Washington, D.C. 1942 Map

We recently picked up a Washington, DC area map with a General Drafting base dated from 1942. This map may be the oldest we have of the capital city in our collection, and it definitely shows signs of aging having been torn into three separate sections. The fragile nature of the map made scanning it difficult, so we broke down the imagery into a few excepts. Let's take a further [...]

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ICC to the BWI?

The first section of Maryland's 6-lane toll freeway the Intercounty Connector opened yesterday. The project, which has some of the highest tolls in the United States, has its own website complete with interactive maps http://www.iccproject.com/project-area.php. It is the first new freeway in the Washington DC area in several decades.

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Suitland Parkway / S Capitol Street

Suitland Parkway links southeast Washington, D.C. with Andrews Air Force Base at Maryland 4 (Pennsylvania Avenue) near Forestville. The highway carries four lanes overall along a 9.35-mile controlled-access route. Several interchanges and a handful of at-grade intersections lie along the route. Like the George Washington Memorial and Clara Barton Parkways, the Maryland section is maintained by the National Park Service. Suitland Parkway begins at a signalized intersection with Maryland [...]

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Interstate 95 Growing Pains

Today's thoughts involve reflections on the Interstate 95 corridor between Florida and the northeast U.S. The reviled freeway in some cases, Interstate 95 suffers from overrunning by travelers headed to/from Florida, a number that increases significantly every year. Respective DOT's are trying to keep up with growth with various expansion and interchange projects throughout the 800-mile drive from Daytona Beach northward to Washington, D.C. Profiled below are some of the [...]

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