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 on: Today at 03:57:43 AM 
Started by briantroutman - Last post by TheHighwayMan394
US/MN 61 had this in Duluth from 1978-1997 when MN 61 was eliminated beyond the I-35 intersection. NB 61 following one-way 2nd Street dropped down 12th Avenue East (which was also one-way at the time) to connect to London Road, a two-way street. SB 61 followed one-way 14th Avenue East to connect from London up to one-way 3rd Street. So the section of London Road between 12th and 14th carried NB 61, but not SB 61.

 on: Today at 03:51:05 AM 
Started by briantroutman - Last post by Bickendan
US 26 in Portland:
Westbound veers off the Ross Island Bridge onto SW Corbett and SW Kelly Avenues. Southbound Corbett and eastbound Kelly are not part of US 26, as eastbound uses Ross Island Way on Naito Parkway's (HWY 1W, OR 10, former OR/US 99W) westflank.

 on: Today at 03:50:50 AM 
Started by US 41 - Last post by Roadrunner75
No 2018s in our local Walmart and Target yet.  In fact, the Walmart closest to me dumped the maps/atlases entirely from their downsized magazine section.  I expect Target to engage in their usual shenanigans of shoving the new 2018 atlases behind their stack of 2017 and 2016 atlases.  Looking forward to playing "Spot the Changes".

 on: Today at 03:45:30 AM 
Started by LM117 - Last post by Roadrunner75
If I were in control of Sears, I'd dump clothing and related stuff and just focus on the hardware and appliances. Big change from their current model, but it's stuff that the discount and internet stores have really been able to get into.
Just catching up on this thread again, but I completely agree with the above.  At least when I think Sears, it's hardware/yard equipment and appliances, and they're really the only reason I go there.  I've thought for awhile that they should just get out of doing everything else and focus on those areas.  But I do miss Sears' better days - I even remember a snack bar in our local store.

 on: Today at 03:33:28 AM 
Started by BigMattFromTexas - Last post by jakeroot
The people (taxpayers) are supposed to run the government through the directives of their elected officials.

Do you suppose that the people of TX-3 have been overrunning Sam Johnson's office clamoring for this bill?

Probably not. But Mr Johnson has to make decisions that he believes will benefit his district. In his eyes, this bill benefits not only his district, but the entire US.

 on: Today at 03:32:22 AM 
Started by cpzilliacus - Last post by Roadrunner75
I opened this thread expecting to find a loving paean to the Chevy Citation.
It got pulled over and cited.

 :-D For falsely calling itself a "car."

My first car was a 1981 Citation. I liked the car. I paid $400 for it at a church yard sale (it had 57K original miles). I got 2 years & almost 70K miles out of it before I was rear ended by a high school kid driving a 1980 Volvo. The insurance company paid me $950 for it when they totalled it.
Wow....same exact car, model year and price I paid for my first car too.  Except my Citation had I think somewhere around 120K on it when I got it in '92, and those miles weren't kind to it.  I had it in high school and the first 2 years of college before it was junk yard time.  My friends and I had a great time with it though and we put a lot of miles on it in a short time.  My favorite part was the rack and pinion locking up the wheel on me during turns every once in a while....good times.  After that, I stepped up my game with a brown '79 Pinto wagon.

 on: Today at 03:12:17 AM 
Started by BigMattFromTexas - Last post by Scott5114
I guess this is the thing that bugs me about much of this discussion. Who works for whom?

Neither of them work for the other. The three branches of government are equal. They all work for the people.

The people (taxpayers) are supposed to run the government through the directives of their elected officials.

Do you suppose that the people of TX-3 have been overrunning Sam Johnson's office clamoring for this bill?

 on: Today at 03:00:47 AM 
Started by hbelkins - Last post by CYoder
Glad you are well, HB!

 on: Today at 02:48:28 AM 
Started by briantroutman - Last post by CYoder
The VDOT map for Bristol VA shows VA 113 westbound ending on Sycamore and eastbound starting on Cumberland -- but both roads are two-way and always have been.  (Not that it matters much now that VA 113 is unsigned.)  For those curious about the red line to the south of the VA 113 split, that carries US Truck 11/19.

 on: Today at 02:47:01 AM 
Started by Brian556 - Last post by Scott5114
If it's not on an active state highway, ODOT doesn't have the authority to touch it, so that's probably why it's still up. Ownership of the sign transferred to the city whenever the road was transferred.

I can't make it out in the photo, but the shields are datestamped. You might be able to read it from the original imageŚlook at the tiny line of text at the very bottom of each sign. It will read something like "ODOT 06 95"Śmeaning a June 1995 manufacture date.

How sure are you that the ODOT facility is active? Were there any cars around with the ODOT logo (or the old roundel)? Otherwise, there's a possibility that the building is being used by someone else and they kept the sign because it looks cool. It's hard to imagine them failing to change the sign to say ODOT when the name changed back in the 70s. Especially considering the hideous paint job they gave the Division Three headquarters to match the new logo.

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