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Westbound I-74 across the Iowa-Illinois Memorial Bridge

Due to ongoing construction of the new I-74 Mississippi River Bridge, the current mainline of westbound Interstate 74 through the Quad Cities utilizes several ramps and at-grade crossings on both ends of the Iowa-Illinois Memorial Bridge. Iowa-bound traffic utilizes a portion of the new bridge approach to the future eastbound off-ramp [...]

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Updates December 16-20, 2019 – Iowa

U.S. 34 crosses the Great River Bridge over the Mississippi River from Gulfport, Illinois to Burlington, Iowa. Continuing with Iowa updates on the site, added the rest of the U.S. 34 photos from 2016 and 2018, covering westbound through Burlington and West Burlington. From the same daytrips, also added new pages covering U.S. 61 [...]

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Updates December 12-14, 2019 – Iowa

Website updates starting late last week and continuing to December 12 have focused on our long backlog of photos throughout the state of Iowa. The bulk of the site content focused on eastern Iowa, with several daytrips originating from the Quad Cities. Decided to expand westward starting with Interstate 80, which now has 2013-16 [...]

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Southwest Florida Projects / Page Updates

Finished adding all of our backlogged photos for Charlotte and Lee Counties in Southwest Florida by the start of Thanksgiving weekend. Drove around the area over the holiday, documenting some new stretches of road and redriving previous ones. A few projects are ongoing, and others just starting. Along State Road 82, the continuous [...]

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