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U.S. 85 cuts through the center of Colorado, mostly combined with Interstate 25 south of Castle Rock and generally separate from Interstate 25 north of Castle Rock. The segment of U.S. 85 between Castle Rock and downtown Denver follows Santa Fe Drive, an expressway that features exits and a parallel light rail corridor. Northeast of downtown, U.S. 85 resumes at Exit 12 from Interstate 76 along the Greeley Highway (a brief unsigned overlap follows Interstate 25 and Interstate 70; U.S. 85 then exits the freeway and follows U.S. 6/Vasquez Boulevard northeast to join Interstate 76). The Greeley Highway stays east of Interstate 25 and connects Brighton, Fort Lupton, Platteville, Gilcrest, La Salle, Greeley, and Ault en route to Cheyenne, Wyoming.

U.S. Highway 85 Colorado Highway Guides

Business U.S. 85 - Sedalia (Southbound)
Several instances of Business U.S. 85 exist in Colorado, but only one is located on the stretch of U.S. 85 between Castle Rock and Denver. This business route is located in Sedalia, a small town midway between Castle Rock and Colorado 470. A locally maintained business route follows Douglas County Route 16 west, Douglas County Route 18 south, and Colorado 67 north. This photo shows the continuation of Business U.S. 85 from Douglas County Route 16 west onto Douglas County Route 18 south. Photo taken 11/14/05.
Douglas County Route 18 is signed along southbound Business U.S. 85 as the route travels toward Sedalia. Several industrial areas take access from the county route. Photo taken 11/14/05.
Coming around the bend, the business route enters Sedalia. A residential area lies ahead. Photo taken 11/14/05.

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