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 on: Today at 04:52:56 AM 
Started by bandit957 - Last post by english si
The worst is under chairs and/or tables, especially in schools.
My class at school once had a detention where we had to clean the classroom including get rid of the gum that had been stuck underneath tables for the last two decades.

When the second table top fell off with only three or four tables de-gummed, the teacher yelled at us for breaking tables and that we should stop doing what she told us to do.

 on: Today at 04:44:40 AM 
Started by BigRTM - Last post by KEK Inc.


I don't think there's any other intersection in the country that tops this.  This one has 0 pedestrian signals too.  :)

 on: Today at 02:58:16 AM 
Started by Roadgeekteen - Last post by plain
I didn't vote because the only time I ever drink soda is when I drink liquor  :) and it's usually bourbon or brandy with Pepsi

 on: Today at 02:45:52 AM 
Started by BigRTM - Last post by plain

26 signal heads + 4 pedestrian signal heads at the intersection of Waxpool Rd (SR-625) and Loudoun County Pkwy (SR-607) near Ashburn.

This may win it for Virginia, or at least in the Northern Virginia region where signals are generally placed between lanes instead of directly over lanes and supplemental side-mounted or near-side signals are rare. There could be some intersections in the Richmond suburbs (US-250 near Short Pump) and Charlottesville (US-29 north of Charlottesville) that could surpass this, since there is usually a signal head per lane.

I'll have to check around myself but I know of one intersection in Hampton that definitely has it beat


This is Mercury Blvd & Armistead Ave (where VA 134 leaves Armistead to join US 258). You'll have to move around to see all the heads (they're black and several of them are ground mounted)

I counted 32 heads + 6 pedestrian signals

 on: Today at 02:18:05 AM 
Started by Mergingtraffic - Last post by jp the roadgeek
Eventually the shuttles and SPG terminating Regionals will be replaced with inland Regionals (thru trains to Boston) which will overall be a net improvement to Massachusetts Amtrak service once NHHS Commuter starts up.
Hmmm, maybe we could get T commuter service extended to Springfield?

You'd see T service extended to Westerly first with Shore Line East extended to meet it.

 on: Today at 01:55:04 AM 
Started by Pink Jazz - Last post by myosh_tino
Please excuse my ignorance but what is a "Silver Alert?"

 on: Today at 01:51:43 AM 
Started by Grzrd - Last post by sparker
Will this route be extended west? My apologies if this has been covered here before, but San Angelo a town of 100k isn't connected to any interstates other than at grade highways it appears. A quick glance on Gmaps it's clear the distance is much shorter to I-10 or I-20.

This has been covered in past thread posts, but there is a potential I-14 alignment backed by interests from both San Angelo and the Midland/Odessa area that extends the corridor west from Lampasas along US 190 to Brady, then west via US 87 through San Angelo to TX 158 near Sterling City, and then west to the Midland-Odessa metro region; this includes a southern loop around those cities, finally terminating at I-20.  The argument made by these groups is that such a corridor serves a greater population base than any alternate that terminates at I-10.  Much of the western reaches of this routing is already 4-lanes divided, although most of that is hardly limited-access; there's plenty of private access and cross traffic which will have to be addressed (or bypassed).  San Angelo has a small but disconnected network of freeways (and near-freeways!) that may be incorporated into planning efforts.  That city has been angling for an upgrade of the Port-to-Plains corridor for decades (the proposed I-14 segment from San Angelo to Midland is part of that corridor); at this point it's likely that their attention will be shifted to the E-W I-14 routing, as they see some momentum behind that project -- particularly after the initial designation/signing from Copperas Cove to Belton.  Time will tell how successful they are.

 on: Today at 01:48:05 AM 
Started by jbnv - Last post by MNHighwayMan
Anderholt Road → Trinity Road (Duluth, MN)

 on: Today at 01:40:16 AM 
Started by Roadgeekteen - Last post by Otto Yamamoto
I prefer PC, but I have my dad's 6 y/o iMac I use when my computer is in the shop. I don't like it much.   :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

I've always maintained that Mac's last longer, in the hands of the everyday consumers, than Windows-machines. But even your everyday-Mac has it's lifespan. Unless your father upgraded the machine lately, it's probably no fun to use because it's probably pretty slow? My mother has an iMac that she uses very sparingly. Mostly because it's terribly slow and slightly out of date: it was purchased in 2006. It has so far outlasted every other computer my parents have ever owned, but it's just about dead.

This Mac was bought in August 2011. I just upgraded the OS over the weekend because all the software was out of date. Still a pain to use.

Over the years, I've found that upgrading the OS does not actually help speed things up. In fact, it seems to exacerbate any speed issues. Keeping other software up to date is fine, but the OS seems to work best if it's only a couple years newer than the Mac itself

What do you mean "pain to use"?

Difficult to save photos, crop/edit photos, new windows keep opening when I'm using another. With the upgrade, I was finally able to use my printer/scanner, but I lost some of the files my dad had saved, but they were from an even older Mac, so I don't know how valuable they were.
As opposed to my 4 year old HP running Mint 18.2, which is fast enough,  and handles heavy photo and video editing with ease.


 on: Today at 01:20:13 AM 
Started by Pink Jazz - Last post by Pink Jazz
While most states post AMBER Alerts on their DMS, it seems that comparatively few states post Silver Alerts (or whatever their in-state equivalent is called) on them.  I only know of five states that do (Arizona, Florida, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Wisconsin).

I was wondering, why don't most states post Silver Alerts on DMS?

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