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The Guide to Delaware State Routes

Delaware 1 Business & 14 - Milford Delaware 2 Business & 273 - Newark Delaware 9 - Reedy Point

Delaware State Highway Log and Terminus Collection (Signed Routes)

There are 59 signed state highways within the state of Delaware. Delaware 1 is by far the longest at over 100 miles. Delaware 202 constitutes the shortest route at 1.01 miles. Each state highway is cataloged in the table below. Historical information, notes, photographs, traffic count data, and maps are found on each state highway's corresponding guide.

Route Number Starts Ends Mileage
1 Maryland State line Christiana 103*
1A Dewey Beach Rehoboth Beach 2.92
1B Rehoboth Beach Rehoboth Beach 1.11
1D near Midway Five Points 3.18
1 Business southeast of Milford north Milford 3.90
2 Maryland state line Wilmington 15.94
3 Edgemoor near Arden 5.87
4 Newark Wilmington 14.12
5 Oak Orchard near Waples Pond 19.50
5 Alternate Milton northwest of Milton 2.4*
6 Maryland state line Woodland Beach 17.35
7 Wrangle Hill Pennsylvania state line 16.06
8 Maryland state line Little Creek 17.16
9 south of Dover AFB Wilmington 58.31
9A south Wilmington Wilmington 2.1*
10 Maryland state line Dover AFB 16.14
10 Alternate Willow Grove Lebanon 9.23
11 Maryland state line near Kenton 6.95
12 Maryland state line Frederica 16.19
14 Maryland state line Milford 19.12
15 Church Hill Village Summit Bridge 56.79
16 Maryland state line Milford 30.47
17 Selbyville Millville 8.30
18 Maryland state line Georgetown 19.49
20 Maryland state line Fenwick Island 42.96
23 Masseys Landing Five Points 14.86
24 Maryland state line Midway 40.61
26 Maryland state line Bethany Beach 23.15
30 Near Bacon Near Milford 44.45
30 Alternate east if Lincoln northwest of Argos Corner 0.74*
34 near Marshallton Elsmere 3.30
36 Scotts Corner Slaughter Beach 23.28
37 near Christiana near Newport 3.16
41 Prices Corner Pennsylvania state line 7.05
42 Blackiston Leipsic 12.77
44 Everetts Corner Pearsons Corner 6.67
48 Hockessin Wilmington 7.11
52 Wilmington Pennsylvania state line 8.88
54 Maryland state line Fenwick Island 38.59
58 Delaware Park near Hares Corner 3.90
62 Prices Corner Banning Park 2.68
71 near Townsend Tybouts Corner 22.22
72 Delaware City near Hockessin 17.52
82 Montchanin Pennsylvania state line 5.51
92 Winterthur Claymont 8.93
100 Richardson Park Pennsylvania state line 8.95
141 New Castle Blue Ball 11.37
202 Wilmington north Wilmington 1.01
261 Blue Ball Pennsylvania state line 4.62
273 Maryland state line New Castle 12.76
279 Maryland state line west Newark 1.05
286 Maryland state line near Summit Bridge 1.73
299 Maryland state line Mathews Corners 9.79
300 Maryland state line Smyrna 11.88
404 Maryland state line Five Points 33.93
404 Business northwest of Bridgeville south of Bridgeville 3.4*
491 Pennsylvania state line Claymont 0.36
896 Boyds Corner Maryland state line 21.43
896 Business south of Glasgow north of Glasgow 1.78
Source: DelDOT
* - estimate

Delaware State Highway Log (Decommisioned Routes)

The follow table catalogs the decommissioned state routes in the state of Delaware. These routes are no longer signed.

Route Number Starts Ends Mileage
2 Business west Newark east Newark 2.72
14A west of Rehoboth Beach Dewey Beach 2
28 Laurel Georgetown 12
404 Alternate near Dublin Hill south of Bridgeville 4.74

Delaware State Reference Roads

In addition to the Interstate, U.S., and State highway system in Delaware, a fourth numbering system can be found when traveling upon Diamond State roadways. This system consists of a reference number system. In many cases when approaching an intersection of a local road or neighborhood surface street, signs display "Road XXX" where the X's represent numbers . These designations are generally reserved for maintenance purposes by DelDOT and other transportation officials. However in rural portions of the state the reference numbers act as default road names. For instance, Old Landing Road between Midway at Delaware 1 to Old Landing on Rehoboth Bay is numbered Road 274.

Every segment of the state maintained system is assigned a number. Additionally, old segments or spurs/loops of these roads are often signed with suffixes. An example: Delaware 896 between Interstate 95 and Delaware 71 is assigned the reference number 387. The original routing through Glasgow (now signed as Delaware 896 Business) is assigned reference number 387A. These numbers can be useful if coincided with a good highway map. Otherwise they are just a part of a system used by the state to classify every road.

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