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The Guide to Interstate 495 Northbound in Delaware


Interstate 495 provides a six-lane bypass with 65 MPH speed limits for the city of Wilmington. The freeway allows Baltimore to Philadelphia through traffic a faster ride through the eastern half of the Wilmington metropolitan area. Interstate 495 includes five interchanges overall and two for the city of Wilmington. The freeway itself generally parallels the Delaware River and U.S. 13 (Governor Printz Boulevard). Partial "Y" interchanges provide the junctions with Interstate 95 at each end.

Interstate 495 Northbound
Upcoming exits sign posted at the northbound beginning of Interstate 495 as the freeway departs Interstate 95 alongside the Christina River. The first four interchanges of the six-lane freeway serve the city of Wilmington. This particular sign is the only to indicate that U.S. 13 is Dupont Highway on the Interstate northbound. Photo taken 10/04/04.
One-mile guide sign for Exit 1 on Interstate 495 northbound. To the east out of view is the 2000 opened Delaware Motor Vehicle Complex and a municipal landfill. The upcoming partial cloverleaf interchange features a ramp to U.S. 13 & U.S. 13 Business northbound for downtown Wilmington. The small trailblazers in place are for Amtrak and SEPTA (Southeast Pennsylvania Transit Authority). The two services utilize the Wilmington Train Station at Market and Front Streets. Photo taken 03/23/04.
Drawing to within one half mile of the Exit 1 ramp departure for U.S. 13 & U.S. 13 Business northbound. Although Exit 1 signs only mention the business route, access to U.S. 13 (Heald Street) is granted. U.S. 13 and U.S. 13 Business (Market Street) split just north of the Interstate 495 junction. Photo taken 03/20/04.
Northbound at the Exit 1 cloverleaf ramp to U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) northbound. In the background is the Rogers Road overcrossing. Rogers Road intersects U.S. 13 at the point where Market and Heald Streets split from the north end of the Dupont Highway. Rogers Road connects U.S. 13 with Delaware 9 (New Castle Avenue) to the southeast. There is no direct access between Interstate 495 and New Castle Avenue itself. Photo taken 03/20/04.

One half mile east of the Exit 1 interchange with U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) is the Delaware 9 (New Castle Avenue) undercrossing. Situated here is the 0.25-mile guide sign for the Exit 2 partial cloverleaf interchange with Delaware 9A (Terminal Avenue). Delaware 9A provides a loop from Delaware 9 to the Port of Wilmington facilities via Terminal Avenue and Christina Avenue. Photo taken 03/23/04.
Traffic to Delaware 9A and the Port of Wilmington departs Interstate 495 via the Exit 2 off-ramp. Delaware 9A ends nearby at Delaware 9 (New Castle Avenue) in the South Bridge section of the city. One half mile north Delaware 9A again crosses paths with Interstate 495 as it travels underneath the Christina River approach via Christina Avenue. Christina Avenue historically was a part of Delaware 48 when ferry service existed between Wilmington and Penns Grove, New Jersey. The ferry service ceased when the Delaware Memorial Bridge opened in 1951. Photo taken 03/20/04.
Ascending on the Christina River Bridge of Interstate 495 northbound in the city of Wilmington. The span passes over Delaware 9A (Christina Avenue) and a Norfolk Southern Rail Line before crossing the river itself. An upcoming exits sign resides on the Exit 2 southbound sign bridge for Exits 3, 4, and 5. Photo taken 03/23/04.
The 0.75-mile sign bridge for Exit 3 (Twelfth Street) resides on the Christina River Bridge. Twelfth Street provides access to the East Lawn and downtown sections of the city. The two lane surface street begins at nearby Hay Road on Cherry Island. Cherry Island is home to additional municipal waste landfills. Photo taken 03/23/04.
A "slotted-guide sign" replaces the 0.75-mile panel pictured in the above photobox. These types of signs are used in the state of Alabama, Newark, New Jersey, and as of 2005, Wilmington, Delaware. The sign allows wind to pass through the panel, thus decreasing chances of it sustaining damage during storms. The Delaware 9A overhead posted along southbound on the same sign bridge was also replaced during the Summer of 2005. Interstate 495 itself travels a high-level bridge above the Christina River below. Photo taken 12/16/05.
A 2001 installed overhead for Twelfth Street saw the removal of the lighting fixtures at Exit 3. The diamond interchange resides one mile east of U.S. 13 (Northeast Boulevard). Declining neighborhoods, Gander Hill Prison, and various industrial buildings dot the landscape of 12th Street between Interstate 495 and U.S. 13. The surface roadway widens to four lanes on the trek westward. Photo taken 03/23/04.
The ascent on the high-level Christina River Bridge gives Interstate 495 northbound travelers views of the sprawling Wilmington skyline to the west. Known as the Corporate Capital of the World, Wilmington continues to see an expansion of its high rise contingency with the addition of new clients to the city business community every year. Photo taken 10/04/04.
Peering southeast from the Christina River Bridge at the Delaware Memorial Bridge. The towers of the Delaware Memorial Bridge are visible from many points to the north and west due to the increase in elevation. Photo taken 10/04/04.
The 2000 reconstruction project of Interstate 95 north of Wilmington saw the closure of half the nine-mile freeway for three month periods. During that time table Interstate 495 did double duty as the official detour for Interstate 95 motorists. Coinciding with the project was a signing project that included the installation of Interstate 495 reassurance shields and trailblazers on the mainline and throughout the Wilmington vicinity. Before the project Interstate 495 saw very few reassurance shields. Pictured here is one of the 2000-installed bubble shields for Interstate 495 northbound between Exits 3 and 4. Photo taken 03/20/04.
Continuing northbound on Interstate 495 one mile south of the Exit 4 partial cloverleaf interchange with Delaware 3 (Edgemoor Road). Interstate 495 leaves Cherry Island for Edgemoor on the stretch of six-lane freeway. The guide sign pictured here is a 2000-installed assembly that features the 2000-opened Fox Point Park. Fox Point Park was created on top of a landfill between Interstate 495 and the Delaware River northeast of Exit 4 along Hay Road. Photo taken 03/23/04.
One-half mile south of the 1989 opened interchange for Edgemoor and northeast Wilmington. Delaware 3 originally ended at U.S. 13 (Governor Printz Boulevard) nearby. With the interchange opening, Delaware 3 saw a slight southward extension on Edgemoor Road to Interstate 495 itself. Edgemoor Road ends at Hay Road east of Interstate 495 at the Dupont Industrial facility. Photo taken 03/23/04.
A cloverleaf ramp turns Interstate 495 motorists onto Hay Road just north of Delaware 3 (Edgemoor Road) and just south of Fox Point State Park. A new overhead panel was installed in 2000 that saw the elimination of the lighting fixtures (similar to what occurred at Exit 2). A five mile stretch of uninterrupted freeway awaits northbound motorists between Exit 4 and the next interchange at Claymont (Exit 5). Photo taken 03/23/04.
A look at the Exit 4 cloverleaf ramp from Interstate 495 northbound to Hay Road. A guide sign directs motorists onto Hay Road southbound for Delaware 3 (Edgemoor Road). Delaware 3 begins at the upcoming intersection and travels north underneath Interstate 495 and over the Norfolk Southern Railroad corridor before intersecting U.S. 13 (Governor Printz Boulevard). Photo taken 03/20/04.
U.S. 13 & Delaware 3 trailblazers at the end of the Exit 4 ramp at Hay Road. Fox Point Park features a Delaware Greenway as indicated by the sign assembly to the left. In the background is the Dupont Industrial complex associated with Edgemoor Industrial Park. Photo taken 03/20/04.
Exit 5 sees a two-mile guide sign installed for the U.S. 13 (Philadelphia Pike) partial cloverleaf interchange. The assembly pictured here replaced a damaged sign in 1999. The final interchange of Interstate 495 serves the Claymont community of extreme northeast New Castle County. Photo taken 03/23/04.
The stretch of Interstate 495 between Exits 4 and 5 resides between U.S. 13 (Governor Printz Boulevard) and the Norfolk Southern & Amtrak Railroad corridor. Adjacent to the railroad lines is Fox Point State Park and the Delaware River itself. Pictured here is the one-mile guide sign for Exit 5. Photo taken 03/23/04.
Interstate 495 yields its third lane to the U.S. 13 (Philadelphia Pike) interchange at Claymont. The junction exists just south of the Partial "Y" interchange with Interstate 95. Philadelphia Pike is a primary surface arterial between the city of Wilmington and Claymont. U.S. 13 overtakes Philadelphia Pike from Governor Printz Boulevard one half mile to the south. Philadelphia Pike south of Governor Printz Boulevard carries U.S. 13 Business. Visible behind the Exit 5 sign bridge is a pedestrian overpass from a Park and Ride facility to the Claymont SEPTA Regional Rail station. Photo taken 03/23/04.
Interstate 495 nears the Exit 5 off-ramp for U.S. 13 (Philadelphia Pike) in Claymont. Passing overhead is the Myrtle Avenue overpass between U.S. 13 and the SEPTA Claymont Rail Station. U.S. 13 otherwise continues northeast through the CitiSteel plant and into Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania. Many oil refineries and other industrial complexes exist along the U.S. 13 corridor between Claymont and Chester, Pennsylvania. Photo taken 03/23/04.
All Interstate 495 traffic that does not exit to Philadelphia Pike defaults onto Interstate 95 northbound. The conclusion of the Wilmington Bypass exists 0.75 miles to the northwest within the Interstate 95 interchange with Naamans Road (Delaware 92). Motorists wishing to access Delaware 92 from Interstate 495 northbound must utilize U.S. 13 northbound. Interstate 495 southbound sees a direct off-ramp to Naamans Road however. Photo taken 03/23/04.
Ascending the Exit 5 off-ramp of Interstate 495 northbound to U.S. 13 (Philadelphia Pike). U.S. 13 crosses the Pennsylvania state line into Marcus Hook within one mile to the north. Southward the US highway intersects Darley Road nearby. Photo taken 12/16/05.
DelDOT squeezes in one more northbound reassurance marker between U.S. 13 (Philadelphia Pike) at Claymont and the partial "Y" interchange with Interstate 95 near the Pennsylvania state line. Photo taken 10/04/04.
The merge of Interstate 495 traffic onto Interstate 95 occurs at the Delaware/Pennsylvania state line. Traffic enters the freeway from Delaware 92 (Naamans Road) as well. Four overall lanes decrease to three as Interstate 95 enters Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Motorists continuing northbound encounter the southern terminus of Interstate 476 in six miles. Photo taken 03/23/04.
Scenes Pertaining to Interstate 495
Leaving the industrial areas of Hay Road on Cherry Island along 12th Street westbound. Pictured here is a junction guide sign for the Exit 3 interchange with Interstate 495. The 12th Street Extension, constructed in conjunction with Interstate 495, was slated at one point to be a full freeway from the bypass into downtown Wilmington. Photo taken 08/07/04.
Overhead on 12th Street westbound at the northbound on-ramp to Interstate 495. Interstate 495 includes the secondary control point of Edgemoor for the next interchange (Exit 4A/B) with Delaware 3 (Edgemoor Road) and U.S. 13 (Governor Printz Boulevard). Photo taken 08/07/04.
Hay Road northbound at the Interstate 495 northbound on-ramp at Edgemoor (Exit 4). Hay Road links Twelfth Street and Edgemoor Road (Delaware 3) through wetlands and industrial areas alongside the Delaware River. Photo taken 03/20/04.

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