Updates May 11-12, 2020

Spent the bulk of last week making changes to Interstate-Guide, with new photos covering several end points and updated information on several routes including I-24, I-43 and I-69. While looking at Interstate 69, resumed work with Thomas Decker's photos covering both directions of the freeway between Evansville and Bloomington, with new coverage of Section 5, which was substantially complete by October 2018. Ongoing work through [...]

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Updates April 19-21, 2020 – Florida Round 2

Recently tallied all the photos taken throughout the Sunshine State for the site over the last 15 plus years and ended up with over 45,000. That is not to say that every one will make the site, as there are many duplicates, several blurry photos, and ones that were taken with bad context -- but many will get posted in the coming weeks, [...]

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Interstate Completion Watchlist

The often delayed interchange between Interstate 65 and the new Interstate 22 in north Birmingham is finally nearing completion. Although now 18 months behind schedule from the October 2014 target date, final paving along the two mile stretch between Coalburg Road and I-65 should be finished by June. A video story on the project: Finishing touches on I-22 in Birmingham Section 5 of Interstate 69 will be substantially complete by [...]

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Updates and Road News for the week of February 1

This week we finished adding photos taken last month in Upstate South Carolina and moved on from there to additional material sent in from Peter in the Green Bay area. Carter shot some of U.S. 123 between Easley and Greenville, so we coupled those photos with previous photos he took in April 2014 and from a drive Brent and I did back in December 2008 to three new pages. U.S. [...]

Updates and Road News for the week of January 18

While a blizzard dumps one to two feet snow on the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, here's a look at some of the updates at AARoads this week. Contributor Peter Johnson sent in some photos he took this week of Wisconsin 172, which we combined with some photos we took of the state trunk highway back in 2011 for a new guide. The short east-west route forms a freeway between I-41 and [...]

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Indiana-Michigan Trip Day 5 (Jeffersonville, IN to Montgomery, AL)

Interstate 65 south at I-265, SR 62 and SR 162. Commenced the final day of this trip from Jeffersonville, Indiana, just outside of the Interstate 65, I-265, and Indiana 265 interchange. Avoiding the bulk of traffic along Interstate 65 into Louisville, we opted for I-265 west to I-64 and out of the Falls City area. The west end of Interstate 265 in Indiana. Currently [...]

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Indiana-Michigan Trip Day 4 (Port Huron, MI to Indianapolis, IN)

Began the day on former U.S. 25 (Electric Avenue / Military Street) in Port Huron. U.S. 25 was decommissioned in Michigan in 1973, leaving former stretches of the road as M-125 (Ohio to just north of Monroe), M-3 (Downtown Detroit to Chesterfield Township), Business Loop I-94 (through Port Huron), and M-25 (north of Port Huron) along with portions of U.S. 24, I-75 and I-94. This view looks [...]

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Indiana-Michigan Trip Day 2 (Cincinnati, OH to Coldwater, MI)

Began the morning of day 2 just outside Cincinnati on a cloudy morning with the last remnants of cold front moving out. Decided to poke around downtown Cincinnati for an hour or so before heading westward along Interstate 74 to Champaign, Illinois. The trip would turn us north along Interstate 57 and east to Michigan later this day, and how far into Michigan we would make it depended upon how [...]

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KY-IN-MI-OH Trip Day 2

Day 2 - Seymour, Indiana to Petoskey, Michigan Heading north from southern Indiana to the capital city, Interstate 65 continues with four lanes and loads of tractor trailers. The constant beating the pavement takes from the moving freight prompted officials to resurface the route from Whiteland to Greenwood in 2007 as part of the INDOT Major Moves initiative. Expansion of the road to six lanes does not occur until Exit [...]

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KY-IN-MI-OH Trip Day 1

Some notes from a recent five-day road trip from the Gulf Coast northward to Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. Widening is currently underway along Interstate 65 in Montgomery, Alabama. This project totals 4.613 miles in length and focuses on replacing the original concrete surface with asphalt while expanding the previous four-lane freeway into six lanes overall. Work exists between U.S. 80 (Exit 167) and the Alabama River bridge. Overhead highway signs [...]

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