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AARoads Purpose

Welcome to AARoads! This site, created by road enthusiasts Andy Field and Alex Nitzman, is a tribute to the road. Through AARoads and AARoadtrips, we provide a pictorial journey along many of the highway corridors across the United States, as well as some worldwide locations. Ultimately, our goal is to provide a roadtrip photolog of every Interstate highway in the United States, as well as many primary and secondary highways in our focus states. As we strive to reach this goal, you can follow our progress by looking at our assorted updates pages and look at our clinched Interstates. So for now, there are many places that are not covered on AARoads. However, we plan to someday have them all covered.

Currently, most of what we have put together is web-oriented, but ultimately we hope to provide roadtrips in other formats, including video, printed media, and CD-ROM. Someday, we hope you will be able to watch a video of any Interstate highway in the country, just like the way Tony Soprano sees the Lincoln Tunnel and New Jersey Turnpike in the famous introductory sequence to the hit HBO series "The Sopranos." Wouldn't it be great to see the same on Interstate 5 in Los Angeles or Interstate 70 through the Colorado mountains? But even with these aspirations of multimedia formats, we have our web-based pictorial pages to share with you. And we hope that you enjoy them and help us out with a donation so we can keep taking more roadtrips.

AARoads is primarily broken down into two major components: the Interstate Guide and AARoadtrips. The Interstate Guide is a complete reference to a specific Interstate highway, with a brief commentary on the route, the official mileage, a list of all connecting Interstates, and a table showing pictures of the termini of each route. If you have pictures of the route's termini, please feel free to submit them to us for consideration. We also provide a section on the future of the route, including improvements, modifications, or extensions to the facility.

For pictures of the route between the termini, look no farther than AARoadtrips. AARoadtrips provides a detailed pictorial journey of each Interstate highway within each state it traverses. In addition, as we drive U.S. and State Routes, we also have roadtrip pages for those routes. AARoadtrips is separated by state, so it is easy to see our journeys across the United States. In addition, we focus on states in which we have lived, including Alabama, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Florida, Nevada, South Carolina, and Wyoming. So pictures from these states are from daily driving as well as specific roadtrips to various locations nationwide.

In addition to our pictorial pages based on states and highways, we also have several peripheral pages that have evolved as a result of our personal interests in roads. These include:

  • Congressional High Priority Corridors - this page provides a resource to all 44 corridors identified by the U.S. Congress between 1991 and 2002 as a high priority for improvements. In some cases, these high priority corridors are slated to become new Interstate highways, including the extensions to Interstates 49, 66, 69, 73, 74, 86, and 99.
  • Interstate Business Loop Guide - many routes have business connections, but the consistency of what gets signed as a business loop varies by region and by state. For instance, Oregon does not have any Interstate business loops, even though it is a western state. In the northeastern states, only a handful of business loops exist, including one in Lebanon, New Hampshire. Signing practices also vary, as evidenced by comparing California with Arizona.
  • Interstate Shield Gallery - since we were young, we've looked at Interstate highway shields to look at variations. Some are obvious: the state name may or may not be present, or the shield size may vary from state to state. But other things, such as numeral size, amount of white space around the shield, font of the word "INTERSTATE" and more caused us to want to collect a picture of all Interstate highway shields. We are not done with this endeavor, and we are always looking for people like you to send us close-up, clear photos of these route markers.
  • The Lost Highway - Another facet of roads that we've noticed is the constant upgrading of highways to meet demands. In many cases, these upgraded facilities are built on top of existing right-of-way. However, in some cases, the older facility is given to a local agency for maintenance, or is abandoned altogether. The Lost Highway page is our way of paying homage to these old roads and bridges.
  • License Plates - we have collected license plates for as long as we can remember, and we want to share what we've accumulated with you.
  • Highway Kick-Off Page - finally, we want to share with you what we consider to be the best road pages on the Internet today. The Kick-Off Page is what we hope to be a comprehensive listing of road and highway pages, including a list of state Department of Transportation sites.

As we develop AARoads into a world-class road enthusiast experience, we hope you will join us in hitting the road!

Page Updated March 15, 2003.