Road news from Navarre

Just some road news from the Navarre neck of the woods... U.S. 98 to Change December 19, 2008 Several safety upgrades to U.S. 98 at Mustang and Coral streets in Navarre, will be made in the new year, according to the Santa Rosa County Engineering Department. Santa Rosa County spokeswoman Joy Tsubooka said Improvements include [...]

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Virtual Roadding 2.0

Photo taken 12/13/08 Well, the masterminds over at Google Maps have done it again. Upon going on Google Maps on Monday night, it was discovered that one of their features, Street View, has been drastically modified. First off, Street View can now take up your entire screen, whereas the previous version displayed [...]

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Final stretch of Pine Island Road widening on fast track?

There has been renewed interest in expediting the widening of the final stretch of Pine Island Road (SR 78) in Cape Coral, Florida. State representative Gary Aubuchon plans to reintroduce a bill during next springs legislative session that would allow the city of Cape Coral to proceed with construction of the remaining piece of two [...]

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Should Florida’s Turnpike be extended?

I've always wondered if the Turnpike should be extended northwest to US 19/98. While I've heard rumors that it has been considered in the past, I've never seen or heard much to substantiate it other than "possibly maybe long-term". I also do not have any traffic statistics or projections, but the few times I've driven [...]

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The future of Northwest Florida

Northwest Florida Transportation Corridor Authority Have you heard about this group? It was created by the 2005 Florida Legislature and consists of an eight member board including a member from each coastal county within the Panhandle. Their agenda is the planning of future transportation needs along the U.S. 98 corridor and feeder/connector routes to the [...]

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Jacksonville Area Road Notes

Florida 23 north at the future First Coast Expressway Update on the Branan Field-Chaffee Expressway, well not much has changed, construction has progressed a little on the future freeway connector and interchange between Florida 23 and Interstate 10. This scene however, looks identical to December 2007. Touted as Segment 2 of the [...]

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Half the distance to goal, new Florida 408 ramp to I-4 opens

The first ramp of the new Interstate 4 and Florida 408 Toll interchange opened this morning, carrying drivers from the eastbound toll road to the northbound freeway. A $120 million project is underway to replace some of the original movements between the East-West Tollway and Interstate 4. Included in this initial project is a new [...]

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