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 on: Today at 06:36:30 PM 
Started by Max Rockatansky - Last post by Max Rockatansky
CA 70 from Oroville along the Feather River Highway to Quincy has some interesting history in terms of route numbering and alignments.  Originally the Feather River Highway was part of SSR 24 which can be see on the 1938 State Highway Map:


Prior to the construction of Oroville Dam the Feather River Highway was substantially different.   East out of Oroville SSR 24 took what is now Oroville Dam Blvd/County Route B2 to the approximate location of Oroville Dam where it would have crossed the Feather River.   SSR 24 followed the west bank of the North Fork Feather River where it would have joined the modern alignment of CA 70 via Dark Canyon Road.  The 1935 County Road Map shows the older alignment very clearly:


In 1955 the Feather River Highway was renumbered as US 40A and really honestly it is kind of the perfect alternate to even Donner Summit, much less Donner Pass.  The change from SSR 24 can been on the following two maps:

1954 State Highway Map


1955 State Highway Map


By 1958 the newly adopted planned alignment of US 40A out of Oroville appears to the west of the highway to make way for the Oroville Dam project:


By 1963 US 40A is shifted onto the new aligment modern of the Feather River Highway:


By 1965 State Highway Maps show the Feather River Highway renumbered to CA 70:


And finally on the 1967 state highway map Oroville Lake appears as the project was nearing completion:


I know Oroville Dam was dedicated in 1968 but I'm unsure of when the actual waters were allowed to filled the reservoir.  Obviously with the whole Oroville Dam spillway debacle earlier this year the lake level is much lower to prevent any sort of issue if the repairs aren't completed on time.  It might be a good time to check out Dark Canyon Road since it certainly is well above water at present time.

 on: Today at 06:35:06 PM 
Started by The Nature Boy - Last post by Alps
US 7 is the crossroad of New England. If you don't cross that road, you're not in New England.

 on: Today at 06:19:15 PM 
Started by sdmichael - Last post by nexus73
Voters decided to move forward.  Government agency decided to ignore that.  I saw that storyline play out in Eugene last decade.  People supported a West Eugene Parkway.  The "progressives against progress" stopped the project.  ODOT had the funds in hand but once it became apparent the building of a needed road had turned into a political football, the money got spent elsewhere.


 on: Today at 06:18:03 PM 
Started by Grzrd - Last post by LM117
I-42 is written into law within HPC designation

While US-70 was indeed written into law as a HPC and future interstate, the I-42 number itself came from AASHTO, not Congress. NCDOT initially requested I-36, but AASHTO rejected it since it violated the numbering grid and changed it I-42 and told NCDOT to take it or leave it. NCDOT took it.


All the same, I-42 is staying put.

 on: Today at 06:13:10 PM 
Started by andy3175 - Last post by nexus73
Try to do things right with minimal impact and still get sued by the enviros.  Next time plan on leveling all the redwoods and putting in an 8-lane freeway, then maybe these organizations will be happy when a reasonable plan like the one being proposed, is put into place.


Maybe put it through your house while you're in it.

So long as you are buried beneath it!


 on: Today at 05:59:36 PM 
Started by Max Rockatansky - Last post by Max Rockatansky
For CA 32 there appears to be a major change from the original highway alignment northeast out of Chico.  It would seem that originally SSR 32 originally met US 99 East at Park Avenue but used Humboldt Avenue instead of 8th and 9th Street to exit the city.  It also seems that Humboldt Avenue is the original alignment directly to the hill climb into the Sierras east of Chico.  The original alignment can be seen on the 1935 Butte County Road Map;


From a distance the alignment can be seen on the 1938 State Highway Map:


North to Forest Ranch there doesn't appear to be really any major realigments I can see which is interesting considering much of modern 32 is 65 MPH which suggests much of the original road grade was used.  There appears to be a minor older alignment on Toll Gate Way but really it is too small to pick up on any map.   Really everything north of Forest Ranch to CA 36/89 appears to be mostly on the original alignment of 32.  I can't seem to find any maps that are detailed enough to pinpoint when the modern highway east out of Chico was built.

Something I did find interesting though approaching CA 32 on Park Avenue is that CA 99 is still signed in the city.  It wasn't just a fluke thing either, there was several actual CA 99 shields with nary a trace indicating it was a business route.  I managed to get photo of one facing northbound on Park Avenue:

99CAa by Max Rockatansky, on Flickr

 on: Today at 05:56:33 PM 
Started by jeffandnicole - Last post by PHLBOS
When you fly, and if you park in a long-term lot at/near an airport, do you park at one of the Airport Daily or Long Term lots or at an off-site private lot?

While I don't fly often, at PHL I've used the off-site lots a few times. Very convenient - after you pull in, the van/bus follows you to your spot, where they help with the luggage.  And they're cheaper.  On return, they pull right up to your vehicle.  I've used two different ones, but they all operate similarly and all tend to get favorable ratings.
If my trip is less than 2 or 3 days; I do similar (off-site lot).  If I know I will be away longer; I'll either have a friend (if available) drive me there and/or pick me up, or use a taxi (Delaware County Cab).  Even at the cheapest lot; the round-trip cab fare (since I only live about 5 miles for PHL) turns out to be cheaper overall for longer trips (at least for me).

When I first moved to the Philly area; I used PHL's Remote Economy Lot where one gets shuttled in a bus-sized vehicle & used such several times during the 90s.  However, one afternoon back in early 1998; there was a disabled vehicle on the-then single-lane recirculation road.  Needless to say, the road became gridlocked with other busses & taxis in short order; and the stop-and-go movements ate up whatever cushion/padded time I allotted for. 

When I finally deboarded at the terminal (thankfully, all I wasn't checking any luggage); I went through security (pre-9/11) and ran down the concourse to my gate (the furthest from the security check-point) to check-in (on-line check-ins were still a few years away back then).  The terminal gate door was about to be closed for good when I arrived; thankfully, they kept it open and I boarded the flight.

From that day forward; I vowed to never use PHL's Remote Economy Parking Lot ever again due to that near-missing-my-flight experience.  Had this occurred post-9/11; I would've probably missed my flight.

 on: Today at 05:56:19 PM 
Started by Grzrd - Last post by PColumbus73
If/when I-74 is completed in North Carolina, it might as well be signed as a North/South Interstate.

 on: Today at 05:53:34 PM 
Started by berberry - Last post by kkt
First computer I used (not owned) was an HP-2000.  I was in middle school and it belonged to my school district.  They let students learn to program on it.  You could do anything you want, as long as it was in BASIC.  The computer was in the School District offices across town, so to use it we used ASR-33 teletypes.  They were very loud and clunky, printed on a roll of paper not on a screen.  The modems were acoustic couple - they let out an audible whistle as a carrier, modulated to transmit data.  The telephone headset was placed on the modem to use it.  Since there was no electrical connection, it was considered acceptable to send the data through Ma Bell's wires.  The keys were cylinders that had to be pressed hard and a long way, touch typing was pretty much impossible.  The teletypes were discarded from some company that didn't want them anymore.  The computer was pretty modest, but usable for beginners.

 on: Today at 05:53:03 PM 
Started by bob7374 - Last post by Beeper1
They went with Exits 15A and 15B?  The new ramp to 95/128 should have been numbered Exit 14, to match the eastbound exit, since they go to the same place and no longer have to deal with different numbered toll plazas. 

The remaining ramp to Park Road/Route 30 could have stayed as just Exit 15.

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