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The Guide to Interstate 95 in Delaware


Interstate 95 cuts a swath through the northern portion of Delaware between Newark and Claymont. The freeway constitutes 23.43 miles in the Diamond State, 11 of which are apart of the Delaware Turnpike. The highway is tolled between the Maryland state line and Exit 1 (Delaware 896)

Interstate 95 Northbound
Welcome to Delaware guide sign posted at the state line. The panel pictured here was phased out during the Governor Carper administration. His panels displayed "Home of Tax Free Shopping" in place of the Governor placard. Current Governor Ruth Ann Minner changed the welcome signs again to incorporate the slogan "It's Good Being First" and her name. Photo taken by Averil Hecht (1985).
Interstate 95 northbound after the Delaware Turnpike toll plaza at Welsh Tract Road. The first of four turnpike interchanges is that of the Exit 1 partial cloverleaf with Delaware 896 (College Avenue). The north-south arterial serves the University of Delaware campus, stadium, and Bob Carpenter Center. Overheads were replaced by late 2007. Photos taken by Carter Buchanan (07/02) and by Alex Nitzman (12/18/07).
Peering eastward from the Welsh Tract Road overpass at the Delaware Turnpike. Interstate 95 constitutes an eight lane freeway between the Delaware Turnpike toll plaza and U.S. 202 & Delaware 141 (Newport Freeway). Welsh Tract Road itself parallels Interstate 95 between Pleasant Hill Road and Delaware 896 (College Avenue). Photo taken 12/19/01.
Traffic to Delaware 896 (College Avenue) departs Interstate 95 northbound. The north-south highway provides four lanes between Delaware 2 & 4 (Christina Parkway) and Mt. Pleasant. Delaware 896 saw expansion from a two lane roadway into a four lane expressway between Interstate 95 and the junction of U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway) & U.S. 301 between 1994 and 1996. At Glasgow U.S. 301 begins and joins Delaware 896 on the southward trek to Middletown via the Summit Bridge. Photo taken by Tim Reichard (05/17/03).
Four miles separate the Delaware 896 interchange and Exit 3 (Delaware 273). Posted a short distance east of the College Avenue on-ramp to the Delaware Turnpike northbound is a variable message sign bridge and mileage sign. New York City is referenced on all Interstate 95 northbound mileage signs in Maryland but the Big Apple only gets one mileage sign in the Diamond State at the Interstate 295 northbound split from Interstate 95. Photos taken 10/12/04 & 12/18/07.
The Delaware Turnpike Service Plaza provides motorists with food, fuel, and area tourist and lodging information. Additionally one can get an official state map at the Delaware Tourist Information booth in the north end of the facility. Like the Maryland and Chesapeake Houses on Interstate 95 in Maryland, the Delaware Service Plaza resides within the median of the freeway. The plaza resides between the Salem Church Road and Chapman Road overpasses on Interstate 95. Note the sign replacement by 2007. Photos taken 03/23/04, 10/13/04, 12/18/07.

One mile west of the directional cloverleaf interchange at Delaware 273 (Christiana Road) on Interstate 95 northbound. The Delaware Turnpike Service Plaza is to the left. The nonexistent Exit 2 interchange of the Delaware Turnpike with the never built U.S. 301 freeway would have tied into the freeway just west of the Salem Church Road over crossing. Note the 2007 sign replacement. Photos taken 03/23/04, 10/13/04, & 12/18/07.
0.50-mile guide sign for Delaware 273 (Christiana Road) near the Chapman Road overpass. Delaware 273 provides a four-lane arterial between downtown Newark and New Castle. The original two-lane highway of Delaware 273 saw expansion between the years of 1985 and 1997. A partial interchange exists on the route at Delaware 4 (Ogletown Stanton Road) 1.5 miles to the north. Photo taken 12/18/07.
The control city of Delaware 273 (Christiana Road) eastbound remains Dover even over ten years after the opening of the SR 1 Turnpike between Interstate 95 and the capital city. Christiana Road intersects Delaware 1 two miles to the east at Exit 162. The village of Christiana itself resides along old Delaware 273 between Interstate 95 and Delaware 7 (Bear Christiana Road). A four-lane bypass of the community opened to traffic in 1987. Note the carbon copy sign replacements in the second photo and the continued lack of Dover as a control city for Delaware 1 south. Photos taken 03/23/04 & 08/05/07.
Attached to the Delaware 273 eastbound ramp to Interstate 95 north is the Exit 3B overhead for Delaware 273 west. A bridge refurbishment project was underway at the time of the photograph. The Exit 3B loop ramp provides access to Ogletown, the Pike Creek Valley, and the city of Newark among other communities. The original diamond interchange between the turnpike and Delaware 273 saw expansion in 1976. Carbon copy sign replacements by 2007 result in new overheads here. Photos taken 03/23/04 & 08/05/07.
The 0.75-mile sign bridge for Exit 4A (Delaware 1 & 7 south) resides within the Delaware 273 junction. The upcoming cloverleaf interchange is the busiest crossroads in the entire state of Delaware. Delaware 1 carries 70,000 vehicles a day of commuter and beach/through traffic between Interstate 95 and U.S. 13 at Tybouts Corner. Additionally the adjacent Christiana Mall and its subsequent expansion over the years adds a significant amount of traffic to both Delaware 1 and Interstate 95. These signs were replaced by late 2007. Photo taken 03/27/04.
One quarter mile west of the Exit 4A off-ramp for Delaware 1 & 7 south. The two highways part ways 0.75 miles south of the Delaware Turnpike. Opened in 1993, the northernmost leg of the SR 1 Turnpike continues southward from Delaware 7 (Stanton Christiana Road) to Delaware 273 (Christiana Road) and U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway). Signs on Interstate 95 have yet to reference the control city of Dover for Delaware 1 south, even with late 2007 sign replacements. In fact they were last modified in 1987 when "Mall Road" was added to the panel itself. The Delaware Park placard on the left-hand panel remained from the original assembly (this was properly replaced with a ground-level installed auxiliary panel). Delaware Park is a horse racing and gambling venue located at the junction of Delaware 4 & 58. Photos taken 10/12/04 & 12/29/07.
Traffic merging onto Interstate 95 north from Delaware 273 forms the exit-only lane for Exit 4A. The overwhelmed cloverleaf interchange between the two freeways at Exit 4 is set to undergo redesign in 2005 or 2006. DelDOT proposes the construction of a new flyover ramp from Interstate 95 south to Delaware 1 & 7 south to eliminate the loop ramp that presently serves that movement. Additionally segregated ramps from Delaware 1 & 7 northbound and the Christiana Mall to Interstate 95 are planned to remove the bottleneck on the current one-lane ramp. Note the carbon copy sign replacement that only added a non-standard beach chair logo for "Beaches". Photos taken 03/27/04 & 12/29/07.
A fifth auxiliary lane adds to Interstate 95 north between the Delaware 1 & 7 southbound on-ramp and the Exit 4B off-ramp. Between 1996 and 1999 a new interchange was constructed at the nearby intersection between Delaware 7 (Stanton Christiana Road) and Delaware 58 (Churchmans Road). Upon completion the Delaware 1 designation saw extension to the junction and the interchange was dubbed Exit 166. North of there Delaware 7 transitions into an at-grade facility en route to junction Delaware 4 (Ogletown Stanton Road) and the village of Stanton. The area bounded by Interstate 95, Delaware 7, Delaware 2, and Delaware 273 is collectively known as Churchman's Crossing. Churchman's Crossing is a renaming of Metroform, a planned town that has yet to come to fruition. Photos taken 03/27/04 & 12/29/07.
Almost 200,000 vehicles a day traverse Interstate 95 through the Delaware 1 & 7 cloverleaf interchange. It does not get much better to the east as 157,000 vpd continue to the Exit 5 confluence of U.S. 202 & Delaware 141, Interstate 295, and Interstate 495. Pictured here is an upcoming exits overhead for the next three exits. Photo taken 01/01/05.
The first of several sign bridges that partition traffic between the two regional movements: Interstate 95 & 495 for Wilmington and Philadelphia and Interstate 295 & the New Jersey Turnpike for the Delaware Memorial Bridge and New York City. The installation resides ahead of the Delaware 58 (Churchmans Road) overpass. Construction began in March of 2004 on a $13.1-million project1 to replace the aging span. Completed in December 2005, the new crossing accommodates the five-lane widening of Interstate 95 underway between 2007-08. Photos taken 03/27/04 & 05/20/07.
Interstate 95 northbound enters the Christiana Marsh between Delaware 58 and Delaware 141. The wetlands provide the source for the Artesian Water Company, the major water supplier for northern New Castle County. Posted here is the one mile guide sign for Exits 5A/B (Delaware 141). The second photo reveals a sign replacement and the removal of the lighting fixtures. Photos taken 03/23/04 & 05/19/07.
Second set of overheads for the pending Interstate 295 split from Interstate 95 north. Interstate 295 composes the Philadelphia metropolitan area eastern bypass. The freeway is a bypass only on maps however as commuter traffic associated with the rapid growth of areas such as Cherry Hill, Mount Holly, and Vorhees overwhelm the six-lane freeway everyday. Interstate 295 travels 5.71 miles in Delaware between the turnpike and the east end of the Delaware Memorial Bridge. Again the second photograph displays the sign replacement of the right-hand panel and removal of sign lighting. Photo taken 01/01/05 & 12/21/05.
The southbound off-ramp to Delaware 141 (Basin Road) also serves U.S. 202 south. The US highway saw relocation from an in-city routing through Wilmington to Interstate 95 between Exits 8 and 5A and Delaware 141 between Interstate 95 and U.S. 13 & 40 (Dupont Highway) in 1984. Signs on the Delaware Turnpike northbound do not reflect the U.S. 202 overlap on Delaware 141 south. Photos taken 03/23/04 & 05/19/07.
Exit 5A prepares to depart Interstate 95 northbound for Airport Road. Airport Road loops north of Delaware 37 (Commons Boulevard) to U.S. 202 & Delaware 141 (Basin Road). The movement from Interstate 95 northbound to Basin Road southbound is provided by Airport Road. The second photo displays sign replacements installed during 2005. Note the lighting fixture removal. Photos taken 10/12/04 & 04/24/05.
Interstate 95 at the ramp departure for U.S. 202 & Delaware 141 (Basin Road) south and Airport Road. Basin Road intersects U.S. 13 & 40 (Dupont Highway) via a cloverleaf interchange two miles to the south. The junction occurs just east of the New Castle County Airport. Delaware 141 otherwise continues south of the Dupont Highway 1.5 miles to junction Delaware 9 & 273 (Frenchtown Road) and the town of New Castle. The left-hand overhead for Interstates 95 & 495 was replaced during Winter of 2005, the remainder were gone by Summer 2005. Photo taken 01/01/05 & 12/21/05.
Traveling the Exit 5A off-ramp into the intersection with Airport Road. Airport Road carries two-way traffic alongside Interstate 95 north to U.S. 202 & Delaware 141. Motorists using Airport Road can also access Delaware 141 (Newport Freeway) northbound. A traffic signal heralds the south end of the Newport Freeway at Airport Road itself. Photo taken 05/19/07.
The Interstate 95 & 295 northbound split. Two lanes facilitate the movement to Interstate 295, the Delaware Memorial Bridge, and ultimately the New Jersey Turnpike. During weekday evenings and holiday travel periods, it is not uncommon to encounter traffic congestion from here all the way to the Delaware River crossing. All signs were replaced at the Interstate 95 and 295 partition during the Winter of 2005. Photo taken 10/12/04 & 05/20/07.
The Exit 5B off-ramp to Delaware 141 north (Newport Freeway) departs from the very beginning of Interstate 295 north. A collector/distributor roadway provides access to/from the Newport Freeway and Interstate 295 north. Delaware 141 replaced Delaware 41 (Newport Gap Pike) as a four-lane freeway in the late 1970s. The limited access highway links Interstate 95 and Delaware 2 (Kirkwood Highway) at Prices Corner. The second photo displays the Exit 5B overhead replacement installed during the Winter of 2005. Note the carbon copy signing failed to include an Exit 5B tab. Photo taken 01/01/05 & 05/20/07.
Between 2000 and 2001, the Delaware 141 bridges over Interstate 95 were reconstructed. The project was completed as part of an interchange wide project that included the resurfacing of the ramps between the two freeways. The northbound beginning of Interstate 495 departs Interstate 95 & U.S. 202 in 1.50 miles otherwise. Note the missing overlays on the Interstate 95 pull through panel to the left; a piece of the sign fell off in 2004. DelDOT replaced the entire sign by Winter 2005 (see next photo). Photos taken by Tim Reichard (05/17/03) and by AARoads 01/01/05.
The Delaware Turnpike draws to a close at the three-way partition between Interstates 95 & 495 north, Interstate 295 north, and the Exit 5B collector/distributor roadway. Again the overheads displayed here were replaced during the Winter of 2005 with those pictured in the second photo. Photo taken 10/12/04 & 12/21/05.
Northbound on the Interstate 295 c/d roadway for Exit 5B (Delaware 141 north). The cloverleaf ramp serves Newport (pop. 1,122), Prices Corner, Elsmere (pop. 5,800), and Greenville. In conjunction with Delaware 41 (Newport Gap Pike), Delaware 141 provides the southern leg of the route to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Photos taken 01/01/05 & 05/20/07.
A second set of Interstate 95 and 495 overheads is affixed to the northbound Delaware 141 overpass. Note that U.S. 202 makes its first appearance on the Interstate 95 overhead on the left. A left-hand on-ramp adds a fourth northbound lane from U.S. 202 north and Delaware 141. The Interstate 495 overhead was once signed as Exit 5D. The second photo displays sign replacements installed during Winter of 2005. Photo taken 03/27/04 & 05/20/07.
Now departed from the Delaware 141 interchange, Interstate 95 and U.S. 202 northbound proceed on their mutual pathway toward the city of Wilmington (pop. 72,664). The two left-hand lanes carry the tandem toward the central business district. The first exit of Interstate 495 also provides access to the Wilmington business district by way of U.S. 13 Business (Market Street) northbound. A sign change occurred in 2006 after two separate incidents where trucks exceeding 14 feet in height struck the 10th Street overpass in the city of Wilmington. The 10th Street overpass clearance is substandard and despite warning signs along the freeway in Wilmington, two trucks clipped the bridge deck causing minor damage in 2005. Rather than directing truckers exceeding the height onto the Exit 7 off-ramp and back on via the Pennsylvania Avenue on-ramp, DelDOT instead added "14 Ft. Clearance" tabs to the bottom of every Interstate 95 overhead at the Interstate 495 split. Photos taken 03/27/04 & 12/23/06.
Drawing to within one quarter mile of the Interstate 495 northbound beginning. Below is the Interstate 295 southbound end. The overheads on this sign bridge saw installation during March of 2000 to coincide with the major reconstruction of Interstate 95 north of Wilmington. The roadway was restriped at that time to allow for three overall lanes for Interstate 495 northbound. The lighting fixtures and brackets remained from the previous set of signs. 14 foot clearance tabs were added in 2006 to the Interstate 95 & U.S. 202 pull-through panels. Photos taken 03/27/04 & 05/21/07.
The northbound beginning of Interstate 495 departs Interstate 95 & U.S. 202 north. The 11.47-mile Wilmington Bypass is a six-lane freeway with 65 mph speed limits throughout. Exits 1, 2, 3, and 4 serve the city of Wilmington. To the left Interstate 95 & U.S. 202 travel two miles into the city limits of Wilmington and first of three citywide interchanges. Photos taken 10/12/04 & 05/21/07.
Departing the partial "Y" interchange with Interstate 495 on Interstate 95 & U.S. 202 northbound at the Christina River. Pictured here is the 1.50-mile sign bridge for Delaware 4 (Maryland Avenue). The Exit 6 off-ramp is the first of two interchanges to serve the central business district of Wilmington. This series of photos displays the results of a 2006-sign replacement project along Interstate 95 northbound for Exit 6. Photos taken 04/10/04 & 12/23/06.
Interstate 95 & U.S. 202 cross the Christina River and the Norfolk-Southern Railroad line on through wetlands areas south of the city. The skyline for the Corporate Capital of the World pervades the horizon 1.25 miles south of the Delaware 4 exit. Interstate 95 remains a four-lane freeway overall between Interstate 495 and the Pennsylvania state line. Auxiliary lanes provide a third lane in each direction between Interstate 295 and Delaware 4. Photos taken 12/21/05 & 12/23/06.
Entering the city limits of Wilmington on the approach to the Exit 6 off-ramp for Delaware 4 (Maryland Avenue) & Martin Luther King Boulevard (formerly Wilmington Boulevard and Front Street). To the right is the Riverfront Arts Center and Daniel Frawley Stadium (home of the Class A Wilmington Blue Rocks - a Kansas City Royals affiliate). This particular overhead was installed in 2000 and features pointed edges. Older Delaware sign assemblies see the area outside of sign border trimmed, giving them rounded edges. Photos taken 04/10/04 & 12/23/06.
The freeway raises on a twin viaduct for 0.8 miles between the city line and 5th Street. The elevated highway travels over the Amtrak corridor and city street grid through the Browntown and West Side neighborhoods of the city. Affixed to the Exit 6 overheads are logos for Amtrak and SEPTA (Southeast Pennsylvania Transit Authority). The Maryland Avenue off-ramp serves the Wilmington Train Station at Market and Front Streets near downtown. Photos taken 03/22/04 & 12/23/06.
Original overheads for Exit 6 included Fourth Street (Delaware 9) in addition to Maryland Avenue (Delaware 4). Several of the signs replaced in the state of Delaware adhere to the original specifications of the removed sign. The panel pictured 0.25 miles ahead Exit 6 is no exception to this rule. Adams Street begins from the northbound off-ramp and parallels Interstate 95 & U.S. 202 northward to Lovering Avenue. The northbound only street intersects Fourth Street in six blocks. Photos taken 03/22/04 & 12/23/06.

Central Wilmington Map -

Interstate 95 bisects the city of Wilmington between the Adams and Jackson Street corridors. For perspectives of the freeway from the city streets of Wilmington see Walkabout Interstate 95 Wilmington.

Interstate 95 & U.S. 202 northbound at the Maryland Avenue off-ramp. Delaware 4 ends with Maryland Avenue 0.2 miles to the east at Martin Luther King Boulevard (Delaware 48). The east-west route links the Browntown neighborhood of Wilmington with Elsmere, Richardson Park, and Newport. Photos taken 10/12/04 & 12/23/06.
Centered exit tabs remain on several of the Interstate 95 overheads through Wilmington. Pictured here is the gore point for Exit 6 and first overhead for Exit 7 (Delaware 52). Below a traffic signal resides at the end of the off-ramp at Maryland Avenue and Adams Street. Three blocks to the north is Delaware 48 east (Lancaster Avenue). The end of Delaware 4 and Maryland Avenue mark the transition of Delaware 48 into Martin Luther King Boulevard. The divided arterial includes decorative lighting fixtures and landscaping as a showcased gateway into downtown Wilmington. Photos taken 10/12/04 & 08/05/07.
The city of Wilmington rises westward over the beginnings of the Appalachian piedmont. The Hill Top and West Side neighborhoods feature tree lined streets and row homes. St. Francis Hospital draws attention as the only building to rise above the residential landscape. The area between Lancaster Avenue (Delaware 48 east) and Fourth Street (Delaware 9) west of Interstate 95 represents the Hispanic section of the city. Photo taken 03/22/04.
A 1998 sign replacement of an original guide sign adheres to the original specifications. The 0.50-mile guide sign of Exit 7 (Delaware 52) used to include Seventh Street as a secondary destination. Until 1979 the Delaware Avenue off-ramp rose from Interstate 95 north to the intersection of Adams and Seventh Streets. The 1979-82 reconstruction project of the freeway included the relocation of the off-ramp two blocks to the north at 9th and Adams Streets. Like the Exit 6 carbon copy sign replacement, all overheads, including the 1998-replacement, were replaced in 2006. Photos taken 10/12/04 & 12/23/06.
Access ramps from downtown via Martin Luther King Boulevard westbound merge onto Interstate 95 over Delaware 48 (Lancaster Avenue & Second Street). The northbound on-ramp forms the exit-only lane for Delaware 52 (Delaware Avenue). The pull-through panels displays the distances to the next three interchanges (Exits 8, 9, and 10); however the 2006-replacement omits Exit 10 (Harvey Road). Photos taken 10/12/04 & 12/23/06.
The Wilmington viaduct ends at the geologic fall line between Fourth Street (Delaware 9) and Sixth Street. Here Interstate 95 & U.S. 202 transition from an elevated highway into a suppressed freeway below the city street grid. Attached to the Sixth Street overhead is the second of four panels for the exit-only (or Must Exit as these older signs still display) lane to Delaware 52. Photos taken 04/10/04 & 12/23/06.
One block to the north at Seventh Street on Interstate 95 & U.S. 202 north. A cosmetic make over results in freshly painted bridges, landscaping, and new guard rails among other improvements to Interstate 95 between 2001 and 2004. Photos taken 03/22/04 & 12/23/06.
Two lanes shuttle Interstate 95 & U.S. 202 northbound motorists upward to the signalized intersection of 9th and Adams Streets. Ninth Street provides access to the central business district ahead. Otherwise motorists default onto Adams Street northbound. Delaware 52 (Delaware Avenue) is three blocks to the north. To the left is the first sign for the upcoming partition of U.S. 202 from Interstate 95. Photos taken 04/10/04 & 12/23/06.
Merging onto Interstate 95 & U.S. 202 northbound from Tenth Street. In the background is the Eleventh Street off-ramp from Interstate 95 & U.S. 202 southbound. Photo taken 03/18/04.
Large Interstate 95 northbound reassurance shield posted at the Adams Street northbound on-ramp from Delaware 52. There are no U.S. 202 reassurance shields posted at all on the 5.94-mile overlap between the two highways. Photo taken 03/18/04
The ramp entering Interstate 95 & U.S. 202 northbound from Delaware 52 (Delaware Avenue) becomes the exit only lane for Exit 8 (U.S. 202 & Delaware 202). Thus Interstate 95 carries six lanes across the Brandywine River with the advent of auxiliary lanes between Exits 7 and 8 in both directions. Pictured here is an "This Lane Ends - 3/4 Mile" overhead, an original sign carbon copied in 2006 and the subject of the August 20, 2007 "Fix It:" column of The News Journal (Wilmington, DE). A reader wrote to the Journal claiming that the sign was incorrect in that the lane does not end, but rather defaults onto the Exit 8 on-ramp. DelDOT concurred and agreed to place an overlay on the sign to refer to it as "This Lane Exit Only - 3/4 Mile". An easier fix would be to just remove the sign completely, as several forthcoming overheads reference the lane as exit only for Exit 8 anyway. Photos taken 10/12/04 & 12/29/07.
The Brandywine Creek Bridge soars high above the waterway and associated park below. The rocky creek cuts a swath between the central business district and East Lawn sections of the city. The span itself underwent a make over that included new decorative lamps, repainting, and artistic guard rails with a cursive "W" inscribed at intervals symbolizing the city of Wilmington. Photo taken 03/22/04.
Interstate 95 northbound at the one-half mile sign bridge for Exit 8 (U.S. 202 & Delaware 202). This was the last stretch of original concrete pavement along Interstate 95 in Delaware. Note also the 2006 carbon copy sign replacement of the overhead. Photos taken 04/28/04 & 12/23/06.
Affixed to the West 18th Street overpass are a pair of overheads. The right-hand panel is the second to last reminder of the forthcoming ramp departure of U.S. 202 north and Delaware 202 south (not displayed). Known as the Concord Pike, U.S. 202 constitutes a heavily congested corridor between Interstate 95 and the Pennsylvania state line. The surface arterial features 23 traffic signals and numerous shopping plazas on the six mile drive to the Keystone State. Note the sign replacement that abbreviates Pike as Pk to accommodate a hospital traiblazer. Photos taken 10/12/04 & 12/29/07.
An older overhead remained in place 600 feet north of the Exit 8 gore point; this sign was carbon copied with a new panel in 2006. The CSX Railroad bridge above represents the Wilmington city line. Photo taken 03/22/04.
A 1998-installed sign done to original overhead specifications is posted at the U.S. 202 northbound split from Interstate 95. The US highway provides the main route between the city of Wilmington and the Delaware County seat of West Chester, Pennsylvania. 15 miles separate the Exit 8 interchange and West Chester itself. Note the change in pavement between 2004 and 2006. Photos taken 03/18/04 & 12/23/06.
The Exit 8 off-ramp branches into ramps for U.S. 202 north (Concord Pike) and Delaware 202 south (Concord Avenue). Delaware 202 was created in 1984 over the original U.S. 202 alignment between Interstate 95 and U.S. 13 Business (Market Street). The state route travels Concord Avenue 1.1 miles into the East Lawn section of the city. Delaware 202 is poorly signed overall and the right-hand panel should display Concord Avenue, not Concord Pike. Photos taken 12/23/06 & 12/29/07.
New guide sign posted on the Exit 8 off-ramp to Delaware 202 (Concord Avenue) southbound. The off-ramp was reconfigured slightly to accommodate left-hand movements from Delaware 202 south to Broom Street / Miller Road east from Concord Avenue. A traffic light allows for traffic destined to Miller Road safe passage to the left-turn lane at the adjacent intersection of Delaware 202 with Broom Street. Photo taken 04/24/05.
Interstate 95 northbound at the U.S. 202 northbound directional ramp overhead (Exit 8). Photo taken by Averil Hecht (1985).
The second mileage sign of Interstate 95 northbound within the state of Delaware is posted one mile north of the U.S. 202 off-ramp. The freeway merges with U.S. 322 in the city of Chester before the Commodore Barry Bridge interchange (Exit 4). Three miles north of there is the southern terminus of Interstate 476 (Exit 7). Photo taken 10/12/04.
A look at the same scene as pictured above almost 20 years earlier. The concrete that was replaced in 2000 already showed signs of decay. Photo taken by Averil Hecht (1985).
One mile south of the Marsh Road (Delaware 3) modified diamond interchange at the Rockwood Road underpass. Interstate 95 opened to traffic between Wilmington and Harvey Road (Exit 10) in 1963. The original pavement remained in service until the 2000 reconstruction project. Photo taken 10/12/04.
Original concrete on Interstate 95 northbound at the Rockwood Road underpass northeast of the Wilmington city line. Photo taken by Averil Hecht (1985).
Northbound Interstate 95 on the original concrete at the Shipley Road underpass. Photo taken by Averil Hecht (1985).
Interstate 95 northbound descends toward Exit 9 and Bellevue State Park. The parkland encompasses the frontage of Carr Road between the Washington Street Extension and Bellevue Parkway. Carr Road acts as a frontage road to Interstate 95 within the vicinity of Marsh Road (Delaware 3). Photo taken 03/27/04.
Overhead at the Exit 9 off-ramp to Delaware 3 (Marsh Road). Delaware 3 constitutes a 5.87-mile route between Edgemoor (junction Interstate 495) and Naamans Road (Delaware 92) in the Brandywine Hundred community. The two lane roadway traverses residential areas for most of its journey. Photo taken 03/19/04.
Motorists taking the Exit 9 ramp merge directly onto Carr Road northbound just south of Delaware 3. To the right Carr Road southbound travels 0.6 miles to Washington Street Extension and Rockwood Park. The Washington Street Extension was once apart of Delaware 4. Photo taken 03/19/04.
Carr Road northbound approaching Delaware 3 (Marsh Road). The village of Bellefonte (pop. 1,249) is to the right. To the left Delaware 3 migrates 2.5 miles northward to Grubb Road and the community of Arden (pop. 474). Carr Road continues through the intersection to Bellevue State Park and the northbound return ramp to Interstate 95. Photo taken 10/12/04.
Upcoming exits sign on Interstate 95 northbound at Marsh Road for Exits 10 (Harvey Road), 11 (Naamans Road), and 1 (Chichester Avenue). Photo taken 03/19/04.
A view of the same upcoming exists sign above Marsh Road as seen 19 years earlier. Photo taken by Averil Hecht (1985).
Northbound Interstate 95 reassurance shield posted after the Delaware 3 & Carr Road northbound on-ramp at Bellevue State Park. Photo taken 03/19/04.
One mile south of the half-diamond interchange with Harvey Road (Exit 10) on Interstate 95 northbound. Harvey Road comprises a secondary arterial between the Ardens and Claymont. Photo taken 03/27/04.
Drawing near the Exit 10 off-ramp to Harvey Road on Interstate 95 north. Harvey Road ends at the intersection of Delaware 3 (Marsh Road) and Grubb Road to the west and U.S. 13 Business (Philadelphia Pike) to the east. Photo taken 03/27/04.
Exit 10 leaves Interstate 95 northbound for Harvey Road. The incorporated villages of Arden (pop. 474), Ardencroft (pop. 267), and Ardentown (pop. 300) reside along Harvey Road between Interstate 95 and Delaware 3 (Marsh Road). At Marsh Road, Harvey Road becomes Grubb Road. From there Grubb Road travels 2.2 miles westward to Delaware 92 (Naamans Road) near the Brandywine Town Center Mall. Photo taken 04/10/04.
Interstate 95 between Wilmington and Harvey Road opened to traffic in 1963. For a short time Interstate 95 ended at the Exit 10 half-diamond interchange. The temporary conclusion lasted two years until the final segment of the freeway in Delaware opened to traffic in 1965. Pictured here is a 2005 sign installation for Exit 10. The replacement of the previous sign resulted in the removal of sign lighting. Photo taken 05/07/05.
Upcoming exits sign at the Harvey Road overpass for Exits 11 (Delaware 92), 1 (Chichester Avenue), and 2 (Pennsylvania 452). Interstate 95 crosses into the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 2.2 miles to the north. Photo taken 04/10/04.
The final exit of Interstate 95 northbound in Delaware is that of the Exit 11 diamond interchange at Claymont. The interchange coincides with the northern terminus of Interstate 495. The partial "Y" interchange for the Wilmington Bypass carries northbound motorists onto Interstate 95 at the Naamans Road over crossing. Photo taken 03/27/04.
An auxiliary guide sign indicates that Exit 11 serves Claymont (pop. 9,220). The community encompasses the area of extreme northeastern Delaware along the Philadelphia Pike (U.S. 13 & U.S. 13 Business). Photo taken 03/27/04.
Traffic to Delaware 92 (Naamans Road) departs Interstate 95 underneath the Interstate 495 southbound overpass. Naamans Road provides a four to six lane surface arterial between U.S. 202 (Concord Pike) and U.S. 13 (Philadelphia Pike). The east-west highway endured a 15-year long widening project between 1985 and 2000. Despite the capacity, Delaware 92 is lined with numerous traffic signals and thus offers motorists a slow go. Photo taken 04/10/04.
Interstate 95 northbound at the return of Interstate 495 north. In the background is the Naamans Road overpass. The left lane ends ahead but overall the freeway expands to six lanes as it enters Delaware County, Pennsylvania. The next Interstate junctions occur in seven miles (Interstate 476) and 19 miles (Interstate 76). Photo taken 03/27/04.
A historical view of the state line crossing of Interstate 95 northbound at Marcus Hook. Photo taken by Averil Hecht (1985).
Welcome to Pennsylvania sign posted at the Interstate 95 crossing into Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Two lanes from Interstate 495 join the two lanes of Interstate 95 northbound. A truck weigh station and the Pennsylvania Welcome Center lie ahead of Exit 1 with Chichester Avenue. Photo taken 05/07/05.
Scenes pertaining to Interstate 95
The last original Interstate 95 Delaware shield to remain outside of the Wilmington city limits was located on Carr Road southbound at the northbound on-ramp at Exit 9. Carr Road parallels Interstate 95 within the vicinity of Delaware 3 (Marsh Road) and facilitates movements between Marsh Road and Interstate 95 northbound. A neutered shield replaced the relic by March 2004. First photo taken 01/00; second photo taken 10/12/01.
The northbound on-ramp to Interstate 95 from Carr Road northbound at Bellevue State Park. Carr Road carries motorists from Delaware 3 (Marsh Road) onto Interstate 95 at Exit 9. Drivers turning onto Interstate 95 northbound from Carr Road north have the right-of-way over those traveling on Carr Road southbound. The overhead sign assembly features an abnormally large Interstate 95 shield. This shield was installed during March of 2000. Photo taken 05/07/05.
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1 - "Churchmans' I-95 span to be replaced," The News Journal (DE). February 25, 2004.

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