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Interstate 91 - Massachusetts

Interstate 91 Highway Guides

Scenes pertaining to Interstate 91
U.S. 5 (Riverdale Street) approaching junction Interstate 91 (Exit 13) in West Springfield. Riverdale Street constitutes a busy four-lane arterial through the mall district adjacent to Exit 13. An odd symmetrical interchange facilitates the movements between the two highways, and the interchange from above resembles an infinity symbol, with circuitous ramps. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Signs for Interstate 91 south are coupled with Interstate 391 for the adjacent interchange, that serves as Interstate 391's southern terminus. Interstate 391 heads north from Springfield through Chicopee toward junction U.S. 202 in Holyoke. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Drawing to within one quarter mile of the Interstate 91 on-ramps from U.S. 5 (Riverdale Street) north. All traffic to Interstate 91 departs in unison. Photo taken 06/28/05.
U.S. 5 continues northward toward Ashleyville and junction Interstate 90 (Massachusetts Turnpike); motorists joining Interstate 91 either turn east across the Connecticut River bridge toward Springfield, or join northbound en route to Greenfield and Brattleboro, Vermont. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Ascending along the U.S. 5 northbound on-ramp to Interstate 91, one sees this set of guide signs for the ramp split. Interstate 91 southbound travels a short distance into downtown Springfield where it meets junction Interstate 291 & U.S. 20. Northbound travelers are advised of Holyoke for the connection to U.S. 202 (Exit 16). Interstate 391's interchange lies nearby at Exit 12. Photo taken 06/28/05.
The ramp partition between Interstate 91 south to Interstate 391 and Interstate 91 north. Drivers using the northbound ramp will first merge with Exit 13A traffic from Interstate 91 south, and then loop around to a partition with a return ramp to U.S. 5 north (for Exit 13A traffic), before actually joining I-91 north ahead of Exit 13B. Photo taken 06/28/05.

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