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 on: Today at 08:01:41 PM 
Started by silverback1065 - Last post by roadiejay
We've talked about crappy roadways before, but only segments.  What interstate, as a whole, is the most substandard?

Reading comprehension is obviously not a thing on this forum, as I've seen plenty of responses similar to "I-9999 between Turkey Trot and Bean Blossom."

In my experience, I'd have to say I-83.

Then I nominate I-19. Due to metric signage which is very unamerican and therefore substandard.

 on: Today at 07:56:50 PM 
Started by Brian556 - Last post by sbeaver44
Hummel Ave in Lemoyne, PA is stuck between two Norfolk Southern lines.  The light at 18th St/17th St always gets backed up in rush hour because of the limited space over the bridge between Hummel and State on 17th.  Plus, a lot of traffic goes between 18th St and 17th St, using Hummel for a very short distance.

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 on: Today at 07:55:07 PM 
Started by jbnv - Last post by Max Rockatansky
FL 363:

363FLa by Max Rockatansky, on Flickr

And just one backtrack today with I-275/I-96 in Michigan:

275Id by Max Rockatansky, on Flickr

 on: Today at 07:53:57 PM 
Started by Jim - Last post by Soucinyu
i5 has had constant construction on it for the past year, so all the signs are wonky at any time.

 on: Today at 07:53:10 PM 
Started by silverback1065 - Last post by sbeaver44
I-676 is pretty substandard if the PA and NJ sections are considered one interstate.  The section around Franklin Square uses surface streets.

As far as two-digit Interstates go, I also vote I-83.  Unfortunately my home state of Pennsylvania is an embarrassment here, and I-83 inside the Baltimore Beltway is also not great.

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 on: Today at 07:49:20 PM 
Started by AlexandriaVA - Last post by sbeaver44
Harrisburg International Airport (MDT) has the Airport Connector (SR 3032) that is a 55-mph freeway with 2 exits connecting to PA 283.  PA 283 is a 65-mph freeway that connects to I-283 and I-76/PA Tpk at its western end and the US 30 freeway in Lancaster at its eastern end. 

Local traffic can access from PA 230 either by using the interchange with the Airport Connector, or using Airport Drive from PA 441 Truck.

The Airport Connector is one of my favorite PA freeways, because it still has text based BGSs in some places.  Also, going southbound, one gets a straight on look at Three Mile Island.

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 on: Today at 07:30:18 PM 
Started by TEG24601 - Last post by jakeroot
Are the hatch/chevron markings along the left edge of one-way roads allowed to be white?


Sometimes NYC streets have white marking on the left of a one way street. Up until a couple of years ago, painted reservations had white hatchind.

I've seen painted central reservations with white-only markings exactly once: Pennsylvania Ave in DC, between 15 and 3 St SW: https://goo.gl/NN3TRf -- no idea why they did this.

Are the hatch/chevron markings along the left edge of one-way roads allowed to be white?


Nope, not supposed to be white.

Didn't think so. I thought that, maybe, there was an exception for one-way roads not part of a divided highway system, but I guess not.

 on: Today at 07:23:06 PM 
Started by ixnay - Last post by Tarkus
FYI, Oregon should probably be changed over to yellow (Uses FHWA; Clearview seen at municipal level).  Portland is all aboard the Clearview train, at least with the blade signs, and weirdly enough, I've recently been seeing ODOT use it (contrary to how it had been approved) in all caps on orange construction signs.

 on: Today at 07:00:33 PM 
Started by rbt48 - Last post by sbeaver44
PA 66 has exit 0A/0B in New Stanton for US 119 and the connector to I-70/I-76

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 on: Today at 06:53:09 PM 
Started by hm insulators - Last post by MNHighwayMan
"How to get banned in five easy steps!" :bigass:

It takes you five?


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