November 2021 Updates

Many updates were made over the last month to the site and are summarized below. We also traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina for a concert, and took some time to check out a few area roads including the tolled Monroe Expressway, U.S. 74 along Independence Boulevard and various state routes in York County, South Carolina. Worked some over the Thanksgiving weekend on some of the recent photos from Carolina. [...]

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Updates and Road News for the week of January 18

While a blizzard dumps one to two feet snow on the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, here's a look at some of the updates at AARoads this week. Contributor Peter Johnson sent in some photos he took this week of Wisconsin 172, which we combined with some photos we took of the state trunk highway back in 2011 for a new guide. The short east-west route forms a freeway between I-41 and [...]

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Georgia continues to switch to new sign standards

Disappearing from Georgia roads are the signs with the narrow width Highway Gothic series D font and the exit numbers posted above a horizontal rule. These age old standards are going by the wayside as signs with larger Highway Gothic Series EM and external exit tabs are added. Some freeways appear to be resigned whole sale, while other projects focus on a particular interchange, or series of signs. A telltale [...]

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WV-OH-KY Trip – Day 6 (Columbia, SC to Montgomery, AL)

Started the final day of the trip in Cayce, South Carolina. Began by poking around downtown Columbia briefly before heading west to Saluda, SC and Athens, GA. Ended up back in Atlanta and took Interstate 20 west to Birmingham and then south on I-65. Counter-intuitive shield assembly posted for South Carolina 12 along U.S. 21-176-321 (Huger Street) northbound in Columbia. South Carolina 12 follows a one-way street [...]

WV-OH-KY Trip – Day 1 (Dothan, AL through Canton, GA)

Road news and notes from the first day of a six-day drive from the Gulf Coast to Cleveland and back. Traveling the Ross Clark Circle around Dothan, pictured here is the approach of the U.S. 84 west and U.S. 431 northbound split. The city of Dothan has sought a freeway for years, but none remains planned. The circle is typical of an older bypass around an Alabaman [...]

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The Mystery of Georgia’s Business Loops

Georgia was the one of a few southeastern states to openly embrace the concept of using Interstate Business Loops in the early days. North Carolina had its loops through Lexington, Fayetteville, and Rocky Mount, before the urban freeway loops of Winston-Salem and Greensboro (of which Business Loop I-40 was recently decommissioned) joined the list. Those routes represented temporary Interstate alignments or former Interstate alignments. South Carolina contributed with its Business [...]

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And speaking of U.S. 80…

We rendezvoused in Savannah last week and drove out to Tybee Island to see the east end of U.S. 80. Low and behold, and appropriate given the previous post, a new end sign is posted! The eastern terminus of US 80 Supposedly Tybee Island officials view San Diego as more of an exotic destination than say Dallas or Mesquite, even though U.S. 80 hasn't traveled to S.D. in [...]

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Interstate 95 Growing Pains

Today's thoughts involve reflections on the Interstate 95 corridor between Florida and the northeast U.S. The reviled freeway in some cases, Interstate 95 suffers from overrunning by travelers headed to/from Florida, a number that increases significantly every year. Respective DOT's are trying to keep up with growth with various expansion and interchange projects throughout the 800-mile drive from Daytona Beach northward to Washington, D.C. Profiled below are some of the [...]

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Carolina Roadtrip Day 1 (Gainesville, FL to Summerville, SC)

The journey northward took place on a warm November day interspersed with blue and milky skies. We opted for a non-Interstate routing from High Springs northward through Lake City, Homerville, Jessup, and Hinesville, Georgia. That allowed us to see some new roadways, garner a few more counties (we do that obsessive thing too!), and check out a few U.S. highway ends for Dale Sanderson's U.S. Highway Ends I won't bore [...]

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