November 2021 Updates

Many updates were made over the last month to the site and are summarized below. We also traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina for a concert, and took some time to check out a few area roads including the tolled Monroe Expressway, U.S. 74 along Independence Boulevard and various state routes in York County, South Carolina. Worked some over the Thanksgiving weekend on some of the recent photos from Carolina. [...]

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Updates October 25-26, 2021 – Arkansas, Kansas

I-70 (Kansas Turnpike) at the parclo A2 interchange with K-10 (S Lawrence Trafficway) at Lawrence. 10/31/16 Working westward from Kansas City in the Sunflower State, added new pages for several Kansas Highways. K-5 - a route northwest from Kansas City to Leavenworth, with a short freeway that was originally part of Interstate 635. K-7 - a long route stretching north from Oklahoma to Nebraska, with sections of freeway and expressway [...]

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Updates October 21-22, 2021 – Finishing Kansas City

A high flyover connects I-35 north with I-70/U.S. 24-40-169 westbound along the Lewis and Clark Viaduct linking the West Bottoms area of Kansas City, Missouri with Downtown Kansas City, Kansas. 10/07/21 Finishing up with updates from our recent roadtrip to the Midwest/Great Plains. The morning of October 7, 2021, we did a loop around Kansas City covering a few things that have changed since the last photos shot [...]

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Interstate additions in H.B. 244

There are no plans from MODOT to extend I-57 south to the U.S. 67 freeway in Arkansas currently. The Breathitt Parkway north from Nortonville to Henderson was designated as a northern extension of I-69 in 2015. The 34 mile stretch of the parkway south from the Western Kentucky Parkway was previously unnumbered. Signed by the President on May 5, 2017, H.B. 244 designates U.S. 67 north from Interstate [...]

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Updates and Road News for the week of January 25

Well no big snowstorm this week, at least for the east coast. The western U.S. however is receiving a large storm system, with heavy rains and mountain snows. Rainy now across #SierraNevada passes but that'll change this evening as snow levels drop. Plan ahead! #cawx — NWS Sacramento (@NWSSacramento) January 29, 2016 Now on to the road news and updates for this week at AARoads. Today we completed adding [...]

Mid-South Road Trip – May 20 – Shreveport, Texarkana, Little Rock, Clarksdale, MS

Day 2 of the whirlwind trip took us around the Shreveport freeway system, northward along new Interstate 49 to Arkansas, around Texarkana on the new I-369 and AR 549 freeways, and northeast to a revisit of the Little Rock Interstates. Meandering southeastward, we crossed the doomed Clarendon Bridge over the White River toward U.S. 49 through Helena-West Helena into Mississippi. Zigzagging southward, we ended up in Vicksburg. Interstate 220 provides [...]

New Orleans II

Second batch from July of 2008, featuring mainly US-82 and US-78 in Arkansas and Mississippi. Along US-82 in southwest Arkansas is a wild animal farm. Here is a half-horse half-zebra creature. Some of the last cutouts in Mississippi. There is a US-45 somewhere, too. Extra tall sunset, somewhere approaching Tupelo on old US-78. […]

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New Orleans I

A New Orleans – and general south – trip from July of 2008. This is a glass cateye reflector sign. There are four of them, and they all date back to about 1936 when this bridge in New Orleans was opened. The Milky Way over partly cloudy skies. Lights from Shreveport are providing the orange glow. […]

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Iowa Trip Day 1 – MS to MO

Some notes and photos from a holiday drive northward from the Gulf Coast area to Iowa. Day 1 focused on the Interstate 55 corridor northward to Sikeston, Missouri. The day started out foggy, with lots of standing water from recent floodwaters over southern Mississippi. The the sun shined northward to Grenada, where murky skies set in and remained in place throughout the week U.S. 84 shifted from its [...]

Bluegrass, Mint Juleps, and Hal “I’m sorry Dave, I can’t do that” Rogers Parkway

Speaking of places that aaroads does not cover in too much detail, we'd like to introduce a new Kentucky page. So far, only I-64 and Lexington's New Circle Road are posted but all Louisville area freeways, and a few other roadways in the "Golden Triangle" area of the state are coming soon. Edit: They're all up now! I'd like to especially thank the Louisville Courier-Journal for the use of their [...]

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