Observations from the Road: Southeast Iowa

Enjoyed a break in the cloudy weather on our resent visit to Iowa to tag along with Bill and his son Joey on 300 mile day trip exploring various U.S., state and county routes across southeastern Iowa. Here are a few noteworthy things and photos from the drive on March 25. Six years after [...]

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Updates and Road News for the week of February 1

This week we finished adding photos taken last month in Upstate South Carolina and moved on from there to additional material sent in from Peter in the Green Bay area. Carter shot some of U.S. 123 between Easley and Greenville, so we coupled those photos with previous photos he took in April 2014 and from [...]

Observations from the road: Quad Cities to Chicago

The last day of our eight day trek through the Upper Midwest took us from the Quad Cities area back to Chicago before heading southward to home. Leaving around lunchtime, we traveled I-74 through Bettendorf and Moline, catching a glimpse of the current utility work being performed in preparation of the I-74 rebuild across the [...]

Observations from the road: Chicago to Minneapolis via I-94

The first of a 4,700 mile eight-day tour of the Upper Midwest and Great Plains kicked off from Chicago, taking us north to Milwaukee and west to Madison, Wisconsin Dells, Eau Claire and St. Paul, Minnesota. Interstate 94 west splits with U.S. 41 to join the Edens Spur of the TriState Tollway. [...]

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Indiana-Michigan Trip Day 2 (Cincinnati, OH to Coldwater, MI)

Began the morning of day 2 just outside Cincinnati on a cloudy morning with the last remnants of cold front moving out. Decided to poke around downtown Cincinnati for an hour or so before heading westward along Interstate 74 to Champaign, Illinois. The trip would turn us north along Interstate 57 and east to Michigan [...]

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QC Trip – Day 2 (I-74, I-72, I-172, etc.).

Brent drove from Chicago west to QC and met up for a joint trip southeast to Champaign. A quick cold front blew through the morning of, washing out most of the ride west. This view shows that construction along Interstate 88 (East-West Tollway) is finally complete! If you drove through in 2008, [...]

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QC Trip – Day 1 (Rockford, Chicago, Bloomington, Lincoln).

Started out the day being greeted by this VMS with the message "I-80 EB Closed at Mississippi River". Had to turn around and trudge southward along the real I-74 eastbound, which was equally under construction for an ARRA based resurfacing project. A routine inspection revealed damage to a faulty floor beam and [...]

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Snowy Drive – Quad Cities to Paducah

Almost devoid of snow, U.S. 61 northbound after its split with U.S. 67 in downtown Davenport, Iowa. A full day of rain washed most of the snow away, but it would return with a vengeance later Christmas day. More snow fell then forecast, with the Quad Cities area receiving 3 to 4 [...]

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Great River Road tour – Quad Cities to Dubuque

Took an afternoon drive from the Quad Cities up to Dubuque and back utilizing portions of the Great River Road system. U.S. 30 joins U.S. 61's freeway briefly at DeWitt, Iowa. The exit numbering of the U.S. 61 interchanges shifts to U.S. 30's mileage along their shared alignment U.S. 61 [...]

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