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Map Finds from February 15th

Occasionally we make trips out to area flea markets, swap meets and antique stores in the search for more maps to add to our growing collection. The majority of these are open on weekends, with others, like New Castle Farmers Market's outdoor flea market in Delaware (a long time favorite of mine), open on Friday as well. Some of the largest flea markets in the county operate on weekdays and [...]

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1946 Baltimore and 1956 Hawaii Maps

In addition to the recent 1942 Washington, D.C. map we acquired, we got our hands on some other goodies, including a city map of Baltimore, Maryland and a map of the Hawaiian Islands including a Honolulu street map. We'll touch on some of the highlights for the Baltimore map before moving onward to the Aloha state. The Baltimore city map is a Rand McNally base with a date code of [...]

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Washington, D.C. 1942 Map

We recently picked up a Washington, DC area map with a General Drafting base dated from 1942. This map may be the oldest we have of the capital city in our collection, and it definitely shows signs of aging having been torn into three separate sections. The fragile nature of the map made scanning it difficult, so we broke down the imagery into a few excepts. Let's take a further [...]

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Interchanges rise…

A quick progress report on two local projects, the Florida 85/Florida 123 interchange improvements and the Mid-Bay Bridge connector, part of the Toll Florida 293 bypass around Niceville. The Florida 85/Florida 123 project is slated to be done by summer of 2012 while the Mid-Bay Bridge connector will be completed in stages over the next three years, with a portion of the first phase opening this Thursday, as posted in [...]

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2012 Rand McNally – carbon copy of 2011 only not in Clearview…

The 2012 Rand McNally is now out and after a somewhat indepth comparison with the 2011 version I found the following modifications: Mississippi - MS 67 on the main state page is now shown as four-lane for its entire length (was a grey line in the 2011 edition) Missouri - I-64 is now shown as a freeway all the way to I-70< Missouri - US 36 around the town of [...]

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2011 Rand Review

Happened to check the local Wal-Mart after work today and found the 2011 Rand. Here are some of the changes: Symbology changes: Old style exit numbers have been replaced with a green box with white lettering, just like AAA Incorporated and unincorporated places are now differentiated by different town circles. Incorporated places are still the black dot with unincorporated places now being a hollow circle Subtle difference in the shields [...]

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Some 2010 Rand McNally updates…

It's that time of year again to go through the Rand McNally road atlas to see what has been added/updated/deleted over the past year. I recently had a chance to glimpse the latest edition and noticed the following updates and additions from last year’s print: Alabama: U.S. 78 (Future Interstate 22) is now complete to east of Graysville with the rest to Interstate 65 showing as under construction. Florida: the [...]

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Virtual Roadding 2.0

Photo taken 12/13/08 Well, the masterminds over at Google Maps have done it again. Upon going on Google Maps on Monday night, it was discovered that one of their features, Street View, has been drastically modified. First off, Street View can now take up your entire screen, whereas the previous version displayed it in a pop-up window. Second, there is now more extensive coverage, especially in rural [...]

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Albuquerque @ AARoads

One of my recent mapping projects involved updating a wall map for Albuquerque and Sandoval County, New Mexico. My only experience with the area was a brief touchdown on a flight to Portland, Oregon in 2006, so updating the map pretty much involved getting familiar with the area. There is not too much on the internet covering Albuquerque's highway network. One site that does exist however, is Steve Riner's New [...]

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