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Interstate 80 New Jersey

Interstate 80 East
Interstate 80 eastbound at the Exit 43 off-ramp for Interstate 287 at Parsippany in Morris County. Interstate 287 provides the outer belt freeway for the North Jersey metropolitan area between Mahwah and Edison. The freeway travels north from Interstate 80 to Boonton and the New York State line through Pompton Lakes and Oakland. Interstate 287 southbound travels to Morristown, Somerville, and Piscataway from Exit 43. Photo taken 08/11/04.
Passing under Interstate 287, Interstate 80 next meets the Exit 45 half-diamond interchange with Beverwyck Road. Beverwyck Road leads north to Lake Hiawatha and south to Troy Hills Road near Whippany. Photo taken 06/13/05.
Exit 45 departs the Interstate 80 eastbound mainline for the collector/distributor roadway that runs between Interstates 287 and 280. The c/d roadway carries all travelers bound for Interstate 80 east from the Interstate 287 directional-cloverleaf interchange. Photo taken 06/13/05.
These overhead assemblies were left-over from the failed HOV-lane project on north Jersey freeways in the late 1990s. Photo taken 06/13/05.
Baldwin Road passes over Interstate 80 east and its c/d roadway 0.75 miles west of Beverwyck Road (Exit 45). Photo taken 06/13/05.
The one-quarter mile sign for Exit 45. Lake Hiawatha lies north of U.S. 46 and east of Jersey City Reservoir. Whippany lies at the junction of Morris County 511 (Parsippany Road) and New Jersey 10. Photo taken 06/13/05.

Interstate 80 continues east from Beverwyck Road into the partial "Y" interchange with Interstate 280 east. Interstate 280 provides an urban loop from Interstate 80 to the New Jersey Turnpike by way of Livingston, Kearny, The Oranges, Newark, and Harrison. Photos taken 08/29/05 & 06/13/05.

Ramps to Interstate 280 depart both the Interstate 80 eastbound mainline and the c/d roadway emanating from Interstate 287. Interstate 280 leads 12 miles southeast to Newark. Photo taken 08/11/04 & 08/29/05.
Exit 47A carries drivers onto Interstate 280 east from Interstate 80. Interstate 80 curves northeast to Clinton and Paterson as Interstate 280 heads southeast to West Orange. Photo taken 06/13/05 & 08/29/05.

State-named shield for Interstate 280 posted at the eastbound beginning of the freeway. Photo taken 08/29/05.
Interstate 80 West
Attached to the Huyler Street overpass is the Exit 65 overhead for the Green Street off-ramp of Interstate 80 Local westbound. The forthcoming ramps join the westbound side of the freeway with adjacent Wesley Street midway between its intersections with Green Street and Huyler Street. Photo taken 08/11/04.
Exit 65 leaves Interstate 80 Local westbound for South Hackensack (via Green Street north) and Teterboro (via Green and Huyler Streets southbound). The confluence with New Jersey 17 (Exits 64B/A) lies ahead. New Jersey 17 crosses Interstate 80 in such a way that interests to southbound must use Terrace Avenue southbound from Exit 64B to its ramp onto New Jersey 17 south at Hasbrouck Heights. A direct ramp carries Interstate 80 westbound drivers onto New Jersey 17 northbound for Rochelle Park, Paramus, and the New Jersey 4 corridor. Photo taken 08/11/04.
Interstate 80 leaves its crossing with New Jersey 17 for the Exit 63 diamond interchange with Riverview Avenue at Lodi. Essex Street in turn carries drives east to a diamond interchange with New Jersey 17 and west to the intersection with Main Street, Market Street, and Rochelle Avenue at Saddle Brook. Use New Jersey 17 north to New Jersey 4 and 208 west for Fair Lawn. Photo taken 08/11/04.
Westbound at the Mayhill Street over crossing ahead of the Exit 62 off-ramp for the Garden State Parkway and Midland Avenue. Exit 62 links Interstate 80 with a short access road between it and the Parkway. An off-ramp departs the access road for Midland Avenue and the community of Saddlebrook before its ramps for the Garden State Parkway. Photo taken 08/11/04.
Interstate 80 Express and Local merge at the Garden State Parkway interchange (Exit 62). The Garden State Parkway comprises a major toll road throughout the state of New Jersey. The toll road stems south from the New York Thruway (Interstates 87 & 287) through North Jersey to Cape May along the Atlantic coastline. Photo taken 08/11/04.
A pair of ramps serve Madison Avenue and the cities of Clifton and Patterson at the Exit 58B/A interchange. Exit 58B consists of an off-ramp onto adjacent 23rd Avenue for Madison Avenue northbound into Patterson. A loop ramp constitutes Exit 58A onto Madison Avenue southbound for Passaic County 601 (Main Street) into downtown Clifton. Photo taken 08/11/04.
Passiac County 601 (Main Street) itself sees a direct off-ramp from Interstate 80 westbound at Exit 57C. The ramp loops onto Main Street north of the freeway and south of downtown Patterson and Prospect Park. Madison Avenue passes over the freeway at the 0.75-mile overhead for Exit 57C otherwise. Photo taken 08/11/04.
Exits 57B/A depart Interstate 80 westbound for both the southbound beginning of New Jersey 19 and Ward Street eastbound into Downtown Patterson. New Jersey 19 comprises a freeway between Paterson and Interstate 80 southward to the Garden State Parkway, U.S. 46, and Broad Street in Clifton. Photo taken 08/11/04.
Squirrelwood Road loops west from New Street and Rifle Camp Road to junction Interstate 80 (Exit 56C) and Nagle Street & Glover Avenue in the community of West Patterson. A six-ramp partial-cloverleaf interchange joins the surface street and Interstate 80 for West Patterson, Totowa, and Highland Lake. Photo taken 08/11/04.
Interstate 80 westbound at Exit 55B with Union Avenue at Totowa and Little Falls. Union Avenue travels north from Main Street in Little Falls across the Passaic River to junction U.S. 46 and Interstate 80 in Totowa. From Interstate 80 northward Union Avenue continues to Broadway at Haledon. Photo taken 08/11/04.
Exit 55A loops onto Union Avenue southbound from Interstate 80 westbound. Union Avenue interchanges with U.S. 46 one quarter mile south of the freeway. U.S. 46 parallels Interstate 80 as a California-style expressway between West Caldwell and Garfield to the south. Photo taken 08/11/04.
One-mile west of the complex interchange between Interstate 80 and U.S. 46 & New Jersey 23 at the Minnisink Road overpass. New Jersey 23 enters the fray as an expressway from U.S. 202 and Wayne to the north to interchange with both Interstate 80 and U.S. 46 west of Totowa. U.S. 46 comes close to Interstate 80 to include ramps to/from the freeway before again diverging westward to North Caldwell. Photo taken 08/11/04.
Two lanes depart Interstate 80 westbound for the directional ramps to New Jersey 23 north to Butler, New Jersey 23 south to Verona, and U.S. 46 to North Caldwell and Little Falls. New Jersey 23 merges with U.S. 202 1.5 miles to the north at Wayne. Photo taken 08/11/04.
Interstate 80 westbound crosses the Passaic River into Essex County ahead of the Exit 52 off-ramp at Fairfield. Intersecting the highway here is Two Bridges Road midway between U.S. 46 and the community of Lincoln Park. The westbound off-ramp utilizes Lane Road to access Two Bridges Road, and Two Bridges Road travels south from there to junction U.S. 46 and Passaic Avenue. Use Passaic Avenue south or U.S. 46 west for the Caldwells. Photo taken 08/11/04.
Original guide signs for the upcoming junction of Interstate 80 west with Interstate 287 at Exit 47. The signs feature the original north control point of Boonton for Interstate 287. Interstate 287 ended at Boonton (junction U.S. 202) until the 1993 when the segment between there and Mahwah opened to traffic. The overheads are attached to the Changebridge Road overcrossing in eastern Morris County. Photo taken 08/11/04.
Interstate 80 westbound near the Exit 47 off-ramp onto U.S. 46 westbound for Parsipanny and Troy Hills. Interstate 80 partitions briefly into a Local / Express configuration for the interchanges with Interstate 287 and U.S. 202. Note the control city change from Boonton to Mahwah for Interstate 287 northbound. Photo taken 08/11/04.
Exit 47 leaves Interstate 80 westbound for U.S. 46 west into Parsippanny. On-ramps from both U.S. 46 west and Interstate 280 westbound join Interstate 80 ahead to form the Express lanes. There is no access to Interstate 280 eastbound for westbound travelers. Photo taken 08/11/04.
A crossover carries Interstate 80 westbound drivers onto the Express roadway after the Interstate 280 western terminus. The Express lanes continue west to Netcong and the Delaware Water Gap. The Local lanes serve the Exit 43B/A ramps for Interstate 287 and U.S. 46 via Littleton Road. Photo taken 08/11/04.
Exit 43B partitions into ramps for Interstate 287 north to Boonton and Mahwah and Little Road east to Smith Road and U.S. 46. U.S. 46 parallels Interstate 80 to the north between Parsippany and Denville between Exits 47 and 38. Interstate 287 northbound merges with Interstate 87 (New York Thruway) 28 miles to the northeast. Photo taken 08/11/04.

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