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 on: Today at 11:30:48 AM 
Started by Buffaboy - Last post by Thing 342
How about Thruway?  As far as I know, there's just the New York Thruway (I-87/I-90), the New England Thruway (I-95), and the Lehigh Valley Thruway (US 22), so it would certainly seem to qualify as uncommon.
There's also the Evangeline Thruway (Throughway?), which carries US-90 and US-167 through Lafayette, LA.

As for unusual suffixes, there's the Trail of the Lonesome Pine, which carries parts of US-19, US-460, and US-58-ALT thru the VA panhandle for well over 100 miles.

 on: Today at 11:17:24 AM 
Started by NJRoadfan - Last post by roadguy2
In UT, they only use the one with the red ball centered. That's the one I prefer because I'm used to it and there's something about the asymetrical design of the side by side version that annoys me.

 on: Today at 11:12:44 AM 
Started by LM117 - Last post by Max Rockatansky
And if you believe Eddie, he's got a bridge in New York City he wants to unload and some primo Everglades land in Florida as well...so he can keep Sears & Kmart afloat, of course.

What about that whole deal where he was claiming he was kidnapped and negotiated his own way out?  Has that story actually ever been verified by a police report? 

 on: Today at 11:03:34 AM 
Started by I-39 - Last post by J N Winkler
The plan on paper (per the statute Richie quoted) is still expansion of US 69 to expressway or better all the way to the Oklahoma state line.  Fort Scott-Arma, which is currently under construction, is probably the easiest remaining part.  Apeman33 has already mentioned the stoplights in Fort Scott itself, which are not easily bypassable, and although the Pittsburg bypass itself has reasonable access control, there are more stoplights north from its northern end and through Frontenac as well as some ribbon development that would have to be addressed.  South of Pittsburg, US 69 is on a circuit-diagram routing and it would almost certainly save time and miles to build a relocation along US 400 and Alternate US 69, closer to Baxter Springs than to Columbus.  But since this is the heart of the old Tri-State mining district, I envisage a major challenge will be addressing subsidence due to abandoned and imperfectly mapped tunnels, which are a huge headache especially in the K-7 corridor.

In Oklahoma there is more to do and less funding to do it with.  From the Red River to the Kansas border along a plausible I-45 extension routing (Alternate US 69 to Miami, US 69 from Miami to the Texas border) is about 256 miles, of which the currently existing McAlester-Muskogee freeway comprises only 53 miles, the Durant-Caddo freeway a further 12 miles, and the freeway stub north of the Red River just 4 miles, for a total of 69 miles.  The entire corridor would not have to be upgraded to freeway as long as there were grade separations at major intersections and planning control (not just access control) sufficiently ironclad not just to prevent ribbon development but also to avoid traffic at sideroad intersections rising to the extent that signals are justified.  Unfortunately, Muskogee and the length just south of Durant are already built up, though McAlester seems to have an all-but-freeway.

 on: Today at 11:00:25 AM 
Started by Tom89t - Last post by thenetwork
If I am not mistaken,  these are very new lights.  I drove thru there right after Easter and I didn't recall seeing them then.  We visted Arches today and unfortunately we came and went from the south.

Are you talking about this post, from two pages back? I think it's safe to say you are, but please insert the relevant quote next time. thanks!

Just wanted to jump in and share this traffic signal photo from the entrance to Arches NP in Moab, UT.  It's a combination of a constant-burning green and an FYA, which I hadn't seen before.  The photo is taken facing south. Left-turning traffic from the left ends up on a left-hand merge ramp that takes up the center lane until it dissipates farther ahead.

UT-US191-ArchesS by Paul Drives, on Flickr

Sorry, I hit the REPLY tab instead of the QUOTE tab.

 on: Today at 10:59:28 AM 
Started by 7/8 - Last post by 1
62-52=10. Two long opposite diagonal routes.

From alpsroads

 on: Today at 10:57:16 AM 
Started by hbelkins - Last post by thenetwork
Radio stations have always had the problem of playing popular songs to death...repeating them every 2-4 hours. Even Sirius XM does it...and why would I pay for that kind of radio when I can get it for free???

My problem is with stations that claim they play new songs plus a range of over 10-20 years (ie, "The 2000s and today").  I can understand new songs within the last 6 months getting the every 2-3 hour treatment, but when you have songs over a year or two old being treated as if it were still in this weeks top 10 and still need to be played every 2-3 hours, then the station either is afraid to play other music or there is some "agreement" with that artist &/or record label that "rewards" them for the extra plays.

Payola in the 50s was paid to individual disc jockeys to play and hype certain songs.  Payola today is now paid directly to the suits at the big radio conglomerates who create the playlists that all their stations must adhere to.

 on: Today at 10:51:07 AM 
Started by roadguy2 - Last post by Rover_0
My thoughts exactly. Eliminating SR-140 entirely once SR-131 is completed to SR-68, I believe, is ultimately the end game here. It may take a few years and some recent BGSs would need to be modified/replaced, but I see it happening within a decade.

At its full SR-68 to I-15 extent, SR-140 was (well, is, just without the designation most of the way) a fun little route with character.


 on: Today at 10:42:11 AM 
Started by LM117 - Last post by catch22
According to this May 15th article, more stores are closing.


Most of the stores on the new list will start liquidation sales in April and close in July, though some will shut down in August.


803 Martin Street S., Pell City, Alabama

2222 E. Lincoln Ave., Anaheim, California

1460 W. 49th St., Hialeah, Florida

424 Dairy Road, Kahului, Hawaii

715 W US Highway 30, Carroll, Iowa

33400 W. Seven Mile Road, Livonia, Michigan

2660 Hylan Blvd., Staten Island, New York

950 Ridge Road, Webster, New York

4480 Indian Ripple Road, Dayton, Ohio

1837 Street Road, Bensalem, Pennsylvania

16881 Conneaut Lake Road, Meadville, Pennsylvania

1 Millbrook Plaza Lane, Mill Hall, Pennsylvania

300 Lincoln Ave, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

176 W Street Road, Feasterville, Pennsylvania

1011 Scranton Carbondale Hwy., Scranton, Pennsylvania

1801 Hydraulic Rd, Charlottesville, Virginia

494 Elden St., Herndon, Virginia

17911 Pacific Ave., S. Spanaway, Washington


273 Madonna Road, San Luis Obispo, California

Westfield UTC, 4575 La Jolla Village Dr, San Diego, California

Southbay Pavilion, 20700 S. Avalon Blvd., Carson, California

290 Providence Highway, Dedham, Massachusetts

Aventura Mall, 19505 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, Florida

4250 Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico

3199 N White Sands Blvd., Alamogordo, New Mexico

5415 N.E. Antioch Road, Kansas City, Missouri

Monroe Crossing Mall, 2115 W Roosevelt Blvd., Monroe, North Carolina

Northwoods Mall, 7801 Rivers Ave., North Charleston, South Carolina

Valley View Mall, 13131 Preston Road, Dallas, Texas

Provo Towne Centre, 1200 Towne Centre Blvd., Provo, Utah

Then there's this gem in the article:

In a rare interview last week, Lampert spoke about the retailer's troubles and said "the reality is better than the perception."

He told the Chicago Tribune that Sears is "fighting like hell" to stay afloat but that unfair media coverage was making it difficult for the company to turn business around.

Regarding the potential for a Sears bankruptcy, he said, "We have as much time as our vendors and our lenders and our shareholders are willing to give us. We're trying to be proactive with our vendors, we're trying to be proactive with our members, with our employees, associates, etc., to explain that the reality is a lot better than the perception. The reality needs to be better than it is for us to really demonstrate to people that the transition is starting to take hold."


The Kmart in Livonia, MI is already shuttered, and I bet a few more on this list are as well.

I want some of whatever Lambert is smokin'.  His version of reality is just a tad off.  ;)

 on: Today at 10:41:34 AM 
Started by roadguy2 - Last post by roadguy2
Speaking of SR-140, as part of a tradeoff with Bluffdale (as UDOT is wont to do), pretty much all of the route (west of 850 W) has been turned over to that city. It wouldn't surprise me entirely if the rest of 140 west of 131 is turned over to Bluffdale City in the years to go.

I'm not at all surprised about turning 140 over to Bluffdale. It always suprised me that it was even a state route anyway, especially with that one lane railroad bridge.

In that case, they might as well eliminate the 140 designation completely and extend 131 over old 140 (14600 S) to I-15.

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