U.S. Highway 78

U.S. 78 east
9th Street southbound at 3rd Avenue North in the city of Birmingham. 9th Street southbound carries U.S. 11 & 78 shields in the northbound direction between 1st Avenue North and this intersection. However this set of shields alludes to the fact that U.S. 11 north & U.S. 78 east follow 3rd Avenue North through the 9th Street intersection. This may relate to the idea that U.S. 11 & 78 continue eastward to 14th Street via 3rd Avenue North as is suggested by some maps. Two blocks to the east is the folded diamond interchange with Interstate 65. Photo taken 10/01/03.
The first shields for U.S. 11/78 on 1st Avenue North Eastbound one sees after 17th Street. The two highways are configured on separate one-way streets through the high-rises of downtown. Photo taken 08/10/02.
U.S. 11 north/U.S. 78 east within the vicinity of the downtown Birmingham Street Mall. The core of the business district can be seen here, as a mixture of old and new high-rises soar skyward. Photos taken 08/11/02.
Still in Downtown Birmingham, U.S. 11 south/U.S. 78 east reassurance shields. This urban scene is located on 1st Avenue North as it approaches the intersection with 21st Street. Photo taken 08/10/02.
U.S. 78 departs U.S. 11 via 24th Street southbound. At 4th Avenue South, U.S. 78 eastbound departs 24th Street. U.S. 78/4th Avenue South eastbound at 25th Street. The shield assembly points to a southbound on-ramp for the Elton B. Stephens Expressway. The viaduct in the background is that particular freeway. Photo taken 08/10/02.
Hanging signage for the U.S. 78 east junction with 25th Street. Access to the northbound Expressway is accessibly two blocks ahead at 27th Street. Photo taken 08/10/02.
U.S. 78/3rd Avenue South at 25th Street. A short ramp between 25th Street and U.S. 31 south/U.S. 280 east is situated one block to the north. Meanwhile, U.S. 78 travels under the freeway viaduct through industrial areas to the east. The Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark is set amidst the industrial landscape. Photo taken 08/10/02.
A pair of reassurance shields are posted along the one way 4th Avenue South eastbound for U.S. 78 at the Elton B. Stephens Expressway viaduct. U.S. 78 westbound follows the one way 3rd Avenue South one block to the north. Photos taken 10/01/03.
These unusual truck shields are posted at the U.S. 78 eastbound intersection with the 35th Street viaduct. Traffic turning to the left crosses over the nearby railroad lines, with a connection to U.S. 11/1st Avenue North. Traffic continuing straight must turn in one block, as U.S. 78 switches from two one-way streets to one multi-lane highway. Photo taken 08/10/02.
At the southern terminus of U.S. 411 in downtown Leeds, Alabama 25 southbound enters U.S. 78 for a very brief overlap. The state route quickly departs U.S. 78 ahead, turning southeast to U.S. 231 and the town of Vincent (pop. 1,853). Photo taken 09/29/03.
U.S. 78 west
U.S. 78 westbound at the U.S. 411 southern terminus and split with Alabama 25 north in downtown Leeds (pop. 10,455). The two routes pair together along Whitmire Street for eight blocks to the northern terminus of Alabama 119 at Ashville Road. U.S. 78 meanwhile continues west along Parkway Drive to Alabama 119 and Interstate 20 Exit 140. Photo taken 09/29/03.
Detail of the U.S. 78/411 & Alabama 25 shield assembly at downtown Leeds. U.S. 411 and Alabama 25 remain together through to the Georgia state line near Forney in Cherokee County. They intersect Interstate 20 at Exit 144. Photo taken 09/29/03.
Now situated within the city of Birmingham on 3rd Avenue South westbound approaching 27th Street. A pair of ramps from U.S. 31 south & U.S. 280 east link the Elton B. Stephens Expressway with U.S. 78 via 25th Street. Traffic wishing to travel the freeway south to Homewood turns left from 4th Avenue South to 25th Street south ahead. Photo taken 10/01/03.
Ramps along 27th Street between 4th Avenue South (U.S. 78 east) and 3rd Avenue South carry traffic to and from the northbound direction of the Elton B. Stephens Expressway. Photo taken 10/01/03.
Closer look at the left-hand side U.S. 31 & 280 shield assembly at 27th Street. In the background is the ramp to the freeway northbound. Photo taken 10/01/03.
The right-hand pair of shields for U.S. 31 & 280 at 27th Street. 27th Street only continues two more blocks to the north to 1st Avenue South. The street is discontinuous because of the Amtrak, CSX, and Norfolk Southern Railroad lines. Photo taken 10/01/03.
Detail of the U.S. 31 north & U.S. 280 westbound shield assembly at the northeast corner of 3rd Avenue North and 27th Street. Photo taken 10/01/03.
Looking north from the right-hand sidewalk of 3rd Avenue South at the U.S. 31 & Interstate 20-59 sign bridge above. Photo taken 10/01/03.
3rd Avenue South is one-way in the westbound direction. This scene looks at U.S. 78 as it crosses underneath the Elton B. Stephens Expressway viaduct. Photo taken 10/01/03.
The southbound expressway sign bridge for the U.S. 78 interchange as seen from 3rd Avenue South. Photo taken 10/01/03.
A pair of U.S. 31 & 280 shields guide motorists from U.S. 78 westbound to the 25th Street on-ramp. Photo taken 10/01/03.
U.S. 31 south & U.S. 280 westbound continue together for another two miles south to the the city of Homewood and end of the Elton B. Stephens Expressway. Photo taken 10/01/03.
U.S. 78 westbound along 3rd Avenue South as it approaches 24th Street. U.S. 78 turns northward to cross the 24th Street viaduct and the Amtrak, CSX, and Norfolk Southern Railroads below. Photo taken 10/01/03.
U.S. 78 westbound merges with U.S. 78 eastbound along the 24th Street viaduct. Four blocks to the south, U.S. 78 turns westbound along 1st Avenue North with U.S. 11 south. Photo taken 10/01/03.
First westbound U.S. 78 reassurance shield along 24th Street. The intersection in the background is with 2nd Avenue South. The viaduct over the railroad lines begins beyond the traffic light ahead. Photo taken 10/01/03.
Looking northwest at the central business district skyline of Birmingham from the viaduct. Photo taken 10/01/03.
The view looking south from the 24th Street viaduct of U.S. 78. Rising in the background is Red Mountain. The cut is that the location of the Red Mountain Expressway (U.S. 31 & 280). Photo taken 10/01/03.
Now north of the viaduct, U.S. 78 descends to street level and intersects U.S. 11 at 1st Avenue North. Here U.S. 78 turns left onto U.S. 11. The pair overlap through the central business district to Alabama 5 at the Owenton neighborhood of west Birmingham. Photo taken 10/01/03.
Detail of the U.S. 11 & 78 westbound shield assembly attached to the 1st Avenue North traffic light mast arm. U.S. 11 northbound travels along 1st Avenue North toward Birmingham International Airport and the city boundary. Photo taken 10/01/03.
Southbound U.S. 11/Westbound U.S. 78 reassurance shields, situated on 1st Avenue North in downtown. These are the first signs motorists see after the routes merge at the intersection of 24th Street and 1st Avenue North. Photo taken 08/10/02.
One block removed from 14th Street, a north-south arterial that continues uninterrupted by the CSX/Amtrak lines that bisect the central business district, is this set of U.S. 11 south & U.S. 78 westbound reassurance shields. Photo taken 10/01/03.
Four blocks to the west, U.S. 11 & 78 pass underneath Interstate 65 and reach 9th Street. Here the tandem turn right (north) from 1st Avenue North onto 9th Street. Photo taken 10/01/03.
U.S. 11 south & 78 westbound on 9th Street north at 2nd Avenue North. The federal routes will turn from 9th Street north to 3rd Avenue North at the next intersection. Photo taken 10/01/03.
A closer look at the shield assembly attached to the 2nd Avenue North mast arm traffic light assembly. The shields are a bit misleading, as 9th Street is U.S. 11 & 78. The signs would lead one to believe that U.S. 11 south & 78 eastbound turn east along 3rd Avenue North. These shields may be posted in relation to the connection to Interstate 65 Exit 260 two blocks to the east. Photo taken 10/01/03.
9th Street northbound at 3rd Avenue North. Here U.S. 11 south & U.S. 78 westbound turn left onto 3rd Avenue North westbound. The shields indicate that turning right will take one to U.S. 11 north & U.S. 78 east. Some maps show the federal route along two separate alignments through this part of the city. This may factor into the placement of these signs. While we have shown the alignment of 1st Avenue North and 9th Street, maps also show 3rd Avenue North to 14th Street as part of U.S. 11 & 78. Again this may be in relation to the ramps at Interstate 65 two blocks to the east. Photos taken 10/01/03.
Nonetheless, U.S. 11 south & U.S. 78 westbound leave the 9th & 14th Street mess along 3rd Avenue North toward 7th Street and this reassurance shield assembly. Photo taken 10/01/03.
Nearing the Owenton neighborhood of the city, U.S. 11 south & U.S. 78 westbound prepare to part from one another. The upcoming intersection with 8th Street also represents the beginning of the U.S. 11 and U.S. 78 respective overlap with Alabama 5. Alabama 5 enters the intersection with U.S. 11 northbound via 3rd Avenue. Photo taken 10/01/03.
U.S. 11 southbound continues along 3rd Avenue North as U.S. 78 westbound turns northward with Alabama 5 along 8th Street. The Interstate 20-59 freeway and Thomas neighborhood of the city are one mile to the north. U.S. 11 & Alabama 5 continue west through Owenton to Fairview and Central Park. Photo taken 10/01/03.
The first set of U.S. 78 westbound & Alabama 5 northbound shields one encounters along their 37 mile overlap from the city of Birmingham to the Walker County seat of Jasper. This assembly is posted between U.S. 11/3rd Avenue North and 4th Avenue North. Photo taken 10/01/03.
8th Street becomes Arkadelphia Road in this northbound scene of U.S. 78 west & Alabama 5 north. The campus of Birmingham Southern College is situated to the left. Arkadelphia Road curves to the northwest before returning northeasterly at Interstate 20-59. Photo taken 10/01/03.
Button copy guide sign at the U.S. 78 westbound & Alabama 5 northbound on-ramp to Interstate 20-59 eastbound. This partial cloverleaf interchange is situated two miles west of Malfunction Junction (Interstate 65) and the central business district of Birmingham. Photo taken 10/01/03.
Scenes pertaining to U.S. 78
Morgan Road comprises a five-lane highway connecting Interstate 20 (Exit 188) with U.S. 78 & 431 at Oxford. An access road links the arterial and Jimmy Vinton Drive west with the US route below a viaduct over a Norfolk Southern Railroad. Photo taken 10/03/10.
Golden Springs Road becomes Morgan Road south ahead of a viaduct across a Norfolk Southern Railroad line and parallel U.S. 78 & 431. Photo taken 10/03/10.
A short access road connects Morgan Road and Jimmy Vinton Drive west with U.S. 78 & 231. A diamond interchange with Interstate 20 follows. Photo taken 10/03/10.
Jimmy Vinton Drive serves an array of traveler services west of Morgan Road and north of I-20 (Exit 188) and the access road between it and U.S. 78 & 431. Photo taken 06/12/08.
U.S. 78 Alternate east
East of Carbon Hill U.S. 78 Alternate & Alabama 118 cross paths with Future Interstate 22. Alabama 118 follows the original alignment east to Alabama 5 & 69 and the Walker County seat of Jasper. The sign assembly pictured here (since removed) related to the temporary beginning of Future I-22 around Jasper, where U.S. 78 rejoined the freeway. Photo taken 09/25/03.
U.S. 78 Alternate west
With the opening of the Jasper area segment of Future Interstate 22, U.S. 78 and its counterpart Alabama 4 were relocated from the Bankhead Highway southward along Industrial Parkway to the freeway. This span wire supported sign advised travelers at Knight Road of the forthcoming split between the two routes ahead. This stretch of road is now U.S. 78 Alternate. Photo taken 09/25/03.
Guide signs directed U.S. 78 and Alabama 4 west onto Industrial Parkway from Alabama 5 opposite Alabama 69. SR 69 combines with U.S. 78 Alternate through Jasper as Future Interstate 22 bypasses the Walker County seat well to the south. Photo taken 09/25/03.

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