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Delta Highway - Eugene

The Delta Highway is a north-south freeway linking Interstate 105 & Oregon 126 near the Willamette River with the Belt Line Highway in north Eugene. Interstate 105 & Oregon 126 provide the main route into downtown Eugene from Interstate 5 and the city of Springfield. The Belt Line Highway constitutes an east-west bypass of Eugene between Oregon 126 (11th Avenue) west of Eugene, Oregon 99 (Pacific Highway) northwest of Eugene, and Interstate 5 near the Springfield city line. The Delta Highway in conjunction with the Belt Line Highway provides the main route into downtown Eugene from Santa Clara, Eugene Airport, and Junction City. The freeway also serves the Valley River Center mall area.

Opening of the Delta Highway occurred in 1966, linking the freeway with Interstate 105 from Coburg Road. Delta Highway and the Belt Line Highway were constructed by Lane County in the 1960s.1

Delta Highway North
Delta Highway quickly meets Valley River and Willagillespie Roads just north of the Interstate 105 & Oregon 126 trumpet interchange. Valley River Road comprises an east-west connector between Goodpasture Island Road, the Valley River Center mall, and Willagillespie Road. Willagillespie Road continues Country Club Road north from Interstate 105 to Cal Young Road and Fir Acres Drive near Gillespie Butte (elevation 605 feet). Photo taken 04/01/05.
Goodpasture Island Road ventures north from the Valley River Center area and crosses paths with Delta Highway at a partial-cloverleaf interchange. The road curves east from Goodpasture Loop to its end at Norkenzie Road. Photo taken 04/01/05.
Delta Highway meets the Belt Line Highway one quarter mile north of Goodpasture Road. Pictured here is the Goodpasture Road overpass. Photo taken 04/01/05.
A three-quarter cloverleaf interchange joins the Delta Highway with the Belt Line Highway in north Eugene. Departing the freeway first is the eastbound ramp to Interstate 5 and Springfield onto Belt Line Highway east. The east-west freeway ends at junction Interstate 5 and Belt Line Road in 2.5 miles. Photo taken 04/01/05.
An Interstate 5 trailblazer reminds motorists of the eastbound Belt Line Highway connection to Interstate 5 near the Springfield City line. Belt Line Highway continues north to the loop ramp onto Belt Line Highway west for Santa Clara and Eugene Airport via Oregon 99 north. Delta Highway transitions into a surface highway at the north edge of the interchange en route to Green Acres and Ayers Roads. Photo taken 04/01/05.
Delta Highway South
Southbound on the Delta Highway at the partial-cloverleaf interchange with Goodpasture Island Road. Goodpasture Island Road loops west from Norkenzie Road to Valley River Drive at the Valley River Center mall west of the Delta Highway. Photo taken 04/01/05.
The next southbound interchange joins the Delta Highway with Valley River Drive at the Valley River Center mall. Valley River Center resides southwest of the folded diamond interchange between the freeway and Willamette River. Photo taken 04/01/05.

Traffic to the Valley River Center and Valley River Drive depart Delta Highway southbound. Valley River Drive ends at Willagillespie Road on the east side of the interchange. Willagillespie travels south from Cal Young Round to Sand Avenue and a transition to Country Club Road. Country Club Road heads east alongside Interstate 105 & Oregon 126 to Coburg Road and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard near Autzen Stadium. Photo taken 04/01/05.
Attached to the Valley River Center overpass are overheads for the trumpet interchange with Interstate 105 & Oregon 126, the south end of Delta Highway. Traffic interests into downtown and west Eugene should take Interstate 105 & Oregon 126 west for their connections with Oregon 99 & Oregon 126 Business (7th & 6th Avenues). Others bound for Autzen Stadium and Springfield should take the ramp onto Interstate 105 & Oregon 126 east. Photo taken 04/01/05.
The Interstate 105 & Oregon 126 westbound off-ramp is signed simply for Oregon 99 & 126. The freeway crosses the Willamette River and enters the downtown area via an elevated viaduct. Ramps descend from there onto Oregon 99 north & 126 west to west Eugene and Florence, to Oregon 99 south & Oregon 126 Business (6th Avenue) east into the Eugene central business district, and to Jefferson Street south for the Lane County Fairgrounds. Photo taken 04/01/05.
Remaining traffic on the Delta Highway defaults onto Interstate 105 & Oregon 126 eastbound ahead of their interchange with Coburg Road and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to Autzen Stadium. A set of trailblazers lie along the ramp touting the Interstate 105 connection with Interstate 5 (Exits 4A/B). Oregon 126 continues as a freeway to 52nd Street in Springfield. Photo taken 04/01/05.


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2005-04-01 by AARoads

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