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 on: Today at 12:58:02 PM 
Started by silverback1065 - Last post by Brandon

If I-95 continued south of Miami to Homestead it would be an issue to connect the two.  Being that Florida's Turnpike Homestead's Extension is the furthest south freeway in FL (and the US besides HI) and it does connect to that, that is whats important. 

Actually Puerto Rico is further south than Hawaii and it does have freeways, although it is a U.S. territory and not a state.

If we really wanted to get technical, American Samoa is even further south.

 on: Today at 12:47:53 PM 
Started by Max Rockatansky - Last post by Max Rockatansky
Finished the Road Blog for the the day, hopefully the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge reopening doesn't get pushed back any further:


 on: Today at 12:36:34 PM 
Started by Alex - Last post by Beltway
Has there been a decision not to build the Powhite Parkway Western Extension?  It is in the county thoroughfare plan and will be a very worthwhile project whenever they can find funding to build it.
Powhite Parkway between VA-150 and US-60 was designed with an ultimate design and R/W width to add a lane each way.  Actually extends thru the US-60 interchange area, you can see the extra space.  I agree that it needs to be widened.
Hopefully both of those things happen. It's getting to the point where the Powhite Parkway extension to US 360 is sorely needed given how sprawling the Swift Creek Reservoir area has become. US 360 is routinely very heavily congested between VA 288 and just west of Woodlake despite being widened to 8 lanes for most of that stretch. It's quite similar to US 250 in Short Pump in Henrico County (although that segment is 6 lanes).

It wasn't but about less than 10 years ago that none of US-360 had more than 4 lanes west of VA-288.

The US-360 widenings to 6 and 8 lanes have been a -huge- improvement for traffic, and probably will be extended at least a few more miles to the west.

Nevertheless, Powhite Parkway is the 5th leg of the Richmond radial freeway system, and really does need to be extended at least to the Skinquarter area on US-360, in order to handle all the traffic demands coming up in the next 10 years or so.

I definitely agree that the East-West Freeway proposal is pretty much useless. It simply wouldn't accomplish much of anything.

Indeed, I really wonder where that proposal came from.

 on: Today at 12:21:06 PM 
Started by NE2 - Last post by Beltway
I'm curious about the designations of the tunnels in Baltimore...this is what I've figured out so far.
In 1979, I-895 was designated and assigned to the Harbor Tunnel, while I-95 was still using the tunnel. When the Fort McHenry Tunnel opened in 1985, I-95 was later moved to the tunnel.
What I'm curious is during those six years, was I-895 unsigned, or was there an I-95/I-895 multiplex up until 1985, when I-95 moved to the Fort McHenry Tunnel?

I don't recall I-95 ever being designated on the Harbor Tunnel Thruway.  What I am not fully sure about is whether it had "To I-95" signs or "TEMP I-95" signs, I think it had one of them after I-95 was open to the south and the north of Baltimore in 1972, and then only in a few trailblazers.  At that point Interstate continuity for the I-95 corridor already existed in the form of using I-695 to the west of the city.

I-95 was always planned for a new routing in the City of Baltimore, on the East-West Expressway thru the downtown in the Baltimore 10-D Interstate System concept of 1962, and on the Fort McHenry Bypass located on the Locust Point peninsula in the Baltimore 3-A Interstate and Boulevard System concept of 1968 -- where it was ultimately built.

 on: Today at 12:06:48 PM 
Started by bugo - Last post by bdmoss88
It looks like this project is pretty much at the same place as it was when I moved from that area 14 years ago. If they get it completed to  195 before having the southern part beyond that done, I sure wouldn't want anything to do with that traffic kludge on 195 back over to 13 unless they've done some pretty major improvements to that section of 195 in the interim.

 on: Today at 11:52:49 AM 
Started by hbelkins - Last post by hbelkins
Whatever happened to the listing of meet histories (and the repository of group photos it contained)?

At one time, I think Pete Jenior was maintaining it and it was hosted on a Gribblenation page. Pete's not been active in the roadgeek community for awhile, and GN has gone away.

Is that list still out there somewhere, and how long's it been since it's been updated?

 on: Today at 11:49:39 AM 
Started by bandit957 - Last post by hbelkins
Saw this news story float across my Facebook feed and automatically thought of this particular thread and the particular person who started it.


 on: Today at 11:44:25 AM 
Started by Scott5114 - Last post by Truvelo
Slade -> Edgewood

 on: Today at 11:39:08 AM 
Started by Scott5114 - Last post by hbelkins
Needles to Slade

2017 Various KY pics Jan-June - 0301 by H.B. Elkins, on Flickr

 on: Today at 11:38:29 AM 
Started by hbelkins - Last post by Brandon
I enjoy both, large cities and small, rural areas.

Larger cities:
Pros: Everything can be closer together.  There's generally a wide range of projects and/or older structures like bridges.
Cons: Congestion.  If not planned properly, the meet can become a cluster, fast.
One must focus on a part of the area instead of gallivanting all over the metro area.  2014 St. Louis comes to mind as one that could have focused a bit better.

Rural areas:
Pros: Lack of congestion.  Scenery (especially if in a place the the UP, North Shore, or Adirondacks).
Cons: Things can be a distance apart, and there might not be as much to see.
Again, this works well if focused and a route is planned out ahead of time.

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