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Interstate 295

Interstate 295 nips the state of Maryland for all of 0.80 miles officially between the District of Columbia and the Capital Beltway at Oxon Hill. Interstate 295 connects the Anacostia Freeway in Washington with the Capital Beltway and Maryland 210 (Indian Head Highway). Interchange reconstruction was completed in 2009 in conjunction with the new Woodrow Wilson Bridge, Interstates 95 & 495 across the Potomac River, and the new National Harbor Boulevard.

Interstate 295 North
The northbound beginning of Interstate 295 departs the Indian Head Highway at Oxon Hill. A four-lane freeway connects the Indian Head Highway with the Interstate 295 mainline at Exit 2 of the Capital Beltway (Interstates 95 & 495). Pictured here is the freeway departure from Maryland 210 northbound and the Interstate 95 & 495 northbound off-ramp. Traffic interests to the Inner loop of the Capital Beltway should remain on Maryland 210 north for a loop ramp north of junction Maryland 414 (Oxon Hill Road). Photo taken 09/25/04.
Views of the Interstate 295 & Capital Beltway interchange reconstruction from the northbound ramp from Maryland 210. The original directional cloverleaf interchange was reconfigured to allow for a widened Interstate 95 & 495 in association with the construction of two new spans for the Woodrow Wilson Bridge nearby. Photos taken 09/25/04.
New ramps were added to and from Interstate 295 to the National Harbor development south of the Capital Beltway in conjunction with the redesign. Photos taken 09/25/04.

Interstate 295 South
Entering the state of Maryland along Interstate 295 south. The D.C. line falls within Oxon Hill Farm south of Oxon Cove. Photo taken 07/09/10.
Interstate 295 partitions into three ramps. The right-hand ramp (Exit 1C) connects with the Capital Beltway west. The mainline splits into ramps for National Harbor Boulevard south and separate flyovers for the Capital Beltway north and Maryland 210 (Indian Head Highway) south. Photos taken 07/09/10.
Drivers utilizing the Woodrow Wilson Bridge on-ramp are provided with the distances to the first Virginia interchanges. These exits are located along the new local lanes of the Capital Beltway west. Photo taken 07/09/10.
Advisory sign posted on the Exit 1C ramp to Interstates 95 & 495 south (Local Lanes) for the draw span of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. Photo taken 07/09/10.

Exit 1B follows onto National Harbor Boulevard south and then Exit 1A splits from the Maryland 210 connector for Interstates 95 & 495 north. The connector partitions once more before merging onto Indian Head Highway south with a ramp to Maryland 414 (Oxon Hill Road) east to Oxon Hill. Photo taken 07/09/10.
Here traffic to Interstate 95 and Interstate 495 exit off the freeway, while the remaining two lanes continue to Maryland 210. Maryland 210 heads south roughly parallel to the eastern shore of the Potomac River en route to Indian Head, with connections to other destinations in southeast Maryland. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Southbound Interstate 295 ends here, at the gore point for Exit 1A. The other two lanes exit south to Maryland 210 and Maryland 414 east. Maryland 414 travels 5.11 miles between Maryland 210 and Maryland 5. Photo taken 06/01/04.

Former Configuration of Interstate 295 South at Interstate 95-495 (original)
This series of photos shows the former interchange and transition from southbound Interstate 295 to the connecting freeway for Maryland 210 and Interstate 95-495. As noted previously, this interchange marks the southern terminus of Interstate 295, but it has since changed as a result of interchange reconfiguration. Photo taken 10/15/01.
Southbound Interstate 295 at the Capital Beltway interchange (old configuration). Signage on southbound in the District of Columbia indicates that Interstate 295 ends at this interchange. However, a connecting freeway proceeds to the south and east to merge with Maryland 210 at Indian Head. Photo taken 10/15/01.
Approaching the Interstate 95/495/Capital Beltway interchange on southbound. Signage at this interchange used to display Interstate 295 on the Indian Head panel that now displays Maryland 210. Photo taken 10/15/01.
Former Configuration of Interstate 295 South at Interstate 95-495 (construction)
Pictured here are 1990s guide signs posted for the junction with Interstates 95 & 495. Photo taken 09/25/04.
Views of the previous ramp split of Interstate 295 into ramps for Interstates 95 & 495 and the Maryland 210 connector. Note the construction surrounding this interchange; most of this construction was related to an interchange redesign associated with the 2009-completed Woodrow Wilson Bridge replacement project. Photos taken 09/25/04.

Photo Credits:
2001-10-15, 2004-06-01, 2004-09-25, 2010-07-09 by AARoads

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