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Lee County 876

Map Updated May 8, 2013.

Lee County 876, commonly referred to as Daniels Parkway east of U.S. 41 and Cypress Lake Drive to the west, is a major east-west arterial connecting the south Fort Myers area with Interstate 75, Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) and Lehigh Acres.

Lee County 876 east
Motorists are advised of the left-hand turn into the rest area immediately to the north and east of the interchange with Interstate 75. This rest area has been in operation since the addition of Interstate 75 to the interstate system in the late 1970's. Instead of constructing rest areas directly on the interstate, they were instead placed adjacent, using the local road as a connection as pictured here. Photo taken 11/11/08.
Approaching the intersection with Lee County 885 (Treeline Avenue). Treeline Avenue at one time only stretched 1.50 miles to the north of Daniels Parkway, serving a few car rental agencies and extended south to Jetport Loop to serve the postal distribution center. In the fall of 2004 the road was extended south to Alico Road. The four-lane divided arterial also provides access to the Midfield Terminal Complex at Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) and Florida Gulf Coast University further to the south. And in November 2006, Treeline Avenue opened fully north 5 miles to Lee County 884 (Colonial Boulevard), also as a four-lane divided arterial. Photo taken 11/11/08.
Lee County 885 (Treeline Avenue) stems south to serve as the direct connection to Southwest Florida International Airport. The four-lane divided arterial was constructed in portions in 2004 and 2006 to connect Lee County 884 (Colonial Boulevard) to the north of Lee County 876 with Alico Road (unsigned Lee County 840) and Ben Hill Griffin Parkway to the south. Treeline Avenue parallels Interstate 75 offering motorists another alternative to the often congested freeway. Between Interstate 75 and Chamberlin Parkway, this is the only intersection Daniel Parkway encounters. Photo taken 11/11/08.
Daniels Parkway continues east of Treeline Avenue with the intersection with Chamberlin Parkway 0.80 miles ahead. The sign bridge once carried signs indicating that the entrance to the airport was reached via Daniels Parkway but has since been replaced with this sign showing the Skyplex Commercial Center, the former main terminal of the airport. Photo taken 11/11/08.
Daniels Parkway between Treeline Avenue and Chamberlin Parkway acts as a semi-quasi limited access style arterial with no median openings and frontage roads to the north and south. Access to these frontage roads is gained via Treeline Avenue north and south of Daniels Parkway. Photo taken 11/11/08.
Approaching the turn off for Chamberlin Parkway. Chamberlin Parkway once served as the main access road into Southwest Florida International Airport. Since the Midfield Terminal complex was constructed, motorists use Treeline Avenue (Lee County 885) and the Midfield Terminal access road as the direct route into the airport. Photo taken 11/11/08.
A traffic signal directs movements between Daniels and Chamberlin Parkways. Chamberlin Parkway provides access to the Skyplex Commercial Center, once home to the main terminal of the Southwest Florida International Airport before the construction of the Midfield Terminal complex. Daniels Parkway continues 4.60 miles eastward to Florida 82 where it merges into Gunnery Road, providing residents of nearby Lehigh Acres with a more direct approach to Southwest Florida International Airport. Photo taken 11/11/08.

Daniels Parkway (now an unsigned Lee County 876) after the intersection with Chamberlin Parkway. A guide sign indicates that the planned community of Gateway and Florida 82 lie ahead. Gateway Boulevard, the main entrance into Gateway occurs 1.50 miles away. Daniels Parkway was extended four more miles past the entrance to Gateway to Florida 82 in the 1990's. Photo taken 11/11/08.
Lee County 876 west
Chamberlin Parkway was originally the only access road for the Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) when the facility opened in May 1983. Since the opening of the Midfield Terminal Complex, however, Chamberlin Parkway is no longer used as the main entrance, as indicated by the sign bridge. Remnants of this former access can be seen in the form of the exposed lighted sign supports where a sign indicating the way to the airport once rested. Instead, motorists are now directed past the former airport access road to Treeline Avenue (Lee County 885), located 0.80 miles to the west. The sign on the right previously served as a trailblazer for Interstate 75, Fort Myers and Cape Coral. Photo taken 11/11/08.
The signalized Lee County 885 is the only intersection between Chamberlin Parkway and Interstate 75. Originally only a two lane road that served the postal distribution center to the south and some car rental agencies to the north is now fast becoming a major north-south arterial that links Lee County 884 with the Southwest Florida International Airport and Florida Gulf Coast University. Photo taken 11/11/08.
Lee County 885 (Treeline Avenue) south leads motorists to the main entrance to the Southwest Florida International Airport. Lee County 885 extends north 5 miles to connect with Lee County 884 (Colonial Boulevard). Though only opened in 2006, the northern extension of Treeline Avenue has already been seeded with multiple housing developments, all part of the housing boom in southwest Florida. Photo taken 11/11/08.
Scenes pertaining to Lee County 876
Lee County 876 is a major east-west arterial that connects the south Fort Myers area with Interstate 75, the Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) and Lehigh Acres. Beginning at Florida 867 (McGregor Boulevard), the often unsigned route marches eastward, crossing several major north-south arterials before turning northeastward for a terminus with Florida 82. Until recently, no pentagon shields for the county-maintained route were in place, and only now is the route signed at key intersections, such as this one just west of Florida 739. Photo taken 11/11/08.

Photo Credits:
2008-11-11 by AARoads

Page Updated 02-20-2009.

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