U.S. Highway 24 - Colorado


Beginning in the mountains west of Vail near the town of Minturn, U.S. 24 crosses the Front Range, Great Plains, and Midwest en route to its eastern terminus north of Pontiac, Michigan. In Colorado, U.S. 24 passes through some gorgeous mountain scenery before passing into the eastern plains. It merges with Interstate 70 east of Limon (excepting a state maintained frontage road between Seibert and the Kansas State Line east of Burlington).

U.S. 24 historically ran west along side U.S. 6 from Dowd to U.S. 50 at Grand Junction. The long concurrency was eliminated as approved by AASHTO on November 15, 1975. This action also dropped U.S. 24 Bypass from Grand Junction.

U.S. 24 east
U.S. 24 begins its easterly journey at Interstate 70 Exit 171. Although not shown here, U.S. 6 silently merges onto Interstate 70 east, while U.S. 24 travels south alongside the Eagle River toward Minturn, Tennessee Pass, and Leadville on an alignment parallel to the Union Pacific Railroad. U.S. 24 then turns east toward Colorado Springs and rejoins Interstate 70 in Limon, southeast of Denver. The federal route remains merged with Interstate 70 into Kansas, excepting a significant section between Seibert and the state line east of Burlington. (There is no connection between the frontage road east of Burlington and the cosigned section of Interstate 70 and U.S. 24 in Kansas.) Photo taken 10/18/04.
To the southeast, U.S. 24 travels through the mountains before descending toward Manitou Springs and eventually Colorado Springs. U.S. 24 follows an expressway bypass around Manitou Springs. While it has some freeway characteristics near Manitou Springs, here eastbound U.S. 24 loses any semblance of being a freeway as it approaches Interstate 25 west of Colorado Springs. This interchange is under-powered and may cause delays when accessing Interstate 25. Photo taken 11/11/03.
Eastbound U.S. 24 at south Interstate 25; the next left is for north Interstate 25. U.S. 24 itself merges onto southbound Interstate 25 to bypass the city. Photo taken 11/11/03.
Ramp from eastbound U.S. 24 to southbound Interstate 25. Traffic continuing straight ahead are defaulted onto Cimarron Street, which leads east into downtown Colorado Springs, the second largest city in Colorado. Photo taken 11/11/03.
This view of the Interstate 25 demonstrates the age of the freeway. This corridor is being reconstructed, and this bridge may well be replaced. Photo taken 11/11/03.
U.S. 24 west
U.S. 24 reaches its western terminus at a junction with Interstate 70 and U.S. 6 at Exit 171, Dowds Junction. Traveling north from Leadville, U.S. 24 travels alongside the Eagle River in the White Lake National Forest before meeting U.S. 6 at Dowds Junction. Dowds Junction (north of Minturn) appears on many maps, but there is little physical evidence of a town at Exit 171. U.S. 6 west separates from Interstate 70 at Exit 171, and it takes over for U.S. 24 straight ahead. Between 1936 and 1975, U.S. 24 continued west to Grand Junction, where it ended at U.S. 50. During this nearly 40-year period, U.S. 6 shared its alignment with U.S. 24 for 39 of those years, from 1937 to 1975. U.S. 24 was decommissioned gradually west of Dowds Junction as sections of Interstate 70 were opened to traffic. However, some sections of the frontage road that are officially signed as U.S. 6 are still locally known as Highway 6-24. Photo taken 10/18/04.
Garden of the Gods
U.S. 24 passes to the south of the Garden of the Gods, a regional park located west of Colorado Springs and south of the Air Force Academy. The red rock formations are similar to those found in Red Rocks Amphitheater west of Denver. Photos taken 11/11/03.
Business U.S. 24/Manitou Springs West
This suite of photos shows Business U.S. 24 heading west through Manitou Springs, which is best known for its mineral springs. Even though this is Veteran's Day weekend, decorations for Christmas are already strung across Manitou Avenue. Photos taken 11/11/03.
Business U.S. 24/Manitou Springs East
Eastbound Business U.S. 24 in Manitou Springs. Occasionally the shields are mislabeled without the business banner. Photos taken 11/11/03.
The business route meets U.S. 24 once in Manitou Springs; east of this interchange, the business route is on the north side of U.S. 24; west of this interchange, the business route is on the south side of U.S. 24. Photos taken 11/11/03.

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