Rocky Mountains Dec ’07 part IV

Here are photos from Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska. I woke up in Wyoming after being awake for 80+ hours, experiencing near-total biological failure and thus getting a lease on a $26 motel room and my continued sanity. I headed south to visit my friend Brian, then was about to turn back west to take photos of the Rockies… before noting that a Snowstorm of Usual Occurrence was blowing through [...]

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three corners

Photos from Kansas, Colorado, and Oklahoma (and the single point in which they intersect) from September, 2009 – and some New Mexico, and a really, really small quantity of Texas. This is the New Mexico/Colorado/Oklahoma triple point. Dale takes this opportunity to breathe some refreshing Oklahoma air, and drink some water he has brought with him from New Mexico – and park in two states at the same time. Dale [...]

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Interstate 635 (the boring one)

Interstate 635 is an approximately 12 mile long bypass running to the west of downtown Kansas City. It is mostly in Kansas, but runs into Missouri as well. The entire route was recently reconstructed by KDOT in a $98 million project that also saw the rebuilding of its interchange with Interstate 70. Lets take a quick look at Interstate 635 in Kansas. Click any of the image for larger versions. [...]

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The big arrow flower (Kansas City’s I-435)

Interstate 435 spends 80 miles circling Kansas City, and is one of the busiest roads in the metro area. It happens to be the world's fourth longest beltway with a single number (after Cincy, Berlin, and London). Recently, the busy southern portion of the route in Kansas was reconstructed, and parts of it are still being upgraded. Let's take a quick look at how KDOT is doing. As always click [...]

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