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Not as cool as the Alaska Highway, but still deserted.

Texas State Highway 161 is part of the outer (outer) loop of Dallas currently being constructed all the way around the city, ignoring that pesky Fort Worth. Other parts of the roadway include the planned Loop 9 to the south, and George Bush Turnpike. The latter road is currently being extended east and south of [...]

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QC Trip – Day 2 (I-74, I-72, I-172, etc.).

Brent drove from Chicago west to QC and met up for a joint trip southeast to Champaign. A quick cold front blew through the morning of, washing out most of the ride west. This view shows that construction along Interstate 88 (East-West Tollway) is finally complete! If you drove through in 2008, [...]

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QC Trip – Day 1 (Rockford, Chicago, Bloomington, Lincoln).

Started out the day being greeted by this VMS with the message "I-80 EB Closed at Mississippi River". Had to turn around and trudge southward along the real I-74 eastbound, which was equally under construction for an ARRA based resurfacing project. A routine inspection revealed damage to a faulty floor beam and [...]

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