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Roy Reed’s Gas Bash – April 2011

at long last, I am back, with some photos for everyone … highway signs which showed up at Roy Reed’s gas and oil collectible swap meet, and then some scenery from the subsequent days, when I found I had some time on my hands and did a quick trip up to the Bay Area and Sacramento. enjoy! This poor guide sign has been cut into three pieces – and one [...]

The Laws Railroad Museum

Some photos, from a visit to the Laws Railroad Museum, in Bishop, California in October, 2010. Enthusiasts of railroads, old highways, and the general western frontier experience are strictly obligated to check it out. the Laws Railroad Museum this is a photo gallery of their highway sign collection. They mainly focus on the Auto Club of Southern California, as they are the ones who signed the Bishop area between 1913 [...]

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The Midland Trail

The first in a series of articles about historic highway signage. We will be featuring many, many more articles, on a great variety of sign-related topics, on the AARoads Shield Gallery. This Midland Trail overview is made possible by the indispensable research of Devon Mich’l, the foremost authority on Nevada highway signs in general, and especially the Midland Trail. All accurate facts in here are to be credited to Devon. [...]

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