiller, 03/29/01.
San Joaquin/Alameda/Contra Costa County J-4 - Durham Ferry Road/Kasson Road/Grant Line Road/Byron Highway/Byron-Bethany Road
Eastbound San Joaquin County J-4 signage for Grant Line Road to Interstate 205. Photo taken by Joel Windmiller, 06/19/01.
San Joaquin County J-4 shield in Tracy. Photo taken by Joel Windmiller, 06/19/01.
San Joaquin County J-5 - Jack Tone Road
Northbound San Joaquin County J-5 at San Joaquin Route J-7 in Collegeville, just east of Stockton and south of California 4. Photo taken by Trevor Carrier, Summer 2002.

Stanislaus/San Joaquin County J-6 - McHenry Avenue/Escalon-Bellota Road
San Joaquin County J-6 and San Joaquin County J-7 shields. Photo taken by Joel Windmiller, 06/19/01.
Merced/Stanislaus/San Joaquin County J-7 - Santa Fe Road/Santa Fe Avenue/Claus Road/Escalon-Bellota Road/Mariposa Road
San Joaquin County J-7 shield. This is one of the longer county routes in the Central Valley, spanning three counties as it roughly parallels California 99 east of Turlock, Modesto, Manteca, and Stockton. Photo taken by Joel Windmiller, 06/19/01.
San Joaquin/Sacramento County J-8 - Hammer Lane/Thornton Road/Franklin Boulevard
Sacramento County J-8 shield south of Sacramento. County Route J-8 roughly parallels Interstate 5 and California 99 between Stockton and Sacramento. The route ends in downtown Sacramento near the WX/32-33 interchange. Photo taken by Joel Windmiller, 06/19/01.
Stanislaus/San Joaquin County J-9 - Hickman Road/Oakdale Waterford Highway/Valley Home Road/Lone Tree Road/French Camp Road
Southbound San Joaquin County J-9 and San Joaquin County J-14 shields in Oakdale north of the Hershey Plant along eastbound California 120. Photo taken by Joel Windmiller, 06/19/01.
San Joaquin/Sacramento County J-10 - Lower Sacramento Road
Sacramento/San Joaquin County J-11 - Walnut Grove Road
Sacramento County J-11 shield along northbound Staten Island Road between California 160 and the Sacramento-San Joaquin County Line west of Interstate 5 and Thornton. Photo taken by Joel Windmiller, 06/19/01.
Eastbound Sacramento County J-11 shield mounted onto the Walnut Grove Bridge spanning the Sacramento River south of Courtland and north of Isleton and Ryde. Photo taken by Joel Windmiller, 06/19/01.
End Eastbound San Joaquin County J-11 at San Joaquin County J-8 in Thorton near the Interstate 5 interchange. Photo taken by Joel Windmiller, 06/19/01.
San Joaquin County J-12 - Peltier Road/Jahant Road/Collier Road
San Joaquin County J-13 - Tracy Boulevard
Stanislaus/Calaveras County J-14 - Geer Road/Alberts Road/26-Mile Road/Sonora Road/Milton Road
Rare appearance of a county shield on a guide sign along southbound Stanislaus County J-14 approaching California 120. Photo taken by Joel Windmiller, 06/19/01.
Tulare County J-15 - Lovers Lane/Ben Maddox Way
Stanislaus/Merced/Mariposa County J-16 - Howard Road/Grayson Road/Crows Landing Road/Keyes Road/Merced Falls Road/Hornitos Road/Bear Valley Road
Stanislaus/Merced County J-17 - Sperry Avenue/Las Palmas Avenue/West Main Street/East Avenue
Stanislaus/Merced County J-18 - Stuhr Road/Hills Ferry Road/River Road/Westside Boulevard
Tulare/Fresno County J-19 - Alta Avenue/Manning Avenue
Mariposa/Tuolumne County J-20 (a.k.a. J-132) - Greely Hill Road/Smith Station Road
Tulare County J-21 - Dry Creek Road
Tulare County J-22 - Sierra Avenue
Tulare County J-23 - Farmersville Road/Road 168/Road 164/Road 158/Road 156
Tulare County J-24 - Terra Bella Avenue
Tulare County J-25 - Road 68
Tulare County J-26 - Olive Avenue
Tulare County J-27 - Road 192/Road 196
Tulare County J-28 - Road 196/Road 176
Tulare County J-29 - Orange Belt Drive
Tulare County J-30 - Caldwell Avenue/Visalia Avenue
Tulare County J-31 - Road 60/Road 56
Tulare County J-32 - Goshen Avenue
Tulare County J-33 - Road 40
Tulare County J-34 - Road 328
Tulare County J-35 - Richgrove Drive/Road 232
Tulare County J-36 - Merritt Drive/Avenue 368
Tulare County J-37 - Balch Park Road
Tulare County J-38 - Road 384
Fresno/Tulare County J-40 - Mountain View Avenue/El Monte Way
Inyo/Tulare County J-41 - Kennedy Meadow Road/Nine-Mile Canyon Road
Tulare County J-42 - Reservation Road/Road 127
Kern/Tulare County J-44 - County Line Road
Tulare County J-46 - Avenue 168
Merced/Stanislaus/Tuolumne County J-59 - La Grange Road

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