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Highway Gothic or Clearview?

Debuted in recent years, Clearview font is sweeping the nations highway signs into a new era of type. Featuring a larger lettering scheme with thinner curves and lines, Clearview's creators contest an increased legibility over the decades-old Highway Gothic. FHWA agreed and approved it for use on the nation's highways, with Pennsylvania leading the charge with a full commitment to the implementation of the font in all signing projects state-wide.

The following list is by no means a complete listing and will be updated as observations are made in the field or written in to us. Drop us a note if you view Clearview font in any of the states listed as "no" below. Some of the information below comes from the FHWA MUTCD List of Authorized Requests for Interim Approval. While the font may be approved in the states listed, implementation of the new signs may not have occurred.

For even more on the Clearview phenomenon, see the New York Times article "The Road to Clarity" and The Clearview thread on the AARoads Forum.

Updates (06-17-11): Added entry for Alberta, and added changes to various states' use of Clearview from feedback on the AARoads forum, an email related to the Indiana East-West Toll Road and from recent observations in Wisconsin. Yellow now refers to some instances, but not state-wide usage. Noted local usages in Indiana and Tennessee.

State Used and where
Alabama Yes, statewide
Alaska Yes
Alberta Yes, since 2007
Arizona Yes, statewide
Arkansas Yes, statewide
California No, though a few exceptions are found: I-5 in Orange County, city street signs
Colorado No, but used in Colorado Springs
Connecticut No, the font used on new Merritt Parkway assemblies is similar but not Clearview
Delaware Yes, statewide
Florida Yes, but only on OOCEA Roads
Georgia No
Hawaii Yes
Idaho Yes
Illinois Yes, statewide
Indiana Yes, but only on the Indiana Toll Road and also street signs in the Plainfield area.
Iowa Yes, statewide
Kansas Yes, KTA
Kentucky Yes, statewide
Louisiana Yes
Maine No
Maryland Yes, statewide
Massachusetts No
Michigan Yes, statewide
Minnesota No
Mississippi No
Missouri Yes, KC loop, I-70 in Kansas City, and on street signs in Kirkwood.
Montana No
Nebraska No
Nevada Yes, US 395 in Reno
New Brunswick No
New Hampshire No
New Jersey Yes, Somerset and Union County, but only on county roads. I-676
New York Yes, New York State Thruway, NYCDOT, and Westchester County DPW
New Mexico No
North Carolina No
North Dakota Yes, statewide
Nova Scotia Yes
Ohio Yes, varies by district
Oklahoma Yes, statewide
Oregon No
Ontario Yes
Pennsylvania Yes, statewide
Prince Edward Island No
Rhode Island No
Quebec Yes
South Carolina Yes
South Dakota Yes
Tennessee No, but used by the city of Franklin.
Texas Yes, statewide
Utah Yes, only on Legacy Parkway
Vermont Yes
Virginia Yes, statewide
Washington No, except for the city of Kennewick
Washington, DC No
West Virginia Yes
Wisconsin Yes, only on Madison Beltline
Wyoming Yes

Page Updated June 17, 2011.