San Francisco

And now, a brief interruption. some photos from this previous weekend. The Bay Bridge has had lights attached to it. It's tough to tell from here, but they actually move in patterns. Well worth seeing in person. The lights will stay for the next two years, and can only be seen from the San Francisco side. That other bridge that San Francisco is famous for. This is the view from [...]

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Baja California, June 2011

A brief dash down to Baja California last weekend, made even briefer through mechanical difficulties. Ian B and I were going to drive down to San Quintin, spend the night, and drive back the next day. Since we were ahead of schedule, we decided to drive up to Sierra San Pedro Martir national park, which contains Picacho del Diablo, the highest mountain in Mexico. The mountain is 10157 feet, and [...]

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Gila River part I

A trip to New Mexico, essentially following the Gila River all the way. Part features the first day, and the morning of the second – driving from San Diego to Lake Roberts, NM. Adventures in terrible light-post placement. There are only two known 1957-spec interstate shields in Arizona. (The other one is on this exact gantry, facing the other direction.) Extremely pointy flower in morning light. Highway 90 between Lordsburg [...]

Mariposa part II

The second batch of photos from the trip ScottB and I took to Mariposa, in the western Sierra foothills. On this day, we leave the town and head southwards, on 49 and then various county roads, before spurring off on 168 into the mountains a while. Just a little stream, filled with floating vegetation, by the side of a county road just a mile or two from highway 41. An [...]

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Mariposa part I

Photos from last weekend! I took a trip with ScottB to the town of Mariposa, on highway 49, in the western Sierra foothills. We explored old bridges and wildflowers and green hills and what have you, and a grand old time was had by all. here is the first day. By the side of a road called simply “Old Highway”. It is to the southwest of Mariposa, and branches off [...]

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Roy Reed’s Gas Bash – April 2011

at long last, I am back, with some photos for everyone … highway signs which showed up at Roy Reed’s gas and oil collectible swap meet, and then some scenery from the subsequent days, when I found I had some time on my hands and did a quick trip up to the Bay Area and Sacramento. enjoy! This poor guide sign has been cut into three pieces – and one [...]

Nevada, Dec ’10 part III

The third day of the winter trip to Nevada. This set features exclusively California, as I headed home, down the Central Valley from Redding. This old bridge can be found on US-99 in Red Bluff. Plenty of 1920s – and even older – bridges may be found along the historic route. An original I-580 shield. The banners are brand new, but that gantry is specifically designed to hold two route [...]

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Nevada, Dec ’10 part II

the second day of my Utah/Nevada/California trip – this time focusing almost exclusively on Nevada, except for at the end of the day, where we cross into California, and are nearly buried alive in snow. On this day, we cover US-50 in Nevada (the Lincoln Highway), and on the next day we head to California and drive down I-5 through the Central Valley. About 30 miles west of Ely, Nevada [...]

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