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 on: Today at 06:28:41 AM 
Started by Nanis - Last post by 1
Welcome from Massachusetts! (Also, you called this a wiki; it is not.)

 on: Today at 05:59:45 AM 
Started by 7/8 - Last post by Jet380
Perhaps the double red ball is a redundancy treatment to avoid creating a dangerous situation if one of the bulbs goes out. This would be important for some of these intersections as it looks like only one left turn signal head is provided. Otherwise all it would take is one bad bulb and there is no cue for turning traffic.

I don't really see any visibility issue with using arrows though. In most cases drivers should be slowing down to make a turn anyway! Hell, in Australia we manage with 20cm arrow lenses  :D

 on: Today at 05:52:42 AM 
Started by thenetwork - Last post by TheHighwayMan394
I figure it has to be I-494. I can't think of any other candidate at this point.

 on: Today at 05:21:22 AM 
Started by Max Rockatansky - Last post by Max Rockatansky
I'm surprised it just wasn't renamed "SR 269" since most highways in California tend to just tend to get renamed after the route when they are straightened out.  The other one I looked at the same day was the original alignment of 41 out in Kings County which had street blades showing the name of the road as "SR 41" on the street blade instead of stuff like 19th 1/2 Avenue or 20th Avenue.  The section of Old Skyline where I took that picture looks like it took a 180 degree loop crossed over the modern highway which faces it directly at the Diablo Range.  I had to pull a couple yards of CA 269 to get an unobstructed overlook view, everything on the actual route is obstructed. 

 on: Today at 04:50:36 AM 
Started by Occidental Tourist - Last post by SeriesE
For example, in the portion of the interchange depicted in the above picture, about 20 years ago a second transition lane was added for the movement to the 91 north.  It is visible on the far right of the picture. 

The second lane from CA-91 West to I-605 North begins after the fork, so the sign is technically correct. :)
Though the sign gantry should be moved east a bit so it's before the fork, per current standards.

 on: Today at 03:12:22 AM 
Started by Duke87 - Last post by jakeroot
Rules are here: http://www.aaroads.com/forum/index.php?topic=992.0

Next time, when you get the notice that the thread is more than 120 days old, take a serious look at the thread and determine if your post on a thread 8 years old is relevant.

Why does it matter how old the thread is? Doesn't it clutter up the site to have multiple threads all on the same topic?

That's actually a question I legitimately have: Two things are frowned uponóreviving old threads, and starting new threads for an existing topic. Where's the acceptable dividing line?

IMO, reviving an old thread is only frowned upon if the bumped post is superflous (see post #6 in this thread). It's up to you to decide where that grey area starts and ends.

Starting a new thread is frowned upon only if the new thread is redundant (eg. "A unique sign!" when the "Unique odd or interesting" thread already exists).

 on: Today at 02:54:11 AM 
Started by rickmastfan67 - Last post by jakeroot
When I replaced the hard drive (HDD) in my laptop with an SSD, I remember having to buy a SATA to USB-3 cable, after which I used some program to simply clone the HDD to the plugged-in SSD. The catch is, I can't remember what the name of the program was (this all happened about five years ago). Samsung has a tool called "Data Migration" that I probably used to clone the HDD, as the SSD I purchased was made by Samsung. But I'm not 100% sure.

Truth is, you can use just about any cloning tool (I'm sure Tom's Hardware has a relevant article for your new HDD's brand (as in, an article that shows you how to clone your current HDD to your new brand's HDD)). I do remember having issues with the BIOS being in the wrong mode, so I blue-screen'd like twelve times before I figured out the issue. Now, the laptop only blue-screens once every thirty starts :cool:.

 on: Today at 02:31:32 AM 
Started by briantroutman - Last post by Kacie Jane
In New Jersey, CR 516 does this as it passes through Matawan.  The eastbound lanes follow Broad Street, while the westbound lanes follow Main Street.  Both are two-way streets.

Source? I haven't been there in a very long time, but NJDOT confirms what I thought: CR 516 follows Broad Street in both directions.

 on: Today at 01:59:42 AM 
Started by Plutonic Panda - Last post by Plutonic Panda
Ok, you can have both a compact SPUI and no left entrances/exits with the amazing... OFFSET SPUI!!!


Also, for those saying it requires Moore right of way, there are some in LA that are SUPER compact, not to mension the intersection is by, like you said, a military base, were they could probably be convinced that giving 5 acres of land to the city is in there best interests.
Thats way too forward thinking for ODOT. But it beautiful though.

Well, forward thinking is a ddi. And it's comming(in 4 years).
Also, do you know of an OSSPUI in LA? I couldn't find one... mabey they demolished it...
I'm referring to the way this particular SPUI was designed.

An OSSPUI? I'm not. In fact I can't even think of an SPUI in Los Angles or at least the basin. I think there are a few close by but I can't remember where.

 on: Today at 01:56:19 AM 
Started by Plutonic Panda - Last post by Plutonic Panda

This article explains this better. I for one thought the study had already been underway but it hasn't been started and will last two years. Bummed. Thought maybe we'd see some proposals.

As for the commment in this article that the freeway can't be widened, I'm calling bullshit. If I-35 really can't be widened more than 6 lanes, enjoy the traffic flow while it lasts because if OKC becomes a boomtown like Austin and they aren't even able to widen it more than six lanes, well, you already see in Austin how that's worked out.

I think it's just a money issue which they should just come out and say if that's the case.

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