Highway South/West End North/East End Mileage
59 Alabama 182 – Gulf Shores Alabama 21 – Uriah 94.1
135 Alabama 182 – Gulf State Park Alabama 180 – Gulf Shores 2.1
161 Alabama 182 – Orange Beach Alabama 180 – Orange Beach 1.7
180 Fort Morgan Orange Beach 31.4
182 Pine Beach Florida state line (Florida 292) 17.3
Foley Beach Express Alabama 180 – Orange Beach Alabama 59 – Foley 13.5
State Park Road 2 Alabama 182 – Orange Beach Alabama 135 – Gulf State Park 3.0


Foley Beach Express

A public/private project, the Foley Beach Express is a 13.5-mile expressway and toll bridge between Alabama 59 near Summerdale and Alabama 180 at Orange Beach. The southernmost six miles were built with private funds (Baldwin County Bridge Company). Included in this segment is the 2,000 foot span over the Intracoastal Waterway between Orange Beach and the Baldwin County mainland. The 73′ tall bridge entailed $10.5 million of the overall $36 million project.

The four-lane highway and two-lane bridge opened to traffic in June 2000 after construction commenced on June 2, 1999. Federal funds were used to construct the northernmost 7.5 miles of the expressway. Financing for the private portion of the road is provided by tolls collected at the Intracoastal Waterway bridge. Those rates are set at $3.50 for all passenger vehicles with discounts available for Alabama Freedom Pass users.

State Routes


Gulf Shores Parkway

Alabama 59 provides the main gateway between Interstates 10 and 65 to the Alabama Gulf Coast. The state route joins U.S. 31 between the two freeways as the Gulf Shores Parkway, a four-lane divided highway between Loxley and Bay Minette. In conjunction with Alabama 287, Alabama 59 acts as the conduit for beach-goers from the Great Lakes and northern Alabama. South of Interstate 10, Alabama 59 maintains at least four overall lanes through to the terminus at Gulf Shores. Traffic slows from 55 to 35 mph through the older downtowns of Loxley, Robertsdale, Summerdale and Foley.

The original Alabama 59 constituted the route between Uriah and Bay Minette in 1940. By 1957 Alabama 59 grew to its current length extending southward to Gulf Shores over the former route of Alabama 32 with Alabama 3 shifting to become the hidden counterpart of U.S. 31 west to Spanish Fort. Four laning of the stretch between Gulf Shores and Interstate 10 was completed by 1996 to provide additional capacity for the tourist season and hurricane evacuation situations.


Park Road

Alabama 135 constitutes a short loop between Alabama 180 (East 2nd Street / Fort Morgan Road) and Alabama 182 (East Beach Boulevard) within Gulf State Park. The two-lane roadway loops west of Shelby Lakes to provide an alternate hurricane evacuation route to Alabama 59.

Alabama 135 first appeared on the Alabama State Highway Map in 1948 as Alabama 138. The route was renumbered to 135 by 1957, with 138 reused along Hurricane Road between Crossroads and Bay Minette.


Orange Beach Boulevard

Alabama 161 constitutes Orange Beach Boulevard between Alabama 180 (Canal Road) and Alabama 182 (Perdido Beach Boulevard) in Orange Beach. The five-lane highway provides one of three connectors between the two east-west routes. Alabama 161 was signed in 1948.2


Dixie Graves Pkwy / Canal Dr / Canal Rd / Fort Morgan Rd

Alabama 180 straddles the Gulf of Mexico along the Fort Morgan peninsula from the Fort Morgan State Historic Site eastward to Gulf Shores on Dixie Graves Parkway / Fort Morgan Road. The state route turns northward on East 2nd Street in Gulf Shores to Canal Drive along the Intracoastal Waterway (Portage Creek). Once in Orange Beach the highway transitions into a busy arterial route through to Alabama 161 (Orange Beach Boulevard). Mid-2000s growth added The Wharf and Cypress Village among other Orange Beach developments.

Signed in 1940 between Fort Morgan and Gulf Shores, the state route saw extension in 1957 to Orange Beach over the decommissioned Alabama 160.2


Beach Boulevard / Perdido Beach Boulevard

Alabama 182 provides the coastal route between Pine Beach and Perdido Key, Florida. Initially consisting of a two-lane beach road, Alabama 182 swells into a five-lane arterial between Lagoon Avenue in Gulf Shores and the Florida state line.

Numerous condominium high rises line Alabama 182 in both Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, resulting in heavy traffic congestion during summer months. Sandwiched between the resort towns is Gulf State Park, a natural area encompassing Shelby Lakes that includes a 1512′-long fishing pier. Additional units of the state park line both sides of Perdido Pass below the high-level bridge of Alabama 182.

Alabama 182 first appeared on Alabama State Highway maps in 1951.2

State Park Road 2

State Park Road 2 looped east from Alabama 135 (Park Road) to Alabama 182 (East Beach Boulevard) between Shelby Lakes and within Gulf State Park. A 1.5 mile section of Park Road 2 closed permanently to vehicular traffic on April 18, 2016. The closure is part of the Gulf State Park master plan, which converts the roadway into a path for pedestrians, cyclists and a future park tram. Two segments of the road will be retained for access to the park golf course and campgrounds.1

State Park Road 2 eastbound left SR 135 (Park Road) for the Gulf State Park golf course north of Shelby Lakes. The shield pictured here was removed by 2006. Photo taken 05/16/04.
Park Road 2 turned southward and served the Gulf State Park nature center and campground facilities before ending at SR 182 (East Beach Boulevard) near the Gulf of Mexico. SR 182 travels west to the Gulf State Park Pier and Gulf Shores and east to Orange Beach and Perdido Key, Florida. Photo taken 05/16/04.

Alabama Gulf Coast County Roads

29th Avenue / Brown Lane / Cotton Creek Road / Oyster Bay Road

County Road 4 East
Cotton Creek Drive carries Baldwin County 4 east from SR 59 (Gulf Shores Parkway) at 36th Avenue to the Foley Beach Express. Connections to the toll bridge south into Orange Beach are provided by Roscoe Road north to Bradford Road east. Photo taken 08/01/06.
Baldwin County 4 reassurance marker posted on Brown Lane after Roscoe Road. Cotton Creek Road comprises the main access road to the sprawling Craft Farms golf course subdivision community. Photo taken 08/01/06.
Brown Lane loops under the Foley Beach Express toll bridge and connects with the northbound side of the expressway. Photo taken 08/01/06.
Passing under the Intracoastal Waterway bridge of the Foley Beach Express. The expressway narrows to two lanes as it crosses the waterway on a 2000-built toll bridge. Photo taken 08/01/06.
Construction along the south side of the Intracoastal related to The Wharf rises to encompass the view of Browns Lane on the eastward turn under the toll bridge. A failed development lines the north side of the Intracoastal adjacent to the Foley Beach Express. Partially built structures associated with Bama Bayou occupy areas east of the toll plaza and the Brown Lane end. Photo taken 08/01/06.
County Road 4 West
Heading west along 29th Avenue through an area that was slated for the massive Bon Secour Village development. Only a handful of streets were built in 2006, and much of the area remains undeveloped due to financial woes of the developing company and the real estate collapse of the late 2000s. Photo taken 08/01/06.
Baldwin County 4 transitions to Oyster Bay Road, eventually crossing wetlands along northern reaches of the bay. Photo taken 08/01/06.
Baldwin County 4 concludes at Baldwin County 6. County Road 6 spurs west onto Plash Island and arcs northeast along the Bon Secour River to Pak and SR 59 (Gulf Shores Parkway). Photo taken 08/01/06.

Oak Road West

County Road 6 East
Easterly view of Baldwin County 6 near the highway beginning at Todd Lane south / Plash Road north. Marshy areas of the Intracoastal Waterway line the south side of Plash Island along the county road. Photo taken 08/01/06.
Approaching the split with Baldwin County 4 (Oyster Bay Road) east on Baldwin County 6. The two partition east of the Oyster Bay bridge off Plash Island. Photo taken 08/01/06.
Baldwin County 4 stems east from County Road 6 through the Bon Secour Village area to 29th Avenue and SR 59 (Gulf Shores Parkway) north of the Intracoastal Waterway. Photo taken 08/01/06.
Baldwin County 6 turns northward and parallels the Bon Secour River to Oak from County Road 4. Photo taken 08/01/06.
The final stretch of Baldwin County 6 east takes the road onto Oak Road West to SR 59 (Gulf Shores Parkway). Photo taken 08/01/06.
Baldwin County 6 ends at SR 59. Oak Road East spurs from Gulf Shores Parkway to the Craft Farms golf course subdivision community. Photo taken 08/01/06.
County Road 6 West
Westbound reassurance shield posted for Baldwin County 6 after the highway begins and follows Oak Road West away from SR 59 (Gulf Shores Parkway). Photo taken 08/01/06.
Leaving the intersection with Baldwin County 4 (Oyster Bay Road), Baldwin County 6 spans Oyster Bay and reaches Plash Island. The span was rebuilt in 1997. Photo taken 08/01/06.

County Road 8

County Road 8 East
Venturing east along Baldwin County 8 after the two-lane divided parkway portion of road ends at Viola Road. Photo taken 08/02/06.
Baldwin County 8 kinks northeast and approaches SR 59 (Gulf Shores Parkway) through northern reaches of Gulf Shores. Baldwin County 8 west Photo taken 08/02/06.
Still not a signalized intersection as of 2009, Baldwin County 8 crosses SR 59 and continues east toward several new subdivisions carved out of former farm fields to the end at the Foley Beach Express. Photo taken 08/02/06.
County Road 8 West
Baldwin County 8 begins from the Foley Beach Express and travels west through northern reaches of the Craft Farms development in Gulf Shores. Photo taken 06/13/10.
Traveling west along Baldwin County 8 from SR 59 (Gulf Shores Parkway). This stretch of roadway connects the parkway with Huggers Landing and a handful of other subdivisions east of the Bon Secour River and south of Boggy Branch. Photo taken 08/02/06.
The signed portion of Baldwin County 8 ends at the intersection with Viola Road. Viola Road heads south to Wetlands Nature Park and north to Pine Acres Road. A two-lane divided parkway continues the unsigned stretch of County Road 8 west to the Bon Secour River. Photo taken 08/02/06.

County Road 10

There are three branches of Baldwin County Road 10. The main stretch of CR 10 extends east from Baldwin County Road 19 to State Route 59 in south Foley. CR 10’s north-south branch follows Bon Secour Highway south from the east-west portion to River Road on the Bon Secour River.

County Road 10 East
Eastbound reassurance marker of Baldwin County 10 posted after the road begins and leaves County Road 19. Photo taken 08/01/06.
Baldwin County 10 east joins with Baldwin County 10 (Bon Secour Highway) northbound at this stop sign and flasher combination. Photo taken 08/01/06.
Continuing east along Baldwin County 10 from the merge with Bon Secour Highway. Photo taken 08/01/06.
One half mile further east is the four-way stop with Baldwin County 65. Photo taken 08/01/06.
Baldwin County 65 travels one quarter mile north from its beginning at Caldwell Lane west / Steele Drive north to Baldwin County 10 north of Bon Secour. Four sections of the route exist, the southernmost continuing north from County Road 10 to Baldwin County 28 (Marlow Road) outside Summerdale. Photo taken 08/01/06.
Nearing the eastern terminus of Baldwin County 10 at SR 59. Photo taken 08/01/06.
Baldwin County 10 ends opposite Richard Childress Lane. SR 59 travels north to downtown Foley and south to Gulf Shores. Photo taken 08/01/06.
County Road 10 West
Continuing west along Baldwin County 10 after the split with Baldwin County 10 (Bon Secour Highway) south. Photo taken 08/01/06.
Baldwin County 10 ends 1.5 miles after County Road 10 south at Baldwin County 19. Photo taken 08/01/06.
Baldwin County 19 only travels one half mile north to Baldwin County 16 and one mile south to Baldwin County 49 South near Bon Secour. Photo taken 08/01/06.
County Road 10 North
The northbound beginning of Baldwin County 10 (Bon Secour Highway) as the highway leaves River Road. Photo taken 08/01/06.
Baldwin County 49 South crosses paths with Bon Secour Highway 1.25 miles north of River Road at Bon Secour. Photo taken 08/01/06.
County Road 49 South ends at Bon Secour Fisheries, Inc. on the Bon Secour River to the southeast and otherwise stems west to Baldwin County 49 north at Skunk Bayou. County Road 49 exists in portions northward to Steelwood in north Loxley. Photo taken 08/01/06.
An older set of 20" flashers advised caution to Baldwin County 10 motorists at the stop sign for Baldwin County 49 South. Photo taken 08/01/06.
Baldwin County 10 (Bon Secour Highway) north defaults onto Baldwin County 10 east toward Foley and Gulf Shores. Photo taken 08/01/06.
County Road 10 South
Turning southward onto the Bon Secour Highway portion of Baldwin County 10 from Baldwin County 10 west. Photo taken 08/01/06.
Baldwin County 10 (Bon Secour Highway) concludes at River Road opposite a marine facility on the Bon Secour River. River Road spurs west and east along the waterway. Photo taken 08/01/06.


  1. “State stuns mayor, slams door on road to Gulf State Park.” Mobile Register, April 21, 2016.

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