Steadily making progress

Number of pages converted Remaining html pages We are steadily making progress with the site wide conversion for the remaining html pages. The bulk of what remains is in California, and the Westerns states in general, in addition to 200 plus pages on It will be some time before we can [...]

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AARoads Sitewide Revamp

This week's long awaited site change to use a content management system (CMS) based design culminates over 18 months of work. As site visitors may have noticed, blog entries, updates on the main page and Interstate-Guide, and new content additions trickled down due to the back end work. A lot of back and forth with [...]

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the next AARoads destination?

A photo I took last night of our nearest celestial neighbor. I finally got my telescope-to-Nikon mount set up, so I experimented away! the blue dot at the upper left is the star Spica, about 260 light years distant.

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