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The Guide to Delaware State Route 1 Southbound (St. Georges to Dover)

St. Georges to Dover

Highway Guide for the SR 1 Turnpike southbound between St. Georges and Dover A.F.B.

Delaware 1 Southbound
The Biddles Corner toll plaza resides 0.75 miles south of the Exit 148 loop ramp. There are no other ramps associated with Exit 148 itself. Photo taken 08/05/07.
The Biddles Corner toll plaza of the SR 1 Turnpike was the first in the state to feature high speed EZ Pass lanes. EZ Pass holders may stay to the left and proceed through the plaza uninterrupted by any barriers. Scanners reside above the express lanes to levy the toll from the EZ Pass account itself. All cash paying customers must move to the right. Photo taken 08/05/07.
Five lanes are in place for cash paying customers of the SR 1 Turnpike at Boyd's Corner. Rates for the SR 1 Turnpike increase from $1.00 to $2.00 during select times on October 1, 2007. Photos taken 08/05/07.
Departing the toll plaza Delaware 1 reduces in capacity from six to four overall lanes. Ahead is the Exit 142 diamond interchange with Delaware 896 (Boyd's Corner Road) and Pole Bridge Road. The turnpike crosses over U.S. 13 (Dupont Parkway) before entering the area of Boyd's Corner. Pictured here is the one-mile guide sign for Exit 142 and its replacement. Photos taken 04/13/04 & 08/05/07.
One half mile north of the Exit 142 off-ramp to Pole Bridge Road, U.S. 13 (DuPont Highway), and Delaware 896 (Boyds Corner Road) north. The areas surrounding Exit 142, Odessa, and Middletown in general are experiencing high rates of growth. A toll road is envisioned for U.S. 301 from the Maryland state line around Middletown to Delaware 1 near Biddles Corner. U.S. 301 currently travels a surface route from Middletown northward to Summit Bridge. Delaware 896 north joins U.S. 301 at Mt. Pleasant to the west. Photo taken 08/05/07.
A small guide sign references the SR 1 Turnpike by its official name, the Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway. Signs such as this are posted periodically along the toll road. Photo taken 08/05/07.

Delaware 1 southbound at Exit 142. Delaware 896 begins at the nearby Pole Bridge Road intersection with U.S. 13 (DuPont Highway) and travels westward from U.S. 13 (Dupont Parkway) to U.S. 301 & Delaware 71 at Mount Pleasant. U.S. 13 continues to parallel Delaware 1 closely from Boyd's Corner southward into Odessa. Pole Bridge Road continues east of Delaware 896 to Delaware 9 at Port Penn. Photo taken 08/05/07.
Older format mileage sign on Delaware 1 southbound after the Boyd's Corner interchange (Exit 142). Beaches refers to the point on Delaware 1 where the coastal highway enters Rehoboth Beach proper. Photo taken 04/13/04.
The SR 1 Turnpike again scoots west of U.S. 13 at the town of Odessa. Situated just west of downtown Odessa is the Exit 136 diamond interchange with Delaware 299 (Main Street). Exit 136 serves interests to Townsend, an incorporated village along Delaware 71 south of Middletown, by way of U.S. 13 south to Pine Tree Road. An interchange with Delaware 71 was planned as part of the original turnpike but scrapped to cut costs. Photo taken 08/05/07.
Delaware 299 travels west from Delaware 9 (Taylors Bridge Road) into Odessa and to Delaware 1. From Exit 136 westward the state highway travels 2.5 miles to Middletown and junction Delaware 71. There are no tolls in place at this interchange. Photo taken 08/05/07.
Delaware 1 southbound at the Exit 136 ramp depature to Delaware 299 (Main Street / Middletown-Odessa Road). A previously rural drive, Delaware 299 now entails a suburban corridor between Odessa and Middletown. Sprawl along Delaware 299 now encroaches the western frontage of the SR 1 Turnpike. Photo taken 04/13/04.
At present the longest uninterrupted stretch of the SR 1 Turnpike exists between Exit 136 at Odessa and Exit 119 north of Smyrna. The 17 mile section of Delaware 1 was the last to be completed when it opened to traffic May of 2003. In February 2004 it was announced that the previously cancelled interchange with Delaware 71 (Summit Bridge Road) received approval. The new access point will serve the Townsend area of southern New Castle County, however as of 2007, no work began. Photos taken 08/05/07.
Continuing southward along Delaware 1 across Black Bird Creek in rural southern New Castle County. The four-lanes of the SR 1 Turnpike here become increasingly congested with weekend beach traffic and with no off-ramps, there is no alternative once one is committed to the mainline beyond Exit 136. Photos taken 08/05/07.
Another mileage sign posted along Delaware 1 southbound, crafted with all capital letters, which is typical for signs along surface roads. Photo taken 08/05/07.
One-mile guide sign for Exit 119 (U.S. 13) on Delaware 1 southbound. The upcoming partial cloverleaf interchange serves the city of Smyrna and the Delaware Welcome Center and Rest Area on U.S. 13 (Dupont Parkway). Trailblazers for Delaware 6 & 300 are signed for motorists utilizing Exit 119A (U.S. 13 south) into Smyrna. Photo taken 08/05/07.
Drawing to within one half mile of the Exit 119A off-ramp onto U.S. 13 (DuPont Parkway) south into Smyrna. Delaware 6 travels east-west through Smyrna, linking the municipality with Woodland Beach along the Delaware River and Clayton to the west. Delaware 300 travels southwest from Smyrna-Clayton to Kenton and Sudlersville, Maryland (as Maryland 300). Photo taken 08/05/07.
Delaware 1 southbound at the beginning of the Dover-Smyrna Bypass portion of the turnpike system. Between 1993 and 2003 U.S. 13 & Delaware 1 overlapped between Odessa and here. Now U.S. 13 crosses under the SR 1 Turnpike. Pictured here is the Exit 119A ramp departure for the Dupont Highway south into the town of Smyrna. Photo taken 08/05/07.
Exit 119B is signed for U.S. 13 north with the control point of Townsend at Exit 119A. However the guide sign at the off-ramp itself does not include any control point whatsoever. The ramp ties into Dupont Parkway and the Delaware Welcome Center on the northbound side of U.S. 13. U.S. 13 north otherwise heads toward Blackbird and the split with Delaware 71. Photo taken 08/05/07.
Mileage sign on the Smyrna Bypass portion of the SR 1 Turnpike. The four lane tollway opened to traffic on December 18, 1993, three days before the remaining Dover Bypass segment opened to traffic. An emergency bridge project on U.S. 13 over the Duck Creek necessitated a truck ban on U.S. 13 through Smyrna. Thus the bypass opened prematurely and was untolled for the three day period. Photo taken 04/13/04.
Delaware 1 continues south over Duck Creek and into Kent County. Explosive suburban growth is also underway in the Smyrna and Clayton area and new homes are visible from the SR 1 Turnpike in both directions. Photos taken 08/05/07.
Delaware 1 once again sees direct access with U.S. 13 (DuPont Boulevard) on the south side of Smyrna at Exit 114. The US highway provides the main commmercial strip through Smyrna. Points of interest referenced from Exit 114 include the Smyrna Opera House and Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge, located to the east along Delaware 9. Photo taken 08/05/07.
Approaching the Smyrna Leipsic Road overpass on Delaware 1 southbound, one half mile north of Exit 114. Smyrna Leipsic Road originally was the final leg of Delaware 9 as the state highway ended in Smyrna from the south. Exit 104 consists of a trumpet interchange and short access road between the turnpike and adjacent U.S. 13 (Dupont Boulevard). Photo taken 08/05/07.
Delaware 1 southbound at the Exit 114 off-ramp to U.S. 13 (Dupont Boulevard). Motorists utilizing this ramp are levied a 25 cent toll. Guide signs posted here originally displayed Delaware 6 & 300 shields for the connections with Glenwood Avenue and Woodland Beach Road in Smyrna itself. Delaware 1 remains east of U.S. 13 from Exit 119 southward. Photo taken 08/05/07.
Reassurance shield and guide sign posted after the Exit 114 interchange along Delaware 1 south. Photos taken 08/05/07.
Long distance travelers to Salisbury, Maryland and Norfolk, Virginia are advised to remain on Delaware 1 southbound to Exit 97 (Puncheon Run Connector) rather than departing the turnpike for U.S. 13 at Exit 104. The Puncheon Run Connector opened by 2001 to provide a limited access connection from the turnpike to U.S. 13 south of Dover. The original sign was replaced and relocated south of Exit 114 between 2004 and 2007. Photos taken 04/13/04 & 08/05/07.

Dover Map - AARoads

Delaware 1 provides connections with U.S. 13 both south and north of Dover. The turnpike stays east of the Dover center, meeting Delaware 8 east of downtown at Exit 98.

A second trumpet interchange and short access road facilitates the movements between Delaware 1 and U.S. 13 north of the capital city of Dover. The short access road between the turnpike and Dupont Highway saw extension as Scarborough Road in the mid 1990s to Delaware 15 (McKee Road) west of the city. The connection was originally touted as Delaware 8 Alternate due to the connection with Delaware 8 (Forest Street) by way of Delaware 15 and Scarborough Road. New guide signs acknowledge Scarborough Road in place of "W. Dover Ind. Area". The small trailblazer on Exit 114 guide signs refer to the Dover Downs facility. Photo taken 08/05/07.
One half mile north of the Exit 104 off-ramp to U.S. 13 and Scarborough Road. Colleges served by Exit 104 include Delaware State University, Wesley College, the Delaware Technical & Community College Terry campus and Wilmington University Dover campus. Additonal points of interest, and there are many, referenced on signs for Exit 104 include: the Delaware State Troopers Museum and State Police Troop, the Delaware Agricultural Museum, the Biggs Museum of American Art, Museum Square, the Public Archives, and the State House Museum. Photo taken 08/05/07.
Delaware 1 southbound at the Scarborough Road off-ramp to U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) in north Dover. The areas surrounding the trumpet interchange, likes others to the north, have grown tremendously since the 1993-completion of the Dover section of the turnpike. U.S. 13 remains a busy commercial roadway nearby, traveling southward to Dover Mall and the Dover Downs International Raceway, Casino, and Horse Racing facility. Photos taken 04/13/04 & 08/05/07.
Diagrammatical overhead posted for the forthcoming Dover toll plaza along Delaware 1 southbound. Constructed in 2004, high-speed EZ Pass lanes now facilitate 65 mph speeds for tag holders through the inside lanes of the facility. Photo taken 08/05/07.
The pervasive Dover Downs International Speedway facility resides just west of the SR 1 Turnpike between Exit 114 and the Dover Bypass main toll plaza. Photo taken 08/05/07.
One half mile north of the Dover toll plaza of the SR 1 Turnpike near the Dover Leipsic Road overcrossing. Ironically, the original one-mile advisory sign of the toll plaza stood here, reflective of the fact that it originally displayed 1 km. Photo taken 08/05/07.
All drivers are charged $1.00 in tolls during the week and $2.00 in tolls during weekend peek periods as of October 1, 2007. The increase was passed by legislators to increase funds available for the Department of Transportation. This is the southernmost toll collecting facility on the SR 1 Turnpike system. Photo taken 08/05/07.
Two south and northbound lanes facilitate EZ Pass travels through the Dover toll plaza. Speed limits are set at a lofty 65 mph while cash paying customers must come to a stop at the attended booths to the right. Photo taken 08/05/07.
Delaware 8 (Little Creek Road) intersects Delaware 1 one mile south of the Dover Bypass toll plaza. The east-west state highway cuts a swath through downtown Dover via Division Street en route to Little Creek and Delaware 9 east of the city. Photo taken 08/05/07.
The ramps to Delaware 8 opened to traffic in 2002 as part of Exit 98. The connectors however had been in place since 1993 for use by emergency and maintenance vehicles. It was decided to convert the ramps to general purpose use in an effort to help relieve Exit 104 from Dover Downs traffic and to improve access to downtown Dover from the SR 1 Turnpike. Photo taken 08/05/07.
Traffic to Delaware 8 (Little Creek Road) departs Delaware 1 southbound at Exit 98. There is no return access nor is there access to Delaware 8 from Delaware 1 northbound. The state highway otherwise ends three miles to the east at Delaware 9 in the hamlet of Little Creek. Photo taken 08/05/07.
The one-mile guide sign of Exit 97 is posted within the Delaware 8 half-diamond interchange. Designated the Puncheon Run Connector, Exit 97 consists of a partial "Y" interchange between the SR 1 Turnpike mainline and the east-west freeway itself. The connector was built to provide high speed access between the turnpike and U.S. 13 for motorists destined for Seaford, Georgetown, Salisbury, Virginia's Eastern Shore, and the Hampton Roads area. Photo taken 08/05/07.
The Puncheon Run Connector opened to traffic as part of the SR 1 Turnpike system in 2001. For years ghost ramps sat unused on Delaware 1 just north of the Exit 95 interchange with Bay Road and Delaware 10. The opening of the freeway extension allows motorists to bypass downtown Dover on the trek to Sussex County and points south. The highway carries no toll and its own set of exit numbers (for eastbound). Photos taken 04/13/04 & 08/05/07.
Interests to Dover A.F.B. are provided with three entry points into the facility. The truck gate was changed to the North Gate betwen 2004 and 2007; the Main Gate remains accessible via Exit 93, truck traffic however is routed southward 15 miles to a U-turn to access the northbound only-Exit 92 truck gate. Photo taken 08/05/07.
Delaware 1 splits with the Puncheon Run Connector at Exit 97. It is possible in the long range future that a freeway may be constructed along the growing U.S. 13 corridor between Dover and Salisbury, Maryland. If the highway becomes reality it would likely extend southward from the west end of the Puncheon Run Connector. Talks of such a highway are only in the idea stage at present. Otherwise there are no westbound off-ramps between Delaware 1 and U.S. 13 itself. Photos taken 04/13/04 & 08/05/07.
Exit 95 to Bay Road and Delaware 10 departs Delaware 1 beyond the Puncheon Run Connector northbound return ramp. Bay Road formerly was designated U.S. 113 until February of 2004. Deldot received permission from AASHTO to truncate U.S. 113 southward from Dover to Milford to eliminate the overlapped segment with Delaware 1. Thus Bay Road is no longer a part of U.S. 113. Photos taken 04/13/04 & 08/05/07.
The Exit 95 off-ramp descends from Delaware 1 southbound to Bay Road. Bay Road becomes part of Delaware 1 through Dover Air Force Base and thus is segregated between through traffic (Delaware 1) and local traffic (Delaware 10). Traffic utilizing the Exit 95 ramp is permitted movements to both Delaware 1 south and Delaware 10 (Lebanon Road) west as well as old U.S. 113 north (Bay Road) into Dover. Photos taken 04/13/04 & 08/05/07.
Traffic from Bay Road (old U.S. 113) merges onto Delaware 1 southbound after the turnpike crosses over Bay Road itself. U.S. 113 originally joined Delaware 1 here for a short overlap on southernmost segment of freeway. First photo taken by Adam Froehlig (04/04/04); second photo taken 04/13/04.
One mile north of the Main Gate to Dover Air Force Base on Delaware 1 southbound. Photo taken 08/05/07.
Deldot refers to Freeways routinely as "Expressways" as do many other Northeastern U.S. cities and states. Placed here is the freeway ends sign 1.50 miles north of the SR 1 Turnpike conclusion; this sign was removed by August of 2007. To the right is the Delaware 10 (Lebanon Road) on-ramp to Delaware 1 south. Photo taken 04/13/04.
Exit 93 for the Dover Air Force Base main gate opened in 1998 after the Dover-Smyrna Bypass itself opened in 1993. What was previously a traffic light on U.S. 113 & Delaware 1 (Bay Road) is now a diamond interchange. The delayed opening resulted from compromises between Deldot and Dover A.F.B. officials in how to best reconfigure the traffic pattern here. The Delaware 10 on-ramp forms an auxiliary exit-only lane for Exit 93 (Old Lebanon Road). Photos taken 04/13/04 & 08/05/07.
Delaware 1 southbound near the Dover A.F.B. Main Gate at Exit 93. To the right is a residential area situated within the air force base itself. Delaware 1 otherwise continues through the area with four lanes. Replacements signs remove the U.S. 113 & Delaware 1 pull-through panel for a commercial truck traffic sign for Dover A.F.B. Commercial truck traffic into Dover A.F.B. is directed southward on Delaware 1 (Bay Road) to the Bowers Beach Road intersection for a northbound U-turn to access Exit 92 (the Dover A.F.B. Commercial Gate accessible only from Delaware 1 northbound). Photos taken by Adam Froehlig (04/04/04) and AARoads on 08/05/07.
Exit 93 leaves Delaware 1 southbound for the Dover A.F.B. Main Gate and Old Lebanon Road. The 1998-completed diamond interchange of the SR 1 Turnpike allows Dover A.F.B. traffic to cross over uninterrupted between the west and east sections of the base. Photos taken by Adam Froehlig (04/04/04) and AARoads on 08/05/07.
Expressway ends one half mile overhead attached to the Old Lebanon Road overpass at Exit 93. Photo taken 08/05/07.
Delaware 1 & U.S. 113 reassurance shield assembly posted south of the Exit 93 Dover A.F.B. Main Gate interchange. By August 2007, only a Delaware 1 shield remained in the MassHighway style of signing with a "tip hat" south banner. Photos taken by Adam Froehlig (04/04/04) and AARoads on 08/05/07.
The official southbound end of the SR 1 Turnpike occurs between Exit 93 and the Dover A.F.B. South Gate. Delaware 1 (Bay Road) becomes an at-grade expressway between Dover and Milford with 55 MPH speed limits. Photo taken 08/05/07.
A southbound traffic signal represents the end of the Delaware 1 freeway at the Tilcon concrete plant to the west. Delaware 1 transitions into a at-grade divided highway from Dover A.F.B. to Milford. Photo taken 08/05/07.

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