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Interstate 84

Interstate 84 East
Welcome to Massachusetts sign on Interstate 84 eastbound. The freeway enters the state near Hamilton Reservoir at the Hampden and Worcester County line. Interstate 84 maintains six overall lanes from the Connecticut state line through to junction Interstate 90 (Massachusetts Turnpike). Photo taken 08/09/04.
The carriageways of Interstate 84 diverge between the state line and Exit 2. Mashapaug Road intersects the freeway one mile to the north to the west of Southbridge. A rest area lies along the northbound lanes to the right of the guide sign. Photo taken 08/09/04.
One half mile south of the Exit 1 off-ramp to Mashapaug Road. Mashapaug Road stems north from Leadmine & Vinton Roads to junction Interstate 84 at Haynes Street. Mashapaug Road continues east into Southbridge as South Street. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Exit 1 leaves Interstate 84 east for adjacent Haynes Street to the north of Mashapaug Road. Haynes Street parallels Interstate 84 eastbound between Mashapaug Road and Massachusetts 131 (Main Street) at Sturbridge. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Continuing eastbound on Interstate 84 toward the town of Sturbridge. Intersecting the freeway ahead is Shattuck Road, an east-west connector between Old Sturbridge Village Road and River Road at Haynes Street. River Road continues east from Exit 2 southeast to Farquhar and Mashapaug Roads. Photo taken 08/09/04.
0.75-mile overhead for the Exit 2 diamond-interchange with Shattuck Road. Old Sturbridge Village Road ventures north from Shattuck Road and Interstate 84 to Stallion Hill Road and junction U.S. 20 (Main Street) in west Sturbridge. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Massachusetts 131 continues Connecticut 131 northwest from Quinebaug to Sandersdale, Southbridge, and Sturbridge. The state highway follows Main Street northwest from Southbridge to its terminus at U.S. 20 in Sturbridge. Use Haynes Street or Farquhar Road north to access Massachusetts 131 from Exit 2. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Interstate 84 eastbound at the Exit 2 diamond interchange with Shattuck Road. Massachusetts 131 (Main Street) ends at U.S. 20 just west of Exit 3 ahead. Photo taken 08/09/04.
A directional-cloverleaf interchange facilitates the movements between Interstate 84 and U.S. 20 at the town of Sturbridge. U.S. 20 parallels the Interstate 90 corridor throughout the entire state of Massachusetts and locally between Fiskdale and Charlton City. Photo taken 08/09/04.
End advisory sign posted for the eastern terminus of Interstate 84 at junction Interstate 90 (Massachusetts Turnpike). Traffic not departing the freeway for U.S. 20 (Exits 3A/B) defaults onto the toll road in 1.50 miles. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Drawing to within one half mile of the Exit 3A ramp departure onto U.S. 20 eastbound. U.S. 20 (Charlton Road) travels two miles to the south end of Massachusetts 49, five miles to Charlton City, and 10 miles to North Oxford. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Traffic interests to Worcester and Springfield via the Massachusetts Turnpike (Mass Pike) is directed northward on Interstate 84 to Interstate 90 Exit 9. The Massachusetts Turnpike carries the entire length of Interstate 90 between the New York state line and Boston's Logan International Airport. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Eastbound at the ramp departure of Exit 3A onto U.S. 20 (Charlton Road) eastbound. U.S. 20 provides an alternate route to the city of Worcester in lieu of the Mass Pike. The federal highway meets Interstates 290 & 395 12 miles to the east at Auburn. Interstate 290 migrates north from there into downtown Worcester. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Exit 3B loops onto U.S. 20 westbound for Main Street in Sturbridge. U.S. 20 continues west from Massachusetts 131 two miles to Fiskdale (junction Massachusetts 148), five miles to Brimfield (junction Massachusetts 19), and nine miles to Feltonville (junction Massachusetts 67). Photo taken 08/09/04.
U.S. 20 parallels Interstate 90 to the south on the 14-mile drive to Palmer. Massachusetts 32 merges with U.S. 20 between Tenneyville and Palmer, one mile south of the Mass Pike Exit 8. Photo taken 08/09/04.
The Massachusetts Turnpike Authority posts its own Welcome to Massachusetts sign on the Interstate 84 eastbound approach to the Exit 9 toll plaza. The sign celebrates the New England Patriots Super Bowl Championships of XXXVI (versus St. Louis) and XXXVIII (versus Carolina. The Authority better update their sign to include the Pats Super Bowl XXXIX Victory and perhaps the Boston Red Sox World Series victory of 2004... Photo taken 08/09/04.
Entering the Massachusetts Turnpike toll plaza on Interstate 84 east. "Citizen's Bank" electronic toll collection lanes lie to the right. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Interstate 84 partitions into ramps for Interstate 90 east to Boston, New Hampshire, and Maine and Interstate 90 west to Springfield and Albany, New York. The Mass Pike next meets Interstates 290 & 395 12 miles to the east near Worcester. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Interstate 84 draws to a close at the trumpet interchange with Interstate 90 (Mass Pike). For westbound travelers, a 30-mile drive carries motorists to Springfield. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Interstate 84 West
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