Mississippi Gulf Coast / Southeast Louisiana Road Notes

Finally getting around to reviewing a day trip we took on May 9 from Pensacola, Florida west to Biloxi, Gulfport, New Orleans and LaPlace, Louisiana. While we have extensively covered much of this region previously, several key projects are underway or were completed in recent years. Let's take a look at a few of them. [...]

Mid-South Road Trip – May 20 – Shreveport, Texarkana, Little Rock, Clarksdale, MS

Day 2 of the whirlwind trip took us around the Shreveport freeway system, northward along new Interstate 49 to Arkansas, around Texarkana on the new I-369 and AR 549 freeways, and northeast to a revisit of the Little Rock Interstates. Meandering southeastward, we crossed the doomed Clarendon Bridge over the White River toward U.S. 49 [...]

Mid-South Road Trip – May 19 – Pensacola, FL to Shreveport, LA

Took Interstate 10 westbound from Northwest Florida to Lake Charles, Louisiana, then U.S. 171 north to Shreveport. Redocumented all of I-10 west to Lafayette, all of I-12 west, Interstates 110 and 210. Took new coverage of I-10 west to Lake Charles and all of U.S. 171 north toward Shreveport as well as photographing the south [...]

Interstate 49 North initial progress…

Construction for future Interstate 49 between Interstate 220 in Shreveport and the Arkansas state line is proceeding well. Current work is underway from the state line south 9.6 miles to Louisiana 2 east of Hosston. At least one overpass north of Louisiana 168 is already complete. Planned interchanges for the new 9.6 mile section will [...]

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What’s with Pascagoula anyway?

Speaking of carbon copying signs, perhaps it is about time that Interstate 10 guide signs in Mobile County, Alabama reflect Biloxi and/or New Orleans? Pascagoula made sense when Interstate 10 was originally built, because the freeway defaulted onto U.S. 90 at the state line for many years before Mississippi completed its portion. Nowadays, Pascagoula makes little sense, [...]

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The non interstate interstate

Continuing with our I-49 corridor theme, it's time to look at Shreveport's non interstate-interstates. The Clyde Fant memorial parkway runs southeast from downtown along the Red River. It goes through miles of parkland and passes by the city's major hospital and it's major tourist attractions (the casinos). The view below looks north at downtown Shreveport [...]

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Hurricane Katrina Recovery

This past weekend afforded me with the opportunity to check on the status of some upper Gulf Coast road projects related to the recovery from Hurricane Katrina. The August 29, 2005 landfall of the historic storm not only devastated the New Orleans and Mississippi coastal area homes and businesses, but also washed out several key [...]

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Interstate 49 construction progresses

19 miles of the 37-mile stretch of future Interstate 49 between Interstate 220 and the Arkansas state line are currently under construction. Despite a $280 million shortfall, the $560 project is still expected to be completed by 2012. As mentioned in a previous blogpost, Arkansas has completed most of future Interstate 49 from Texarkana southward [...]

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