Updates February 22-28, 2021

Finally made my way back to Delaware for site updates in an effort to work through everything photographed this past December. It is rare following a roadtrip where I don't end up putting a batch of photos into the queue for long term site updates. So this time I am aiming to get through them all. Following previous updates made two months ago, completed work on the following pages: [...]

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Interstate additions in H.B. 244

There are no plans from MODOT to extend I-57 south to the U.S. 67 freeway in Arkansas currently. The Breathitt Parkway north from Nortonville to Henderson was designated as a northern extension of I-69 in 2015. The 34 mile stretch of the parkway south from the Western Kentucky Parkway was previously unnumbered. Signed by the President on May 5, 2017, H.B. 244 designates U.S. 67 north from Interstate [...]

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Updates and Road News for the week of February 1

This week we finished adding photos taken last month in Upstate South Carolina and moved on from there to additional material sent in from Peter in the Green Bay area. Carter shot some of U.S. 123 between Easley and Greenville, so we coupled those photos with previous photos he took in April 2014 and from a drive Brent and I did back in December 2008 to three new pages. U.S. [...]

Updates and Road News for the week of January 25

Well no big snowstorm this week, at least for the east coast. The western U.S. however is receiving a large storm system, with heavy rains and mountain snows. Rainy now across #SierraNevada passes but that'll change this evening as snow levels drop. Plan ahead! #cawx — NWS Sacramento (@NWSSacramento) January 29, 2016 Now on to the road news and updates for this week at AARoads. Today we completed adding [...]

Indiana-Michigan Trip Day 5 (Jeffersonville, IN to Montgomery, AL)

Interstate 65 south at I-265, SR 62 and SR 162. Commenced the final day of this trip from Jeffersonville, Indiana, just outside of the Interstate 65, I-265, and Indiana 265 interchange. Avoiding the bulk of traffic along Interstate 65 into Louisville, we opted for I-265 west to I-64 and out of the Falls City area. The west end of Interstate 265 in Indiana. Currently [...]

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Indiana-Michigan Trip Day 1 (Montgomery, AL to Cincinnati, OH)

It was that time of the year again, for us to embark on another AARoads trip specifically to document roads. This year's trip focused on finishing what we started in November 2009, with a return trip to Indiana and Michigan for the purpose of driving the remaining Interstates that we did not cover two years prior. Day 1 took us northward from Alabama to Cincinnati, Ohio. The day started out [...]

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WV-OH-KY Trip – Day 5 (Mt. Sterling, KY to Western NC)

Rounding out the northern component of our trip, covering Interstate 64 east through eastern Kentucky to Charleston and a rehash of the West Virginia Turnpike south among other revisits of roads previously driven. Several more projects worth mentioning on this drive and we cover some in detail below I-64 trailblazer on Kentucky 686 west We begin our day at Mt. Sterling, Kentucky and discover one of a [...]

WV-OH-KY Trip – Day 4 (Youngstown, OH to Louisville, KY)

Day 4 focuses on Interstate 76 west, the Columbus Beltway, and completing Interstate 71 in Kentucky among other roads. Interstate 80 west at Ohio 711. Ohio 711 was completed on October 24, 2005 after three years of construction. The 3.35-mile state route links Interstate 80 and Ohio 11 with Interstate 680. For years ramp stubs sat unused at Interstate 80 and Ohio 711 existed as a short [...]

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Snowy Drive – Quad Cities to Paducah

Almost devoid of snow, U.S. 61 northbound after its split with U.S. 67 in downtown Davenport, Iowa. A full day of rain washed most of the snow away, but it would return with a vengeance later Christmas day. More snow fell then forecast, with the Quad Cities area receiving 3 to 4 inches. This photo, taken at 7:47 am, shows the condition of Interstate 74 near Exit [...]

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KY-IN-MI-OH Trip Day 5

Day 5 - Cincinnati to the Gulf Coast A few highlights from the final day of traveling from the Cincinnati area back south toward the Gulf Coast of Florida... The start of the morning has us heading north from the Covington area back into Cincinnati over the Brent Spence Bridge. Opened to traffic in 1963, this double-deck cantilever bridge carries Interstate 71 and Interstate 75 traffic from Kentucky into the [...]

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