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Interstate 70

Interstate 70 Illinois Highway Guides

Scenes pertaining to Interstate 70
Illinois 111 travels as a four-lane divided highway northward from Collinsville Road (former U.S. 40 & 66) to meet Interstates 55-70 & U.S. 40 at a diamond interchange near Canteen Lake. Photo taken 10/16/04.
Grotefendt Road west and Blumberg Road east, frontage roads to Interstate 70, line the north side of the Illinois 4 diamond interchange with I-70. Photo taken 10/16/04.
Reassurance marker posted for Illinois 4 north after Interstate 70 and two miles ahead of junction Illinois 134 west of Marine. Photo taken 10/16/04.
Interstate 55 and Staunton follow within the next 17 miles of Illinois 4 north. Photo taken 10/16/04.
Just southwest of Marine is the Illinois 4 diamond interchange with Interstate 70. Interstate 70 travels a rural route west to merge with I-55 by Troy and east to Interstate 57 at Effingham. Photo taken 10/16/04.
Passing under the Interstate 70 mainline, Spring Creek Road prepares to meet the eastbound freeway on-ramp at Montrose. Photo taken 10/16/04.
Interstate 70 continues east from Montrose and Spring Creek Road (Exit 105) 60 miles to Terre Haute. Photo taken 10/16/04.

Northbound Spring Creek Road at the Exit 105 diamond interchange of Interstate 70 in Montrose. A pair of gas stations line the southbound side of the freeway in the village of 250. Photos taken 10/16/04.
Effingham and Terre Haute are the control cities of Interstate 70 from Spring Creek Road. These take the place of the usual Indianapolis and St. Louis destinations for I-70. Photos taken 10/16/04.
Nearing the westbound on-ramp to Interstate 70 from Montrose. Interstate 70 west leads eight miles into the merge with I-57 south. Photo taken 10/16/04.
Spring Creek Road exits Effingham County for Cumberland County beyond the I-70 on-ramp to Effingham. Photo taken 10/16/04.

Photo Credits:
2004-10-16 by AARoads

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