U.S. Highway 466 California

Historical Routing

U.S. 466 was an east-west U.S. highway that extended from Morro Bay east to Kingman by way of California 41 through Atascadero, California 46 across the Central Valley, California 99 to Bakersfield, California 58 through Tehachapi and Mojave to Barstow, Interstate 15 to Baker and Las Vegas, and U.S. 93 to Boulder City, Hoover Dam, and Kingman. The route was decommissioned on July 1, 1964, and signage was removed soon thereafter. Remnant sections of this historic U.S. highway are still drivable, and this page profiles some of those old alignments.

Highway Guides

Business California 58 (Old U.S. 466) east - Tehachapi
Eastbound Business California 58/Tehachapi Boulevard approaches its junction with California 58. Photos taken 03/15/09 and 02/15/04.
Eastbound Business California 58 reaches its end at its junction with California 58. The highway continues straight ahead as old Highway 58-466/Sand Canyon Road to Monolith. Photos taken 02/15/04 and 03/15/09.
U.S. 466/Old Highway 58 east - Barstow
U.S. 466/Old Highway 58 east and U.S. 91 north
After passing by the U.S. 91-466 intersection, the distances are to Yermo and Las Vegas, both of which are U.S. 91 destinations. But the last city listed, Needles, is the control city for eastbound Interstate 40! This was because many travelers from the Central Valley were continuing east on Interstate 40 after leaving behind California 58. Photo taken 03/20/04.
Since California 58 is more or less an extension of Interstate 40 along a freeway, for a time travelers had to use this two-lane road to make the connection to Interstate 40 via southbound Interstate 15. Now that the California 58 freeway connection has been completed south of Barstow, traffic from California 58 to Interstate 40 does not have to use this interchange. However, signs from that era remain. Photo taken 03/20/04.
The old alignment of the highway would have taken U.S. 91-466 directly northeast from this point, but it was realigned to accommodate an interchange with Interstate 15. Photo taken 03/20/04.
Now reaching Interstate 15, U.S. 91-466 historically followed Interstate 15 north toward Baker and Las Vegas. The section of Interstate 15 freeway between U.S. 91-466 and Interstate 40 did not exist, and all through traffic had to take U.S. 91 over two bridges to reach this point. Photo taken 03/20/04.
U.S. 466 Scenes
Signage for Old Highway 58 is posted along northbound Lenwood Road between the California 58 bypass and the old California 58 (old U.S. 466) alignment. Photo taken 03/15/09.
Northbound Lenwood Road meets Old Highway 58 (old U.S. 466) west of Barstow. Photo taken 03/15/09.
In Kramer Junction (Four Corners), an antique store on the outskirts of town just north of California 58 (Old U.S. 466) along U.S. 395 is home to a variety of old highway signs, some of which are shown here. Photos taken 03/15/09.

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