Updates May 18-20, 2020

Updated coverage of Clark County Road 215 (CC-215) on the north side of the Las Vegas area with photos from March 3, 2019. Phase 3D, the last of the long term upgrade of the Cenntennial Bowl Interchange where CC-215 meets U.S. 95, gets underway next year. This phase completes the systems interchange between the two freeways and expands the Bruce Woodbury Beltway to six overall lanes through the exchange. [...]

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Nevada, Dec ’10 part II

the second day of my Utah/Nevada/California trip – this time focusing almost exclusively on Nevada, except for at the end of the day, where we cross into California, and are nearly buried alive in snow. On this day, we cover US-50 in Nevada (the Lincoln Highway), and on the next day we head to California and drive down I-5 through the Central Valley. About 30 miles west of Ely, Nevada [...]

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Nevada, Dec ’10 part I

Over the holiday weekend, I took a trip that concentrated heavily on US-50 from I-15 in Utah to Carson City. This batch barely gets us there, as we head up the US-91 corridor (approximately) from San Diego to Utah, and then turn west, stopping in Ely, Nevada for the night. those that click on the large versions of the photos may notice… new camera! Larger pictures for your enjoyment. When [...]

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Death Valley, Nov ’10 part II

The second batch of Death Valley photos. We wake up in Beatty, Nevada and then scour Death Valley for at least a little while before realizing that our vehicle is simply not up to the challenge presented by the terrain. Oh noes! We then run for dear life, as we notice the tire pressure slowly sinking, while Jeff’s plane is not catching itself. Our first stop is the abandoned town [...]

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The Laws Railroad Museum

Some photos, from a visit to the Laws Railroad Museum, in Bishop, California in October, 2010. Enthusiasts of railroads, old highways, and the general western frontier experience are strictly obligated to check it out. the Laws Railroad Museum this is a photo gallery of their highway sign collection. They mainly focus on the Auto Club of Southern California, as they are the ones who signed the Bishop area between 1913 [...]

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Rocky Mountains Dec ’07 part IX

The last of the trip from December ’07. Utah, Nevada, and California. Nope, this is not the Great Salt Lake – this is the Bonneville Salt Flats in winter, when there is a thin layer of collected rain and melted snow… and people drive in it. Tiny houses, colossal mountains. Somewhere in Nevada at sunset. Well past dusk, near Battle Mountain, Nevada. Donner Lake, the next morning. Clouds over the [...]

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Rocky Mountains Dec ’07 part I

these photos go very far back – to a trip I took in December, 2007 … crossing the Rocky Mountains and the Continental Divide several times, including a dead-of-night blizzard trip across the treacherous Million Dollar Highway in western Colorado! here is the first day of that trip – the Bay Area to Arco, Idaho. The Sierras, in southeast Oregon. Just about the northernmost extent of this mountain range. [...]

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The Midland Trail

The first in a series of articles about historic highway signage. We will be featuring many, many more articles, on a great variety of sign-related topics, on the AARoads Shield Gallery. This Midland Trail overview is made possible by the indispensable research of Devon Mich’l, the foremost authority on Nevada highway signs in general, and especially the Midland Trail. All accurate facts in here are to be credited to Devon. [...]

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Antelope Canyon I

Photos from late August of this year, when Daniel Brim and I drove from California to New Mexico … in a moving van. Always fun doing three-point turns on narrow old alignments. We stopped at Antelope Canyon along the way – and this set will not include any pictures from there, as it ends just as we get there. The next batch will be the canyon itself. Part of the [...]

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Utah photos

Time for some photos from my trip from San Diego to eastern New Mexico and back, in November 2008. This batch is from the first day of my trip, and is heavily centered around Utah. Specifically: highway 95 in southeast Utah, crossing the Colorado River in red rock country. The only button copy sign in Nevada. This one is very, very old. Ominous clouds over old US-91 in southern Utah. [...]

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